Early Detection Pregnancy Tests


Early detection pregnancy tests are the pregnancy tests that can detect a pregnancy at the earliest stage before the period has been missed.

They are more sensitive than a standard pregnancy test kit and detect lower levels of the hormone hcg . This hormone is released in large quantities during early pregnancy  and rises rapidly. It can be detected in the urine They are also know as ultra pregnancy tests or sensitive pregnancy tests.

Most standard home pregnancy test kits will give a positive result when the level of hcg reaches 25mIU in the urine. An ultra early detection pregnancy test will give a positive result when the hormone level reaches just 10mIU hcg in the urine making it far more sensitive and able to detect a pregnancy at an earlier stage. This can be as early as 8-10 days after ovulation or assisted conception.

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Click here to see frequently asked questions about using & interpreting early detection pregnancy tests 


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Fertility FAQ-Which are the best ovulation test strips ?


As the choice in ovulation test strips increases we are frequently asked which are the best ovulation test strips to buy.

The choice depends on three main factors-budget, accuracy of the tests, the sensitivity of ovulation test strip required & how often you will be performing the ovulation testing.

All ovulation test strips are relatively cheap to buy when compared to midstream pregnancy tests. The reason for this is that there is far less packaging and the test strips are much cheaper to manufacture.

If you have used ovulation test strips before without success or not had clear results then opt for the ultra sensitive 25mIU ovulation test strips by Blue Cross

If you have a very limited budget then opt for the cheap ovulation test strips which we have manufactured for us by BlueCross. At just £3.99 for 25 test strips they offer excellent value for money and are a trusted & reliable branded ovulation test strip

If your budget is higher then the Advanced LH ovulation test strip is our best quality & highest accuracy  (99.98% ) ovulation test strip. We have been selling this brand for about 7-8 years now and have found them to be highly accurate & reliable. They sensitivity of the Advanced LH ovulation test strips is 40mIU LH and these are what we would recommend for most testers. They still offer excellent value for money and work out cheaper per test than most over the counter ovulation test kits.

If you are a healthcare professional and will be doing large numbers of ovulation test then the professional ovulation test strips are the ones to choose. These are highly accurate and reliable tests from Instalert brand and we have been selling this brand now for over 10 years and been very impressed with their quality & accuracy.

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Pre-Seed Lubricant



Pre-Seed lubricant is available to buy in the UK from Access Diagnostics Fertility Site
Pre-Seed lubricant is available to buy in the UK from Access Diagnostics Fertility Site

Pre-Seed lubricant can help you to conceive by providing sperm friendly lubrication for your baby making activities.

PreSeed lubricant has been developed by doctors to mimic your fertile fluid, and is used by fertility clinics in the USA.

Why choose Pre-Seed ?

  • Clinical trials have shown Pre-Seed to be fertility friendly.
  • Pre-Seed is odourless & non irritant
  • Pre-Seed lubricant feels natural
  • Pre-Seed allows the sperm to move freely

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Home Fertility Test For Men

Fertilityscore male fertility test
Fertilityscore male fertility test

The Fertilityscore home fertility test for men tests both the sperm count & the sperm motility. The pack comes with everything that you need to cunduct the fertility test in the privacy of your own home including full instructions.

Each pack contains 2 home male fertility tests so that you can test yourself twice over a 10 day period. The fertility test is easy to use and accurate in clinical studies and highly reccomended by men.

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Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests 10miu Review-pros and cons

Ultra early detection pregnancy tests have been available now for several years  and are proving very popular & reliable at diagnosing pregnancy before the missed period.

If you are using an ultra early sensitive 10miu hcg pregnancy test you need to test 1st thing in the morning on the first urine that you pass after waking, as the hcg level will usually be more concentrated then, and so you have a higher chance of detecting if you are pregnant or not.

