Access Diagnostics Coupon Code Reminder

Just a quick Access Diagnostics coupon code & deal of the month reminder

Its the last week to use Access Diagnostics 5% coupon code CJG5 which expires at the end of March 2011 and to take advantage of the  free 1st class delivery offer which also finishes at the end of this month.

Coupon is active at Access Diagnostics fertility websites and  and also medical supply website

The Zestica_Fertility Lubricant Spray deal of the month £10.99 also ends at the end of March and is going to be replaced with a new deal of the month-check back in April for latest deals and special offers, at Access Diagnostics Fertility

News from Access Diagnostics Fertility

Just a quick update on what’s been happening this month

Great news for Pre-Seeders, we have received our Pre-Seed delivery much earlier than we were expecting-a big thank you to our Pre-Seed supplier.

If you missed the 10% coupon code last week our current 5% discount coupon code is CJG5 and is active until end of March 2011 at both websites below

1st class standard UK delivery remains free this month &

We have now given away the 300 free Conceive Plus trial size packs for our customers, so this offer has now ended.

We have recently introduced a ‘Deal of the month’ . Last months deal was on Pre-Seed lubricant pre-filled apps.

This months deal is on Zestica Fertility lubricant spray for just £10.99. We guarantee you will not find Zestica lubricant cheaper anywhere in UK.

Click here for Zestica Fertility lubricant deal

For those of you not familiar with Zestica Fertility it is a unique personal lubricant in a spray applicator, made by UK company Burdica, that has been designed for couples trying to conceive.

The Zestica Fertility Spray deal of the month, has proved so popular this month that we ran out of Zestica spray yesterday afternoon, and the lovely people at Burdica delivered it to us personally this morning, so you would not have to wait. A big thank you to Burdica.

We also have some more great special offers this month here

Remember to use 5% coupon code  CJG5 to save 5% every time you order

Discount Coupon active until end of this month at Access Diagnostics & Valuemed

Zestica Fertility lubricant back in stock

Good news the popular Zestica Fertility lubricant is back in stock at Access Diagnostics Fertility site

Zestica Fertility lubricant is available in both the spray and the pre-filled vaginal applicators

Zestica Fertility is a water based sperm friendly personal lubricant containing hyulronic acid designed for couples trying to conceive.

The current batch of Zestica lubricant has 24 months shelf life

For more information or to buy Zestica Fertility lubricant spray or pre-filled applicators click here

Zestica fertility lubricant