Is your intimate lubricant safe to use while you are trying to conceive ?

Do you know that many popular personal lubricants used for sexual intercourse or foreplay can impair you when you are trying to conceive by creating a barrier to sperm or by altering the vaginal ph so that it is less sperm friendly?
If you are using a intimate lubricant during your love making which many couples do , make sure it is one that has been designed specifially for couples trying to conceive.

There are several fertility lubricants available from Access Diagnostics Fertility that have been designed specifically to be sperm safe and to optimise your chances of conceiving:
Pre-Seed lubricant in muti-use tube with 9 vaginal applicators that you fill yourself so that you can choose how much lubricant you use.
Zestica Fertility have a range of fertility lubricant products inlcuding the Zestica spray for external application & pre-filled Zestica vaginal applicators as well as the Zestica Conception Kit that contains everything you need to start you on your  journey of trying to conceive.
Conceive Plus fertility lubricant is available in pre-filled vaginal applicators as well as the Conceive Plus 75g tube
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Question about the Zestica Conception Kit

zestica conception kit

We received these questions today by e-mail:

  1. Firstly what are the ingredients in your conception gel? My wife is very
    sensitive and will not use anything without knowing whats in it.
  2. Secondly what makes your product so much more expensive than other fertility lubricants? What does it do that other lubricant doesn’t?

Here is our reply:

The Zestica Conception kit contains:

7 Zestica Fertility Midstream Ovulation Tests
10 tubes Zestica Conception Gel
6 tubes of Zestica Fertility Lubricant

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The conception gel is to prepare the vaginal flora for conception. It aims
to prevent bacterial infections that may reduce the chance of a successful

We will ask the manufacturer for a full list of ingredients
and forward this on to you.

If you only require a fertility lubricant look at Zestica fertility spray at

or Zestica pre-filled apps at £14.49

Zestica Conception Kit to be launched at Fertility Fair

 zestica conception kit burdica fertility

Burdica biomed, the UK based medical biotechnology company had recently released for UK sales it’s new Zestica Fertility Conception Kit.

The pack is the first product aimed at couples who are struggling to conceive and offers a unique new approach at preparing the vaginal flora and pH to be optimal for reproduction, sperm receptive (in many cases the upper vaginal environment can be sperm hostile) and with the use of it’s unique Zestica Fertility lubricant, give any poorly motile sperm a boost.

No other product has safely addressed the issue of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) the common overgrowth of bacterial flora found in the upper vagina in a pregnancy and conception safe combination of products which are safe to use while trying to conceive (and proven safe during pregnancy )

The unique Zestica Conception Gel is used during the run up to ovulation to prepare the vaginal flora and pH to be optimal for sperm. Ladies then switch to Zestica Fertility Lubricant for the period of ovulation and sex, then switching back to the conception gel post ovulation to maintain optimal conditions for the sperm passage to the egg and implantation.

The conception kit contains 7 ovulation prediction tests, 10 conception gel applicators and 6 zestica fertility lubricant applicators,  each pack contents is intended for use in one cycle and costs £49.99 Additional ovulation tests packs and fertility lube are available seperately but the conception gel is only available in the full conception kit.

BV has long been recognised as a negative risk factor for first trimester miscarriage (2 fold risk)*, but is normally only screened for in fertility specialist centres prior to IVF or other fertility treatment. BV is in most cases sub symptomatic, not resullting in vaginal discharge or irritation. Rates of reported BV in reproductive age women are between 13% and 31% *(S G RalphA J Rutherford, J D Wilson, BMJ 319 : 220 (Published 24 July 1999) ) Most studies clearly identify a risk factor for miscarriage in the first 6 weeks after conception (early miscarriage) some have suggested lowered implantation rates may also be occuring due to imflamation of the uterus lining.

Zestica Conception Pack

Shown at the UK fertility show by the UK based manufacturers Burdica and with considerable interest & pre-release sales, the Zestica Fertility Conception pack is close to market release.

The Conception pack has a launch price of £49.99 and offers couples attempting to conceive some unique adavantages.

Each conception pack comes with 7 midstream ovulation prediction tests, allowing the detection and timing of ovulation to be identified.

Now the clever bit, the Zectica fertility Gel, 6 of which are used on the run up to ovulation and prepare the vaginal environment to be most receptive and sperm freindly. The remaining 4 gel packs are used after, these maintain an optimal vaginal bacterial flora and pH, further increasing the chances of conception and sucessful implantation.

Also included in the pack a 6 vaginal applicators of Zestica Fertility lubricant for use during the fertile part of the cycle.

Studies suggest the low grade bacterial vaginitis (BV) is common in many women, and it has been recognised for many years that this can be a significant , persistant and recurrent obstacle to conception success, lowering fertility rates and also increasing early miscarriage rates. Unfortunately, most women do not have access to BV screening unless they have already been refered to a fertility specialist clinic, where BV testing is a routine part of the initial screening examination.

Zestica Conception kit

Further information on the Zestica Conception kit can be found at  and 

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For those of you not familiar with Zestica Fertility it is a unique personal lubricant in a spray applicator, made by UK company Burdica, that has been designed for couples trying to conceive.

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Zestica Conception pack UK commercial release expected 3rd week in March 2011

Burdica Biomed Ltd ( ) the manufacturers of the Zestica range of personal lubricants have confirmed plans to commercially release the new Zestica Conception pack for UK sales during the 3rd week of March 2011

Initial sales of the Zestica Conception packs will be via specialist fertility web sites, followed by high street pharmacy, and supermarket pharamacy sales later in 2011

Commenting for Burdica Biomed Ltd (UK), Erik Hanau, specialist consultant.. ” we are very excited about the lauch of this unique fertility product, no other product has addressed the issue of BV (Bacterila Vaginitis) safely for women attempting to conceive. BV is accepted and recognised as a barrier to conception, but this largely remains un-identified outside of specialist fertility centres”

Burdica showed the Conception kit pre-launch packs at the UK fertility show recently, generating a high level of interest amongst the fertility community. It also took a large number of pre-production orders. Customers still waiting their packs of Zestica Conception pack will be given priority when the first production packs are released to sale during March 2011

Each Conception pack contains LH tests, treatments and fertility lubricants for 1 month together with full information and instructions for users.