Advantages of ultra early pregnancy test strips:

  • they detect lower levels of the pregnancy hormone hcg
  • they are easy to use
  • you find out sooner
  • the ultra early pregnancy test strips are excellent value for money

Disadvantages of ultra early pregnancy tests:

  • They may detect a very early pregnancy that then fails to continue, that you would otherwise not know about.
  • false negatives are more common, as the pregnancy hormone level in the urine, may not be high enough even for the ultra sensitive pregnancy test to detect.
  • you may need to test repeatedly until you get a positive pregnancy test or your period starts

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New Conceive Plus multi-use 30ml tube


Conceive Plus® fertility lubricant is now available in a handy 30ml tube.

Its advanced formula contains magnesium and calcium ions, which are essential to prolonging sperm viability (keeping sperm healthy) and motility (helping sperm to swim).

Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant is pH and electrolyte balanced to imitate the body’s own natural fluids and is completely safe for sperm and embryo development. It also helps with the fertilisation process to increase your chances of actually getting pregnant.

Conceive Plus is suitable for all couples who want to have a baby, whether you are just preparing to conceive or have been trying to get pregnant for some time.

Clinically tested with data published by the American Society For Reproductive Medicine in 2009.

How to use Conceive Plus: Apply a teaspoon sized amount on both him and her and re-apply as often as needed.

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Would you like to guest blog on our fertility blog ?

Do you like guestblogging ?

We are currently looking for guest bloggers & contributors on this fertility blog.

If you would like to be a guest fertility blogger please do get in touch by e-mail to kate@adtuk.co.uk or by posting in comments and we will contact you. Any e-mail address that you post in comments is kept private and will not appear on the fertility blog

Cheap Ovulation Test Strips

cheap ovulation test strips

Just a quick post to let you know that we have updated our special offers and have some very cheap yet accurate ovulation test strips available online.

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Wholesale Pregnancy Test Strips

Access Diagnostics have an extensive range of pregnancy test strips available at wholesale prices to trade & NHS customers.

For NHS customers we have the professional range of pregnancy test kits 

professional early pregnancy test strips

NHS purchase orders accepted on standard 30 day terms. Please fax purchase orders to 01623 884 105 or e-mail to trade@adtuk.co.uk

Instalert brand do professional pregnancy test strips in two sensitivities 10mIU ultra early pregnancy test strips and the 25mIU standard early pregnancy test strip. We have  been supplying the Instalert brand of professional pregnancy test strips in 10mIU and 25mIU sensitivity wholesale now for many years and have found them to be extremely accurate and reliable pregnancy test strips.

Click here for more information about the Instalert professional 10mIU ultra early pregnancy test strips in resealable cannisters of 25 pregnancy test strips http://accessdiagnostics.co.uk/acatalog/25-instalert-ultra-10miu-pregnancy-test-vials1-fhc-u111-fertility.html

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For trade wholesale customers who wish to re-sell we have a range of home pregnancy test strips available at wholesale prices.

Visit our wholesale website http://www.adtuk.co.uk/

We have a range of wholesale home pregnancy tests strips available to buy online in both 10mIU and 25mIU hcg sensitivity http://www.adtuk.co.uk/acatalog/PREGNANCY_TEST_STRIPS.html

If you require any help or information or if you do not see what you are looking, or if you require larger volumes then contact our trade customer services team during office hours Monday to Friday on 01623 883 830 or e-mail trade@adtuk.co.uk

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Contact us if you require wholesale prices on any of our pregnancy tests, ovulation tests and fertility products

All our pregnancy tests, ovulation tests & fertility products are available wholesale to NHS & wholesale customers.

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Pre-Seed discount coupon

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New Years Resolutions-do they work ? What is your big one this year ?

Can’t believe how quickly 2013 has come around and how long it is since I posted on this blog.

I have not yet sat down and made my new years resolutions. Every year for the past 10 years I have made the same resolution each year-I wonder if can you guess what it is.

Unsurprsingly it has been ‘to diet & to lose weight’ . In fact to lose 18lbs to be precise. Each year I start off my diet quite well and lose a few pounds then things seem to slip and I am back 12 months later with the same resolution and often more weight to lose.

