Zestica Conception Gel ~ the next big step in self fertility care

Zestica Conception kit’s unique conception gel.

Zestica conception gel prepares the body to give sperm and implantation the best chance.

The new Zestica kit contains 10 single use tubes of the Conception Gel.

6 are used before ovulation. This aims to get you to the time of ovulation with a healthy, balanced vaginal flora.

4 are used after ovulation. This aims to restore and maintain a healthy, balanced vaginal flora post ovulation.

 Why are the vaginal bacterial flora of importance in fertility ?

The growth, and particularly the over-growth of certain vaginal flora bacteria make a big difference to the environment faced by sperm as the attempt to reach and fertilise the egg. In many cases the vaginal environment is positively hostile to sperm, greatly reducing the chances of conception. Even some personal lubricants, used on the run up to ovulation can aggrevate the situation, lessening fertility.

The unique formulation of Zestica Conception gel is designed to balance the vaginal flora and optimise the vaginal pH, thus reducing any detrimental effects on sperm health which may have been present before its application. Zestica Conception gel is designed to work in harmony with Zestica Fertility lubricants. The Hyalurinic Acid (HA) in Zestica mimics the HA found around the human egg, stimulating sperm motility. Zestica remains the only commercially available fertility lubricant to offer users these HA benefits.

Increasing Fertility and your Chances of Getting Pregnant with Lubricant Containing Magnesium and Calcium.

Magnesium and Calcium are some of the earths most abundant trace elements and vital in the health of all living cells. Scientific research has shown the fundamental role trace elements such as Magnesium and Calcium play in the most complex cellular processes of our body including in the process of fertilization.

Most of us are familiar with the benefits of dietary supplements of calcium in the formation of healthy bones and in the prevention of osteoporosis. In fact Calcium (Ca2+) has a myriad of functions in biology, and new roles are still being discovered. At the cellular level calcium controls a number of complex cell events from cell metabolism, membrane binding, interactions between cells (cross-linking) and enzyme activation.Magnesium (Mg2+) is the fourth most abundant mineral found in our bodies. Needed for over 300 biochemical reactions, magnesium maintains normal muscle and nerve function, keeps the heart rhythm steady, supports the immune system, and keeps bones strong at the same time as playing a vital role in functioning of enzymes.

Magnesium, and Calcium ions are found naturally in sperm, seminal fluid and cervical fluid, with Magnesium working in different ways to maintain a healthy environment for sperm in order that fertilization can occur.[1]  Calcium ions play a major role in cellular signaling[2], a form of chemical communication between cells that occurs between sperm and the egg during the process of fertilization. Here the signaling works to promote egg and sperm compatibility and controls a complex series of interactions designed to achieve the proper sequence of events leading up to the formation of the zygote, which then develops into the embryo.

With the goal of naturally improving human reproductive health and fertility scientists at Sasmar researched and patented the concept, combining Calcium and Magnesium ions in a pH and electrolyte balance gel to match and complement natural fertile body fluids, specifically cervical fluid and by doing so promote sperm health, egg health as well as promote sperm adhesion to the egg.

Sasmar a consumer healthcare company, recently released a new fertility lubricant, aptly named Conceive Plus based on this research.


At the 65th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in 2009 clinical data was published confirming that Conceive Plus fertility lubricant is safe for sperm, safe for embryo development, is non-spermicidal and does not harm the viability or motility of human sperm. The data shows Conceive Plus does not hinder the process of fertilization between ova and sperm and it does not affect embryo development.  This is significant as research shows that regular lubricant is unsuitable for use when trying to conceive because it either damaged sperm or formed a barrier to sperm.

With fertility rates dropping and couples facing an array of barriers like stress, obesity, and as fertility decreases with age the release of a readily available, affordable over the counter lubricant for couples which promotes getting pregnant naturally is an important break.

Clinically tested, non-spermicidal, pH and electrolyte balanced, sperm friendly and with Calcium and Magnesium ions to mimic natural body fluids makes Conceive Plus fertility lubricant ideally suited to couples who are trying to conceive a baby naturally.<!–[if !supportFootnotes]–>

<!–[endif]–><!–[if !supportFootnotes]–>[1]<!–[endif]–> Association Between Seminal Plasma Copper and Magnesium Levels with Oxidative Stress in Iraqi Infertile Men Omar F. Abdul-Rasheed<!–[if !supportFootnotes]–>[2]<!–[endif]–> Essentials of medical geology: impacts of the natural environment on public environment. Olle Selinus 2005

Free Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant

In the last few weeks we have given away 100 free packs of Conceive Plus trial size (3 pre-filled applicators) Conceive Plus fertility lubricant trial size

We still have 200 packs of Conceive Plus individual applicators 3 dose trial size packs to give away FREE to the first 200 fertility or pregnancy test/ product orders through our fertility website who request a free pack at the time of ordering.

Each Conceive plus trial size pack contains 3 pre-filled individual vaginal applicators containing Conceive Plus sperm friendly lubricant for use while trying to get pregnant.