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Zestica Fertility lubricant back in stock

Good news the popular Zestica Fertility lubricant is back in stock at Access Diagnostics Fertility site

Zestica Fertility lubricant is available in both the spray and the pre-filled vaginal applicators

Zestica Fertility is a water based sperm friendly personal lubricant containing hyulronic acid designed for couples trying to conceive.

The current batch of Zestica lubricant has 24 months shelf life

For more information or to buy Zestica Fertility lubricant spray or pre-filled applicators click here

Zestica fertility lubricant

5 simple things you can change that may increase your chances of conceiving

Its funny how often the simple changes can bring the biggest rewards.

1) Make sure you have sex at your most fertile time .

Now this is not to say that you should only have sex at your fertile time, in fact there is lots of evidence to show the opposite. To keep the sperm supply at its best, you should have regular sex throughout the month but it is pretty crucial that you have intercourse during your fertile time (around ovulation)

How do you know when its your fertile time ? That the subject of a whole other blog post on ovulation predictor tests & methods

2) Replace your usual personal lubricant with a sperm friendly lubricant

These days many couples use intimate lubricants either for foreplay, intercourse or both. Many intimate lubricants (including saliva) in common useage are not sperm friendly ie this means the lubricant can actually impair or damage sperm-not good news when you are trying to conceive.

In the UK there are currently 3 personal lubricants on the market that have been designed especially for couples trying to conceive and are clinically proven to be sperm friendly. They are Pre-Seed, Conceive Plus and Zestica Fertility.

To find out more about fertility friendly personal lubricants click here

3) Stop your man using his laptop on his lap

It is amazing how many men spend most evenings with a laptop on their laps while watching television or travelling on a train. Laptops heat up very quickly and generate large amounts of heat that can be detrimental to sperm. The testicles, which is where the sperm are produced and stored, are outside the body because if they were inside the body the heat from the body cavity would impair & damage the sperm. When a man has a laptop on his lap it is right over his testicles and this is likely to cause overheating.

I recently came a cross a couple where the man’s sperm count had come back with a low motility count, and he was using a laptop on his lap for extended periods most nights. He changed this laptop behaviour & the sperm count and motility has improved.

4) Keep your weight at a healthy level.

There has long been  anecdotal eveidence to suggest that weight is important but now this has been backed up by clinical evidence to suggest that fertility is reduced in both overweight women & underweight women.

5) Relax-

I know its easier said than done, but more and more studies are confirming that stress can be a big factor in unexplained infertility. Sometimes the stress of trying to conceive itself can actually hamper your attempts.

Look at other areas of stress in your life and see if you can reduce or alleviate them. Consider alternative therapies which are often excellent at helping to alleviate or manage stress. Yoga and Pilates for example are great at teaching you to relax. Make a list of things that you can do to help you relax each day and make sure you do one of them each day. It can be as simple as taking a lovely bubble bath or taking a walk outside in the sunshine. You know the things that help you to relax-so make time to do them

Zestica Fertility Lubricant

Just received this review on Zestica Fertility from a couple who have just started using it while trying to conceive 

Thank you for the Item, we enjoyed using it, the feel of it the quality an the ease of it was fantastic.

This is my first time of using Zestica, and i tell you i will be back for more in our journey to TTC, will keep you posted as i may be out this month but we will keep trying for next month and will post an update soon.

Thank you

Warm Regards

Rebecca 25/5/10

More info on Zestica and how it can help you on your TTC journey

Zestica Fertility Reviews

 Thank you for sending us your reviews on using Zestica Fertility Lubricant.

Here are 3 reviews we received last week from Zestica Fertility users. Thank you so much to them for sending us their reviews. As a thank you we have sent each of them a pack of Zestica Fertility 6 applicator

Hi,I am 38 years of age and been trying to conceive for 10 years now. I am currently having accupuncture and TCM and my therapist recommended trying this product to improve cervical mucus and vaginal dryness. It has certainly helped, although sadly no success as yet. I find it non irritant and easy to use unlike some other products. The only negative comment I have is there always seems to be a lot let over, it is difficult to dispense the full amount.  Kindest regards JS 16/3/10

 “Zestica is a light, sperm-friendly lubricant which can help vaginal dryness and assist conception. It is useful for both natual (NI) and artifical forms of insemination”.
AV 16/3/10

Zestica is very light and natural feeling, just like fertile/EW CM. I’ve been very happy using it.
AR 15/3/10

If you would like a free box of Zestica Fertility then simply e-mail us with your Zestica review or testimonial and your relavant order number for the Zestica purchase from us to  and we will send you a free box of Zestica

To find out more about how Fertility lubricants can help you conceive click here

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Zestica Fertility in News

Just read this interesting article in the financial times online

Burdica the manufacturer of Zestica Fertility & Zestica Moisture have just signed a £70M deal with Sinopharm (  China’s largest pharmaceutical and medical device distributor)

Click on link below to read full article

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Zestica Fertility Lubricant going to China

Exciting News from Zestica Fertility & Burdica

Scottish based biotech company Burdica has recently completed a major deal with Sinopharm, China’s largest pharmaceutical and medical device distributor to supply Zestica Fertility and the recently launched Zestica Moisture to China.

Click here to find out more about the Zestica deal

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