But last year things were different. I found I had a really good incentive to lose weight -it was affecting my health adversely-it is amazing how much easier it is to lose weight when you have a really good reason to do so. I joined Weight Watchers and lost weight steadily getting to my target last summer. I have been at goal now for about 6 months. The support & motivation I gained from attending the class was invaluable and I found I looked forward and still do so to attending the class.

If you are trying to conceive and you are overweight then you have a really good incentive to lose weight. Being over weight reduces fertility in both men and women and losing weight can improve your chances of conceiving. Being at a healthy weight when you start your pregnancy is also associated with fewer health risks for both mother and foetus and can help you to maintain a healthy weight throughout pregnancy.

If you have quite a lot of weight to lose it may be worth talking to your GP. Some GP surgeries will fund courses with weight watchers or similar groups.

Proxeed Plus Ingredients

Proxeed Plus is a male fertility dietery supplement that has been clinically shown to provide the nutritional support required for optimal sperm quality.

Proxeed Plus contains the following ingredients: L-carnitine (fumarate) ,Acetyl-L-carnitine, Fructose, Citric acid, Selenium, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C, Zinc, Folic acid, and Vitamin B12

Buy Proxxed Plus online UK

You can buy Proxeed Plus online in UK from Access Diagnostics Fertility 

Laptop caused heat damage to sperm & revealed as culprit in couples difficulty conceiving

An article in The Daily Mail this week, revealed how a couple who had been trying for a a baby for about 6 months without success, expressed concerns to their GP. Because the man had previously had mumps, he was referred to the hospital for a sperm test.

The results of the test where startling, showing that although he had a healthy number of sperm, the sperm showed abnormalities consistent with heat damage. The tails of the sperm where wrapped around the heads meaning they could not swim properly.

On closer questioning of the couple it was revealed that the man spent several hours every night with his laptop on his lap. He was advised to stop this practice, and to put the laptop on a table instead. He did this and 3 months later his wife was pregnant, and they now have an 11 month old daughter. The couple had no idea that the laptop could damage sperm in this way.

Heat can be a cause of infertility in men, and has long been recognised in chefs who work long hours in hot kitchens.  Laptops emit a lot of heat when they are on and if sat on your lap can cause overheating of the testicles. The widespread use of laptops has meant that this cause of male infertility is on the increase. The good news is it is reversible.

The message is clear. If you are trying for a baby keep your laptop off your lap and give the little swimmmers a fighting chance.

You can read the news article here


p.s  Just a thought even if you are not trying for a baby it makes sense to keep your testicles cool. We don’t yet know what other harmful effects sitting a laptop on your groin may have, but it seems wise to exercise caution in this area.

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Female Fertility Predictor

The results of a new study from Denmark reported in the Journal of Reproduction has shown that your mothers age at menopause may be a good predictor of fertility.

The researchers  studied  527 women between the age of 20-40 years of age, and found that women whose mothers had an early menopause had far fewer viable eggs in their ovaries than those women whose mothers had a later menopause.

Women are born with all the eggs that they will ever have, and so those women that had fewer viable eggs have fewer chances of conceiving. This can be measured and is known as the ‘ovarian reserve’

The message from the study seems to be that if your mother had an early menopause then statistically you have a higher chance of having a low ovarian reserve and so should avoid postponing trying to conceive and start early. But this does not mean you can be complacent if you mother had a late menopause.

The message for all women is to avoid postponing & start early as ovarian reserve declines with age. In times of recession lots of women may put off starting a family and then face difficulties later due to reduced fertility.

Source BBC news http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-20217735

IVF News-Three Person IVF research success

A controversial new IVF method being researched in the US has produced promising results. So far the studies have been done on human embryos in the lab and monkeys. The technique is used to reduce transmission of mitochondrial disease from mother to child. A public consultastion on the ethics of using this techenique in UK is underway the results of which are expected next spring.

