Whats in your self care tool kit ?

There are times in all our lives when we are under stress and everything starts to feel overwhelming. This is often when we are in a permanent state of ‘fight or flight’ and it is during these times that you need to have a good self care tool kit.

During times of extreme stress, good self care and making time to take care of yourself in little ways every day, becomes increasingly important.

Here is my self care tool kit i.e. the things I do when things start to feel overwhelming.

Do something physical-exercise is a great way to use up the hormones released by the fight or flight response

  • For me getting out in the fresh air and taking my dogs for a walk is a great stress reliever.
  • Gardening
  • Take a Pilates or exercise class
  • Go for a run
  • Go swimming
  • Housework can be surprisingly effective if done to some uptempo music

Spend time on hobbies

  • Spend time doing the things you love to do and that make you smile even if its just for 15 minutes a day. Those 15 minutes add up !

Do something relaxing

  • Hot bath by candlelight with calming music is a favourite of mine
  • Watch a chick flick
  • Cook or bake-this can be surprisingly relaxing if it is not pressured.
  • meal out
  • Take a Yoga or mindfulness session

Do something you have been putting off that you will feel better after you have done it

  • Tidy or re-organise your wardrobe
  • Clean out a cupboard or drawer
  • Declutter-very therapeutic

Meet up with friends

  • organise to meet for coffee or lunch or just a walk & talk
  • organise a girls only shopping trip
  • Join a book group

Plan something to look forward to

  • Maybe a weekend away
  • a meal out
  • have friends over for dinner
  • a holiday
  • a trip to the beach
  • a day trip somewhere new

Book some pamper treats just for you

  • a manicure or pedicure
  • a facial
  • a massage (very relaxing )
  • hairdresser

Learn something new

  • Attend a course
  • try a new hobby
  • Listen to an audiobook-I love audiobooks and find them very relaxing and reinvigorating.

Take care of your health

  • Book any healthcare or dental appointments you have been putting off


  • talk to someone close either a family member or friend about whats stressing you
  • consider an online support group
  • join a support group
  • Join your local church

Your self care tool kit may be very different to mine. Its what works for you. Write a list and look at it when things start to feel overwhelming, and remember to practice some self care every day.

In our busy over scheduled days it can be all too easy to forget to look after our own needs both physical and spiritual. Make it an appointment in your diary to do something nice for yourself each day. That way it is more likely to happen.


Stepping off the emotional roller coaster of infertility

 sarah holland fertile mindset

I realise that you may feel in need of emotional support as you try to conceive through fertility issues. You need support that’s effective, works quickly and can bring you the peace of mind and positive thinking that you know is so vital to supporting your fertility.

Perhaps you’ve heard about how successful EFT is at dramatically reducing negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness, worry and fear. But you’re not sure how to learn it or apply it to your own unique situation, and achieve the positive results in your emotional well-being and mindset that you know would be SO beneficial.Well here’s the good news! I have developed a low cost, fast working solution to help yo u switch your thinking from negative to positive, and support you in a multitude of ways as you try to conceive your baby.I know what an emotional roller coaster it can be when you have fertility issues, and I’d like to invite you now to take my hand as a support you stepping off the roller coaster and on to a much smoother, easier to navigate path.What am I talking about? Click below to find out!http://www.fertilemindset.com/inner-saboteur
Don’t delay in clicking above and making a decision whether to sign up. There are only limited spaces available, and the ‘early bird’ booking price ends soon. PLUS if you’re one of the next few to sign up you’ll be able to grab one of the remaining chances to have a private one-to-one telephone session with me, to work on a key emotional issue for you.

I look forward to you joining me on this exciting adventure!

With love and best wishes on your fertility journey,

Sarah Holland
Fertility Support Specialist

Theta Healing and Fertility

Theta Healing is and energy healing which allows us to explore and release the memories we hold which may be blocking our full potential.  The Fertility Solutions Programme uses Theta Healing and Hypnosis to gently discover and release any beliefs, memories or emotions that may be blocking conception.  The process can also address physical symptoms such as PCOS.