To take up this offer you must place your order through one of our fertility websites and add the special delivery instructions ‘Yes please to free Conceive Plus trial size’

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5 simple things you can change that may increase your chances of conceiving

Its funny how often the simple changes can bring the biggest rewards.

1) Make sure you have sex at your most fertile time .

Now this is not to say that you should only have sex at your fertile time, in fact there is lots of evidence to show the opposite. To keep the sperm supply at its best, you should have regular sex throughout the month but it is pretty crucial that you have intercourse during your fertile time (around ovulation)

How do you know when its your fertile time ? That the subject of a whole other blog post on ovulation predictor tests & methods

2) Replace your usual personal lubricant with a sperm friendly lubricant

These days many couples use intimate lubricants either for foreplay, intercourse or both. Many intimate lubricants (including saliva) in common useage are not sperm friendly ie this means the lubricant can actually impair or damage sperm-not good news when you are trying to conceive.

In the UK there are currently 3 personal lubricants on the market that have been designed especially for couples trying to conceive and are clinically proven to be sperm friendly. They are Pre-Seed, Conceive Plus and Zestica Fertility.

To find out more about fertility friendly personal lubricants click here

3) Stop your man using his laptop on his lap

It is amazing how many men spend most evenings with a laptop on their laps while watching television or travelling on a train. Laptops heat up very quickly and generate large amounts of heat that can be detrimental to sperm. The testicles, which is where the sperm are produced and stored, are outside the body because if they were inside the body the heat from the body cavity would impair & damage the sperm. When a man has a laptop on his lap it is right over his testicles and this is likely to cause overheating.

I recently came a cross a couple where the man’s sperm count had come back with a low motility count, and he was using a laptop on his lap for extended periods most nights. He changed this laptop behaviour & the sperm count and motility has improved.

4) Keep your weight at a healthy level.

There has long been  anecdotal eveidence to suggest that weight is important but now this has been backed up by clinical evidence to suggest that fertility is reduced in both overweight women & underweight women.

5) Relax-

I know its easier said than done, but more and more studies are confirming that stress can be a big factor in unexplained infertility. Sometimes the stress of trying to conceive itself can actually hamper your attempts.

Look at other areas of stress in your life and see if you can reduce or alleviate them. Consider alternative therapies which are often excellent at helping to alleviate or manage stress. Yoga and Pilates for example are great at teaching you to relax. Make a list of things that you can do to help you relax each day and make sure you do one of them each day. It can be as simple as taking a lovely bubble bath or taking a walk outside in the sunshine. You know the things that help you to relax-so make time to do them


Pre-seed packaging has changed recently but still contains the same sperm friendly Pre-Seed fertility lubricant we know you love.

Pre-seed 40g tube with 9 applicators buy uk

For those who do not know about Pre-seed it is a personal fertility friendly lubricant for couples trying to conceive that does not harm or impede sperm.

Click here for more information on Pre-Seed

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Zestica Fertility Lubricant

Just received this review on Zestica Fertility from a couple who have just started using it while trying to conceive 

Thank you for the Item, we enjoyed using it, the feel of it the quality an the ease of it was fantastic.

This is my first time of using Zestica, and i tell you i will be back for more in our journey to TTC, will keep you posted as i may be out this month but we will keep trying for next month and will post an update soon.

Thank you

Warm Regards

Rebecca 25/5/10

More info on Zestica and how it can help you on your TTC journey

Pre-Seed Review UK

We received this lovely e-mail from a  Pre-Seed user just before christmas and wanted to share it with you.

Thank you to Amy for sending it to us and hope all goes well with the pregnancy.

My husband(31) and I(28) just got married a little over 2 months ago and we knew we wanted to start our family right away. The first two cycles there we did ALOT of trying at fertile times but nothing happened. I was sort of surprised because we had conceived once before and i knew we were both able. I had noticed that my CM was only watery at my fertile times (not EWCM like it was when i was younger) and not very abundant. Just before my fertile days in the 3rd cycle, i ran ac cross a few message boards talking about preseed. I found your site and read the testimonials and decided it couldn’t hurt and may help alot. So I had it overnighted to my house. I used it every day that we BD (every other day during my fertile time). It had a great feel to it, very natural. With preseed (in conjunction with Fertile Focus & BBT to determine when to try) I got my very first BFP yesterday at 12DPO!!! I truly believe the good Lord led me to your product and that it had alot to do with us being able to conceive so soon (3rd cycle). Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! I will be recommending it to all my TTC friends and even those who just want the extra moisture.
Amy 22/12/09

Visit here for more info about Pre-Seed

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Which lubricants are fertility friendly ?

We are very lucky in the UK as we now have a choice of 4 fertility friendly lubricants, that have been devoloped  especially for couples trying to conceive.

Each of the personal lubricants has been designed to be sperm friendly for use during conception.

The 4 fertility friendly lubricants available in UK are:

Conceive Plus

Zestica Fertility


Pre Lubricant

Click on the links above to find out more about each lubricant

In recent years we have become aware that your choice of intimate lubricant can affect your chances of conceiving. So whichever lubricant you decide to use make sure it is a fertility friendly one

What is Conceive Plus ?