Source BBC News & HFEA

Find out more here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-20032216

and at the HFEA http://www.hfea.gov.uk/7517.html

IVF News-new technique could double IVF success rate for women in their early 40’s

Women in their early 40’s currently have about a 13% chance of conceiving from each round of IVF.

A new IVF technique that has been studied  has increased this a 6 in 10 chance. The new approach involves testing the embryos for genetic abnormalities ( a common cause of failed IVF in women in their early 40’s) The gentically normal embyos are then frozen for between one and two months. (this gives the womens hormones time to return to normal after the IVF treatment) The normal embryos are then inserted into the womb. This technique is not widely available in the UK currently but it is hoped that it will be soon.

Source http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/9624688/Doctors-may-have-unlocked-secret-of-IVF-success-for-older-mothers.html

Is your intimate lubricant safe to use while you are trying to conceive ?

Do you know that many popular personal lubricants used for sexual intercourse or foreplay can impair you when you are trying to conceive by creating a barrier to sperm or by altering the vaginal ph so that it is less sperm friendly?
If you are using a intimate lubricant during your love making which many couples do , make sure it is one that has been designed specifially for couples trying to conceive.

There are several fertility lubricants available from Access Diagnostics Fertility that have been designed specifically to be sperm safe and to optimise your chances of conceiving:
Pre-Seed lubricant in muti-use tube with 9 vaginal applicators that you fill yourself so that you can choose how much lubricant you use.
Zestica Fertility have a range of fertility lubricant products inlcuding the Zestica spray for external application & pre-filled Zestica vaginal applicators as well as the Zestica Conception Kit that contains everything you need to start you on your  journey of trying to conceive.
Conceive Plus fertility lubricant is available in pre-filled vaginal applicators as well as the Conceive Plus 75g tube
Click here to see all fertility friendly lubricants 

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Amy Marner’s Summer Newsletter (2012)

Life Upgrade Expanded

I had a great time on the Life Upgrade Expanded course in May.  It was wonderful to finally be able to attend and meet lots of new people (and old friends).  The weekend was uplifting and inspiring however not without it’s uncomfortable moments.  But then that’s what Life Upgrade is about; deal with those discomforts so that you can feel better, more free and in touch with your intuition.  After addressing those uncomfortable feelings I left the course feeling an amazing sense of peace, which was better than I could have ever imagined.

Since then other discomforts have surfaced as I go about my day-to-day life and I know I need to use the tools I have learnt to address those too.  Interestingly that peaceful feeling, although now passed, does not feel too far out of reach, if I keep using Life Upgrade tools I know I will be able to reach it again (hopefully for longer next time too).

Bristol Centre of Reproductive Medicine (BCRM)

I had the privilege of talking at the BCRM in June, it was a very enjoyable evening.  I met people who are going through some really challenging times, who were very inspiring in the ways that they were coping with their stress levels.  Interesting topics came up during the evening one of them being should those trying to conceive drink alcohol?

My recommendation is always to cut out drinking in order to give your pregnancy the best chance.  However if you do find yourself having a glass, feeling guilty about it and beating yourself up that’s not going to do you any good either!

My aim is to support clients to achieve their best chance of conception, that means getting mind and body in tip top condition, drinking is not a part of that.  It’s about addressing the feelings that make you want that drink in the first place (or feel guilty about having one) as there is likely to be underlying issues which need resolving.  Life Upgrade as a system is effective in addressing and resolving those issues.

INFOGRAPHIC: Egg Sharing Results at CRM London

Following on from CRM London’s recent post detailing the results of their egg sharing programme between 2007 and 2011, they have now released an infographic visualising these statistics:

Please feel free to use our infographic on your own website or blog using the code below:

Pre-Seed Success Story-‘finally pregnant & couldn’t be happier’

We received this lovely Pre-Seed success story yesterday and wanted to share it with you

