Putting some fun back into Trying to Conceive

On the theme of fun this week-are you finding it fun trying to conceive ?

Sometimes the pressure of infertility, can cause us to stop enjoying the process.

Pleasure and enjoyment for both partners during sex may increase the chances of conceiving, and certainly stress can be a factor in unexplained infertility.

Ask yourself -What can you do to put the fun back into the whole business of conceiving

Remember when you were first a couple-what did you do then to set the mood for romance ?  Remember dating ?

Girls set your contrast to high-dress feminine & sexy. The more feminine you act & look, the more masculine he will feel .You will feel great and he will appreciate the effort. Get ready for an evening of romance the way you used to. Have a bath or shower, do your hair, wear perfume and body lotion. Put your make up on. Come on he’s worth it, and so are you.

Guys-have a shower, wash your hair, put clean clothes on. Get ready for a date. Your partner will apreciate the effort.

Schedule a date night at least once a week

Top Tips for putting some fun back into ttc

  1. Rather than saying ‘hey I’m ovulating so tonights the night’ just seduce him with your womanly ways and don’t mention the o word.
  2. Sexy underwear or negligees are far more effective than pyjamas when you are seducing him-you can always put the jammies on after if its cold
  3. Use a lubricant (make sure its a fertility friendly one)
  4. Consider using adult sex toys to add a bit of fun

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Makeing time for fun & games in the bedroom

What can you do to spice up your sex life and put some fun into trying to conceive

 I will post some ideas later

Post your ideas in comments

Ok I,m back-here goes

Here are my ideas for putting some va va voom back into the bedroom

Ideas for the bedroom itself-think sanctuary

1) Take the tv out of the bedroom-you want him to be looking at you not the sports channel-the only exception to this rule is if you are watching erotica together in bed

2) Take the computer out of the bedroom– if he is on his laptop in bed this is a definite no no for a sexy time-especially if he is working. You both need to relax before sleep and working on the computer late at night does not prepare the mind and body for sex or sleep-trust me I know this from personal experience

3) Make your bedroom a sanctuary for both of you-no piles of laundrey waiting to be put away or ironing board left out ! It should be a haven of peace and tranquility-for sex and sleep only !

4) Put some clean bedding on the bed-clean bedding smells so lovely & it feels great on your skin

5) Put some nice music on-I personally like the soundtrack from the film Notting Hill-it works every time-don’t ask me why. This is purely personal-but a soundtrack helps, choose one thats right for you

6) Turn the lighting down-halogen ceiling spotlights are not conducive to romance in my experience-gentle side lighting is much kinder-the hallogens show even the tiniest bit of cellulite up !

Ideas for you girls-think seductress

Preparation and spontanaity is key in my opinion. Now this may seem a contradiction in terms but bear with me, & I will explain:

1) Seduce him-rather than say to your guy-‘I’m ovulating and we ought to have sex tonight’ try seducing him-much more fun, and it will seem more spontaneous. No one likes being told what to do and this way is far more natural.

2) Preperation is key-have a long luxurious bubble bath before hand. Shave your legs , armpits etc. wash and condition your hair. Use a facial & or body scrub so your skin is glowing. Read or listen to chill out music in the bath to relax. Quite often a good chick novel can put you in the mood. (I must admit I like to have a bath every night-once you start it is quite addictive. The relaxation & pampering make you feel great. Added bonus is if your other half is feeling amorous your also feeling gorgeous & smelling great )

3) Dress seductively after your bath-make sure you have at least one sexy nightie in your drawer-it works every time-pyjamas just do not have the same effect-trust me on this. Apply some sexy nail polish to your toenails in red or shocking pink. Ditch the fluffy bathrobe & slippers unless it is really, really cold. Have a light spritz of perfume-not too much mind-you will be smelling great already after the bath-dont want to over do it !

4) Act seductively-after your bath apply body lotion to your legs, hands and feet. Do this in front of him making sure to do it as sexily as possible, even while he is watching TV-don’t laugh. Body langauge is very important in seduction. The message you are sending to your other half is that you are available for sex, and you do not have to say a word. You may think he is not watching you, but he is-I promise.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my ideas. Post your ideas in comments.

Phew think that is enough for today-next time we will talk about what you guys out there can do, the importance of early nights, how what you watch on tv can affect the quality of sex, sex toys & sex lubes etc

Do you use a lubricant for sex-if so which one and is it sperm friendly ?

Do you know, your choice of lubricant could be affecting your chances of conceiving ?

Many popular sex lubricants including saliva can reduce your chances of conceiving by intefering with sperm function & motility.

In the last few years a new range of sex lubricants have been developed to be fertility friendly & not to interfere with sperm function & motility. These sperm friendly or fertility lubricants are designed to be used by couples trying to conceive.

These fertility lubricants come in several formats-some are available in intra vaginal applicators for internal use, and some in squeezable resealable tubes for external application & foreplay.

Why use a fertility lubricant ?

Simple answer is it makes sex more comfortable and fun, and extended foreplay increases the chances of the woman having an orgasm. It also reduces the risks of injuries caused by friction to both partners which has to be a good thing.

Just think by simply changing the lubricant you use for sex to a sperm friendly one, you could be increasing your chances of conceiving. This is one simple and easy change you can make right now, that can have a huge benefit in enhancing your fertility and increase your chances when you are trying to conceive. If only everything in fertility was so simple

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