You may be wondering what this new fertility product, is and how it can help you to conceive.

Conceive plus by Sasmar, is a product that has recently been launched in UK.

It is a fertility friendly personal lubricant for couples trying to conceive.

Many couples do not realise that their choice of personal lubricant could be affecting their chances of conceiving. Many popular personal lubricants can create a barrier, that interferes with sperm, or can even be toxic to sperm. Conceive plus and other fertility lubricants have been designed to be sperm friendly.

Click here to find out more about Sasmar Conceive Plus

Which lubricant should I use

This is a question we have been asked several times in the last week:

Message:Zestica and Pre-Seed
Can you tell me the difference between these two products please? Thank you. 

Mrs B  8/6/09

Here is our reply:

Thank you for your e-mail.
They are both sperm friendly personal lubricants with different formulas.
Currently the Zestica is only available as an external application
spray-ideal for foreplay and external application to either man or women
The Pre-Seed is available with internal applicators and is ideal for those
with low cervical mucus levels
Hope this info helpsIf you need any more advice please do not hesitate to e-mail us.Kind regards,
Customer Services
Access Diagnostic Tests UK Limited

 For more info on Zestica Fertility lubricant click here 
For more info on Pre-Seed and how it works click here

Burdica Biomed launches fertility treatment on back of £200,000

Mark Smith the deputy business editor at The Herald has very kindly given us permission to reproduce this article in full, in our fertility blog. The article was published in The Herald on 15th May 2009 & is about the new fertility lubricant Zestica fertility and the UK company that has developed it Burdica. The Herald is one of Scotland’s leading daily quality newspapers.

The article was written by Mark Smith deputy business editor at The Herald

Here is the article in full:

Scottish life sciences fledgling Burdica Biomed yesterday announced the launch of a new fertility treatment – its first product – on the back of a £200,000 funding round completed at the end of last month.

The product, called Zestica, is the first fertility lubricant using hyaluronic acid, a natural substance the St Andrews-based company is developing for therapeutic applications.

The two-year-old company said it was also developing hyaluronic acid into a product that acts as a kind of “natural botox”.

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in between the cells of many types of body tissue in all animals.

It has important functions in different types of tissues, for example, it contributes to the lubricating properties of the fluid in joints, is involved in the repair processes of skin tissue and has a role in creating the elastic properties of cartilage.

The firm said Zestica was focused on the use of hyaluronic acid in enhancing fertility for couples trying to conceive.

The company said the product is the “first fertility lubricant to use the properties of hyaluronic acid in supporting the motility and fertilising capacity of sperm”.

Kevin Burd, the Californian co-founder of the company, yesterday told The Herald that he expected the firm to sell more than one million units of Zestica over the next 12 months, which in turn would generate “a seven- figure sum” for Burdica Biomed.

He said the product, which the company manufactures in Lancaster, had already been awarded European CE Mark approval, and that later this year it will file an application with the US Food and Drug Administration as part of a strategy to “address the USA and other international markets”.

Burd added that Zestica had undergone extensive clinical trials at Dundee’s bioscience hub and he said it had proved more effective than its “one competitor”.

“The product was launched at the beginning of the month and already we’ve had several thousand sales,” he said.

The company’s funding round included £100,000 from the Scottish Government under the SMART programme, with the remainder coming from six unnamed Scottish businessmen.

Asked if Burdica planned to seek further funding, Burd said: “I don’t think we’ll need it. We expect to have enough from our sales alone.”

All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. 

Article written by Mark Smith Deputy Business Editor at The Herald

Zestica fertility in the UK news

Click on the link below to read all about Zestica, how it works, the extensive clinical trials it has undergone at Dundee’s bioscience hub and how it is helping couples trying to conceive


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Do you use a lubricant for sex-if so which one and is it sperm friendly ?

Do you know, your choice of lubricant could be affecting your chances of conceiving ?

Many popular sex lubricants including saliva can reduce your chances of conceiving by intefering with sperm function & motility.

In the last few years a new range of sex lubricants have been developed to be fertility friendly & not to interfere with sperm function & motility. These sperm friendly or fertility lubricants are designed to be used by couples trying to conceive.

These fertility lubricants come in several formats-some are available in intra vaginal applicators for internal use, and some in squeezable resealable tubes for external application & foreplay.

Why use a fertility lubricant ?

Simple answer is it makes sex more comfortable and fun, and extended foreplay increases the chances of the woman having an orgasm. It also reduces the risks of injuries caused by friction to both partners which has to be a good thing.

Just think by simply changing the lubricant you use for sex to a sperm friendly one, you could be increasing your chances of conceiving. This is one simple and easy change you can make right now, that can have a huge benefit in enhancing your fertility and increase your chances when you are trying to conceive. If only everything in fertility was so simple

To find out more about Zestica fertility lubricant click here

To find out more about Conceive Plus fertility lubricant

To find out more about Pre-Seed sperm friendly lubricant

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