”My husband and I tried for a baby for 8 months with no luck, I knew when I ovulated but decided to buy opk tests just to make sure I was ovulating turns out I was right on track, I also decided to give Preseed a try because I heard many good reviews and success stories. I wasn’t having the egg white discharge like I should have. We used preseed for a couple days before I ovulated up untill a couple days after and I finally was pregnant now im 28 weeks pregnant with my baby girl and couldnt be happier. Preseed has deff. helped thank you so much l, I recommend it to everyone I know whose trying to conceive.” DG 5/7/12 

Find our more about Pre-Seed fertility friendly lubricant and how it can help you when you are trying to conceive

Buy Pre-Seed online UK

Access Diagnostics Discount Coupon & Offers

Just a quick update on whats happening this month at Access Diagnostics Fertility

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We have been advised by Royal mail that Royal Mail delivery services to London during the Olympic games may be slower than usual and that delivery times may be earlier in the morning than usual. See below for more info.  Information below was taken from the Royal Mail website.

”Royal Mail will maintain daily deliveries to residential and business customers across London, 6 days a week throughout the period affected by the Games (mid July to mid September).
They will be delivering earlier in the morning during the Games period. This is because they expect it to take longer to collect and deliver mail every day around parts of London due to the changes to the transport system. This means that deliveries to addresses in London may take place earlier or later in the day than usual.
Postmen and women will start their rounds earlier, to ensure they can complete them, given the extra travelling time required. Because of this, some mail which is not ready for the start of deliveries may be held in our system and delivered the next working day.
Special Delivery™ Next Day service will continue to operate into and out of London during the Games period. Whilst Royal Mail expects to be able to deliver items in some parts of London by 1pm, transport restrictions and extended travel times mean we cannot guarantee to do this for all items in all areas throughout the Games period. Given these circumstances items due for delivery in London will be guaranteed for next day delivery rather than 1pm during the period from 23rd July to 17th September. The change only affects items due for delivery in London, postcode areas E, EC, N, NW, SE, SW, W, WC, during the period from 23rd July until 17th September. Items due for delivery in other parts of the UK will still be guaranteed for delivery by 1pm the next working day.”

5 Year Egg Donation Review Reveals Interesting Pregnancy Statistics

After reviewing 5 years worth of data regarding its egg donation programmes CRM London has revealed some interesting trends specifically in relation to egg share donors. From 2007 to 2011 CRM London found that of those egg share donors who received free IVF treatment including free drug treatment, and donated half of their eggs to an anonymous recipient and kept the other half for their own IVF treatment, 42% have either delivered a baby, or are currently over 3 months pregnant. This was their chance of pregnancy for each treatment cycle. Some had several free treatment cycles and had a higher chance of pregnancy overall. This is from a group of 449 women who donated eggs and underwent fertility treatment in the London fertility clinic over the past 5 years.

It is when these results are compared with women of the same age, who were not donating eggs and keeping all the eggs for themselves that it becomes interesting. Of 804 women who did not donate eggs, a lower percentage of 38% are currently more than 3 months pregnant, or have delivered a baby. This shows that the egg sharers who have free IVF treatment and donate half of their eggs have better pregnancy results than IVF patients who pay for their treatment and use all of their eggs in treatment.

Why? It is most likely due to the fact that women who are accepted on the egg sharing programme have been screened to have high pregnancy potential based on blood tests and scans, whereas there are no selection criteria for self funded patients.

The research has also revealed that in recipients of donated eggs, 475 women had embryos resulting from donated eggs transferred at CRM London in this 5 year period. Of which, 44% have either delivered or are more than 3 months pregnant, showing that recipients have the most successful results of all, despite usually being of an older age group than the donors.

The trend can be accounted to 2 predominant factors. Firstly, the age of the donor determines the chances of pregnancy not the age of the recipient and secondly, both egg donors and patients having IVF treatment with their own eggs receive drugs to stimulate their ovaries to produce multiple eggs.

Treatment is therefore aimed at boosting the ovary. For recipients the ovaries are not stimulated at all and attention can be focused on improving the uterine factor to help embryos implant. It is also worth pointing out that these results are only based on pregnancies from fresh embryo transfer and do not include further pregnancies arising from the transfer of frozen embryos.