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> Tracy Holloway developed the Fertility Solutions Programme after years of working in the area of fertility.  Tracy has worked as a Hypnotherapist, Psychologist and Theta Practitioner who is renowned in the area of fertility.  She has brought together her rich knowledge and experience to develop the unique programme which explores the well being of the whole person in order to support their reproductive health.

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> Using Theta Healing it is possible to address physical symptoms which may be affecting fertility, for example PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis and Sperm motility (to name a few).  It is also possible to address emotional issues which affect couples who are experiencing fertility challenges.  Many of my female clients will talk to me about their grieving each time their period arrives.  They describe their fertility journey as a roller coaster ride. They have hope during the month then the grieving starts as their cycle begins again.  Using the Fertility Solutions Programme it is possible for women to view each cycle as a positive thing, their body is working in the way that will make pregnancy possible at some point in the future, rather than a setback.  Sometimes a simple relieving of stress is enough to support conception.

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> One thing that is important to remember is each couple is unique, their journey is unique and they will conceive in their own time.  In other words it’s best not to compare yourselves with others because everyone’s journey is different.  Using the Fertility Solutions programme it is possible to address the emotional stresses and strains and focus on other areas of your life (enjoying your relationship for example) rather than relying on conception to bring happiness.  By addressing both physical and emotional aspects of fertility it is possible to have your best chance of conception.

Hypnosis and Fertility

Hypnosis is a natural state that we all enter daily. It’s those times when your imagination is active, so watching a film or reading a book. If you are immersed in the story and your imagination is involved that is hypnosis. You are completely in control and free to leave it at anytime. Our subconscious does not know the difference between our imagination and reality so we can use our imagination to access the subconscious and create what we want in our lives.

Using hypnosis is a great way to address fertility, because we can access our imagination and address what is going on in our subconscious. For example we may have spent years trying not to get pregnant, our subconscious may not have caught up with our new plans to start a family so using the imagination we can show the subconscious what we really want and it can catch up. This then supports our body to conceive.

We may often have negative thoughts running through our minds, worry creating more worry and affecting our well-being. Our negative thoughts can affect our hormonal balance but with hypnosis it is possible to bring them back to a healthy equilibrium therefore supporting conception.

Fertility Solutions hypnosis CDs have been developed by Tracy Holloway (a qualified hypnotherapist and renowned fertility specialist) in order to prepare the subconscious mind for conception. The powerful CDs begin with deep relaxation; this prepares your mind for suggestion and supports you to release stress. Once you have listened for at least a week to the first CD you can move on to the next. Each one brings you relaxation and prepares the body for conception. Some are designed specifically for those who are planning to conceive naturally, others support assisted conception and there are also CDs for those who have experienced miscarriage and fear their body cannot support a healthy baby.

These powerful CDs go hand in hand with the Fertility Solutions Programme but can also be very effective in their own right.

Running on empty-how to fill yourself up

5 quick tips to fill yourself up :

1) Do something different-if you are at home all day-get out of the house for the day, if you at work all week plan some down time at home. If you look after young children all week plan some child free time-just do something different.

2) Go shopping with a girlfriend and have fun. Set yourself a budget & treat yourself to something that makes your feel glam-even if its just some dangly earrings, some pretty bangles or a scarf (the boho ethnic look is very big this season & there are lots of inexpensive ways to spice up your wardrobe by injecting a little boho chic)

3) Pamper yourself. Make time for a long bubble bath, shave your legs, do your nails, get the rough skin off your feet. You will feel gorgeous.

4) Read something you love-doe not matter what. Make the time this weekend to read a book or magazine. its raining this weekend in UK so perfect opportunity.

5) Have a special meal out with your significant other or to cook a special meal together (I prefer the meal out option-no dishes-the Tesco or M&S meal deals are nice and easy to cook at home)