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What is Zita West Vital DHA & how can it help me ?

 “DHA will be become as important for pregnancy as Folic Acid in the future”
Zita West

What is Zita West Vital DHA ?

Vital DHA is an essential fatty acid containing DHA and GLA.

Essential fatty acids are very important for female fertility, helping hormone balance and egg production, and for male fertility too, as they are thought to help with the manufacture of healthy sperm.
VitalDHA can be used by itself, should you so wish or it can be used as a companion product alongside a multivitamin and mineral such as Pregnancy Plan.

How does Vital DHA help our fertility & pregnancy ?

Zita West strongly recommend that all couples should consider DHA supplementation during their preparation for conception and that women should continue with this through pregnancy and in the months following birth. Research has associated optimal foetal and infant development with the availability of sufficient levels of fatty acids in the mother’s diet.

How do I take Zita West Vital DHA ?

1 capsule is to be taken two times a day with or after food.

How is Zita West Vital DHA made ?

Vital DHA is made from ultra-pure oils which are molecularly distilled to test for the absence of all known contaminants. It is free from artificial colours, preservatives and gluten and is certified non-GM.
All tuna oil used is dolphin-friendly and from sustainable stocks.
Capsule shells (vegi-caps) contain no meat products.

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