With the advent of paid egg donation it will be interesting to see whether the pregnancy rates are any different, particularly when paid egg donors who are not receiving any fertility treatment are considered. The stringent screening processes for paid donors and egg sharers should however, limit the variance in success rates.

Best Fertility & Infertility Blogs 2012 | Trying to Conceive blogs

Decided it was about time we reviewed all the best fertility & infertility blogs, and  trying to conceive blogs around this year and post some links to them. So here our some great ones to get you started. If you have a particular fertility or infertility blog that you find useful, or you are the author of a fertilty or TTC blog then feel free to post a link to it in comments with some information.

Reading about how others have coped with ups and downs on the journey of trying to conceive through a personal blog can be helpful, and writing down your experiences and thoughts in a blog can also be therapeutic.

There are some great TTC blogs out there. These are some of our favourites. this list is by no means complete, and we are happy to add to it.

Personal Trying to Conceive Blogs

IVF Blogs

http://tertia.typepad.com/so_close/2004/10/surviving_infer.html this is an old blog now but still a great one.



TTC after miscarriage/ babyloss


Information & support for infertility blog

Humerous look at infertility blogs

Last updated 2010 http://www.999reasonstolaugh.com/2010/05/758-you-read-infertility-blogs/


Infertility & IVF information blogs



Blogs about infertility success stories




How Life Upgrade has Helped Me

I was fortunate enough to attend Tracy Holloway’s Life Upgrade Foundation course for the second time last month.  Caught up with old friends and met some new ones.  Although I have done the course before and use Life Upgrade tools everyday, I still came away gaining a great deal.  During the course a few of us were discussing how difficult we find it to describe what Life Upgrade is all about.  I can say, however, some of the ways it has helped me:

I am a much happier and healthier person since discovering (and consistently using) Life Upgrade.  My stress levels are greatly reduced and if I ever do feel stressed I have the tools to deal with it effectively and efficiently.  I have found myself in situations which would have previously caused a great deal of stress and now feel calm and able to cope.  I am back in touch with my intuition and have the trust to follow it.  I am able to live in the present moment more and more, which is a wonderful place to be!  I rarely feel my mind racing with distracting thoughts; if I do I can use Life Upgrade to get back to the present again.  My life is now going in the direction I want it to and what’s more I know that things are only going to get better the more I use the Life Upgrade tools.

It is a joy to be sharing this with other people, as I know from personal experience how well it works.  I am constantly amazed at how the body and mind (when in harmony) can work wonders for health and well-being.  I am privileged to be working in this field and to be able to maintain a feeling of wonder at how amazing we really are!

If you would like to try out the Life Upgrade system I can give you a session, which is a demonstration of some of the tools.

After a session with me you will have some tools to use for yourself.   Using these tools consistently in your day-to-day life will allow you to see some of the potential of Life Upgrade.

To get the full benefit it is essential that you attend a course with Tracy Holloway.  I cannot recommend Tracy’s course highly enough for anyone who is looking to move forward in their lives.  www.tracyholloway.com

Access Diagnostics Code-Latest 5% coupon code

Thought you might welcome an Access Diagnostics coupon code

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FAQ Ovulation-How do I know if I’m Ovulating ?

This is a common question regarding ovulation.

Symptoms & Signs of Ovulation

Some lucky women are able to tell when they are ovulating by changes in their body and this makes life much easier for them when they are trying to conceive.

The easiest one to spot is the changes in the cervical mucus, which becomes stringy and slippery and is often described as resembling raw egg whites at ovulation time.

‘Ovulation pain’ is also reported by some women but is not a very reliable method of timing intercourse as other abdominal pains can be confused with that of ovulation.

Another sign that can be useful is an increased libido at your fertile time. This is natures way of encouraging you to have intercourse at the best time for conception, but again this is fairly non specific and some women do not experience this.

If you do not experience these changes around the time of ovulation do not worry, many women do not notice these changes and it does not mean that there is anything wrong or that you will not be able to know when you are ovulating.

