Male Fertility Tips

There has been a lot of coverage of male fertility issues in the news this week, so I thought it would be worth doing a quick review of the info and some tips for improving male fertility

The good news is a recent study has shown that having sex frequently is good for male fertility.

Not so good news is that extreme cycling is very bad for fertility. Read this article if you guy spends a lot of time cycling, even if its at the gym.

And those laptops are still causing problems !

Tips for maximising male fertility:

  • Avoid anything that gets the testicles over heated, as excess heat can damage sperm-this is why the testicles are external and not inside the body. Things that may cause overheating are:laptops on the lap, saunas, hot baths, tight underwear, cycling, medical conditions such as varicoele (varicose veins in scrotum-if you think you have this see your doctor)
  • Stop smoking as smokers have higher incidence of sperm problems
  • Keep alcohol consumption within safe limits
  • Eat a balanced healthy diet high in antioxidants, eat lots of fruit and veg & cut down on the meat-make sure he gets his 5 a day. A recent Spanish study has shown that men who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, in particular peppers, spinach and citrus fruits, have higher quality and faster swimming sperm.
  • Check if he is on any medication that may damage sperm e.g. some antidepressants, check with your doctor.
  • Exercise moderately-remember keep those testicles cool, and wear loose fitting boxers and clothes. May be best to avoid the tight lycra
  • Avoid recreational drug use-research has shown that cannabis may reduce male fertility
  • Taking a multivitamin containing L-Cartinine may help

If you would like to check your fertility at home you can purchase a home male fertility test kit that checks sperm count and motility from Access Diagnostics fertility site in UK


Did you know that passive smoking can effect your fertility ?

Neither did I !

I have just read an interesting article online about this very subject and wanted to share it with you.

The article was on BBC online in September 2009 and reported the results of a study of 8,500 couples carried out by Bristol University.

The research study , published in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility found that a non-smoking woman exposed to smoke in the workplace was 14% less likely to be able to conceive within a year.

If her partner smokes more than 20 cigarettes a day, the odds of delayed conception were 34%.

We have long known that smoking can affect fertility in both males and females but this research is the first to suggest that even passive smoking can affect female fertility.

Click here to read the full article at BBC online

For more information on the affects of smoking on pregnancy and for help trying to give up click here to visit NHS site

NHS Pregnancy Smoking Helpline: 0800 169 9 169

7 Days a week, 12pm to 9pm. Here to help you!