There are a huge range of ovulation tests  & ovulation predictors that can help you to know when you are ovulating.

You can find out more about ovulation tests from Access Diagnostics Fertility  

Best Fertility & Infertility Blogs for 2012

We are compiling a list of the best fertility & infertility blogs of 2012 and would appreciate your input. If you have a favourite blog that has helped you and that you would like to recomend then please do send us the link or post it in comments.

If you are the author of a fertility or infertility blog and would like it included then please get in touch by e-mail to kate@adtuk.co.uk or leave us a message in comments.

The categories so far are :

  • TTC Blogs
  • IVF Blogs
  • TTC after miscarriage/ babyloss blogs
  • Information & support for infertility blogs
  • Humerous look at infertility blogs
  • Infertility & IVF information blogs
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Coping with infertility

At any given time, there are around 3.5 million people in the UK who are having problems getting pregnant, but it doesn’t always feel that way when you’re trying unsuccessfully to conceive. Infertility is lonely and isolating, and it’s very common to start to feel cut off from friends and family.  You may worry that you’re the only one who feels this way when you find yourself dreading pregnancy announcements or avoiding events where there are bound to be lots of children.  Many of us end up feeling almost ashamed about our fertility problems, and there can be a sense of guilt too and worry that maybe we’re somehow responsible for what is happening to us.  Infertility can erode our self-confidence and leave us feeling depressed and miserable, but there are things you can do to help yourself get through it.

The more you know about your fertility and treatment, the easier it is to cope. When I went through IVF for the first time, there was very little information available about what it would be like to have treatment from the patient perspective, and that’s why I started writing books about it!  Now, there’s a huge range of sources of information and advice, and making sure that you are well-informed can make all the difference.  If you’re having IVF, do take a look at my book The Complete Guide to IVF which is a simple guide to the basics of what’s involved and includes the experiences of lots of people who’ve been through treatment.

The other key tip for coping is to seek out others who are experiencing similar problems.  You may feel you aren’t ready to open up to people you don’t know, but it can be so helpful to be in a roomful of others who know just how you are feeling.  Some clinics run support groups and the charity Infertility Network UK  http://www.infertilitynetworkuk.com/  have many of their own too.  If you don’t want to meet people in the flesh, talking to one another in one of the many online forums can be incredibly helpful too.

Perhaps most important of all,  do remember that infertility isn’t easy.  No one sails through fertility problems and treatment in a calm, relaxed state.  Infertility makes you feel stressed, and it’s inevitable that at times you will find it tough going.  Try to find space to do some of the things you’ve always enjoyed, and don’t force yourself to go to social functions that you know are going to be difficult.  Above all, be kind to yourself – you’re going through a difficult time, and you deserve it.

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Free Fertility Resources | Fertility friends | Fertility Information | Fertility Calculator

Here are some useful free fertility resources-feel free to post yours in comments and we may add them to our blogroll.

Infertility & fertility support

Fertility Friends is a UK based support group & forum http://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php

Fertility Information 

BBC Health Fertility -great free resource for fertility information & news http://www.bbc.co.uk/health/physical_health/fertility/fertility_index.shtml

Conceive Online is the online presence of the US magazine Conceive  http://www.conceiveonline.com/

Free Fertility Planner

Free Fertility Calculator from Attain Fertility http://attainfertilityplanner.com/default.aspx?src=conceive

What is an ovulation test ?

Ovulation tests determine if you are ovulating, and also detect the timing of the ovulation.

There are a variety of methods used to test for ovulation, but the commonest and simplest to use are urine tests which look for the hormone LH (Luteinising Hormone) levels in urine, and detect the timing of the sudden rise in the levels of LH, which triggers the release of the egg. Urine LH tests are performed once a day, from a starting point which is calculated from the average length of the menstrual cycle. The first positive test result indicates that ovulation will occur over the next 24-36hrs

Another common ovulation test is the BBT or Basal Body Temperature method. This looks for the rise on basal body temperature that occurs with ovulation. This method is more tricky to use with any accuracy as a regular regime and strict methodology is needed to take the very first morning temperature before any activity and plot the results on charts. If used carefully, it will indicate that ovulation has occured, but by the time it it clear on the chart ovulation has already happened.

Digital Fertility Monitors have also been developed such as the Clearblue Fertility Monitor. These use a combination of programming and urine measurement to determine ovulation and predict the best fertile period for timing intercourse, for the best chance of conception. The big draw back is the cost of buying the monitor and then the monitor test strips, so they are a lot more expensive than normal ovulation tests, especially if lots of strips are used.

Saliva Ovulation Tests (also known as mini microscope or ovulation microscope) are also available which show a classical ferning pattern at ovulation due to the changes in the saliva that occur at ovulation. If used regularly these can be a good ovulation test.

Apps for mobile phones or ipad are also available to prompt the user of the fertile time in each cycle. These are straight calculators working on your cycle length, so a regular cycle is essential for any chance of accuracy. Obviously, as no test is involved, they are not true ovulation tests, but for most couples with no fertility problems, they may be all that is required to prompt the correct times for sex to maximise the chances of conception. A simple calender method can aslo be used if your cycle is very regular.

We recommend trying ovulation urine LH test strips, if you choose to try using an ovulation test. They are inexpensive & easy to use. Keep to one brand and test at the same time each day. Avoid testing in the morning, mid afternoon to early evening is the best time of day to do an urine LH ovulation test. Time sex for the night of the 1st positive result and the next night for the best chances.

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Chlamydia & Fertility

I worked within the NHS as a doctor for many years and did Gynaecology, GU medicine and Obstetrics jobs as part of my training as a GP. When I was a GP I developed a special interest in GU medicine and took one day a week out of my GP job & worked for many years as a clinical assistent in a local GU medicine clincs in South Yorkshire. In my gynaecology attachments I  was always amazed at how often the diagnosis of  ectopic pregnancy was missed by doctors, until it had ruptured and become any emergency. It was not until I did a GU medicine attachment in a fantastic GU department at our local district general hospital, that I learned that undiagnosed Chlamydia can be a cause of ectopic pregnancy.

Now this was 20 years ago, and I realise that there is now heightened awareness of Chlamydia, its effects on fertility and ectopic pregnancy. I think the womens magazines & the internet has a lot to do with this. Anything that we can do to spread the word and increase both public and medical awareness of this life threatening condition is a good thing, and should aid earlier diagnosis and treatment.

Chlmaydia infection can often be asymptomatic until it causes a problem which makes diagnosis more difficult. You may have it for many years asymptomatically. In recent years there have been screening programmes such as ‘The National Chlamydia Screening Programme’ for Chlamydia targeted at the younger under 25 age group in which Chlamydia is most prevalent ,and through which Chlamydia tests have been available free by post.

The GU team I worked with were passionate about spreading the word to doctors that undiagnosed Chlamydia can be a factor  in some cases of ectopic pregnancy, and that all patients entering hospital with an ectopic pregnancy should be screened for Chlamydia as part of their routine post op care. They went further and advised that all women with fertility issues should also be screened as Chlamydia can be a cause of infertility.

I wonder whether we should go one step further and screen all women of child bearing age for Chlamydia routinely as we do with the cervical smear. It would be so easy to do a Chlamydia test at the same time. Only problem with this is we would miss the younger age group as the cervical smear screening in UK does not start until age 25 currently-which always surprises me as Jade Goody was diagnosed with terminal Cervical Cancer at just 27 years of age. When I worked in the GU Clinic a cervical smear was a routine part of the GU screening process whatever the age of the patient.

Would you say that chlamydia screening is now happening in gynaecology wards & infertility clinics routinely ? Do you think this is important ? Should we screen all sexually active women for Chlamydia routinely when they have their cervical smear? Should the cervical smear screening start at a younger age since teenagers now become sexually active so much younger ?

 Let us know your thoughts in comments

You can also buy Chlamydia tests by post