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Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant

We received these tips on using Pre-Seed lubricant through our reviews service last week and wanted to share it with you:

Feels natural, doesn’t sting and swimmer friendly!! To save a bit of money, as I know its more expensive than other lubes, i just use a small pea sized amount (approx) rather than fill the applicators. It seems to be enough and thus it lasts longer. Its my favourite.

if you have any tips or feedback on using Pre-Seed that you feel me be useful to others please fell free to share them in comments.

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Pre-Seed out of stock

Pre-Seed Lubricant UK
Pre-Seed lubricant out of stock

Just a quick post to let you know we are out of stock of Pre-Seed lubricant and the next delivery is not due until Mid April.

If you need a fertility friendly lubricant in the meantime try Conceive Plus. excellent lubricants and have been clinically tested to make sure they are fertility and sperm friendly.

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Pre-Seed lubricant back in stock in UK

We have received our new stock of the Pre-Seed fertility friendly lubricant and we love the pretty new pink packaging.

Pre-Seed Lubricant UKJ
Pre-Seed lubricant UK

The current stock has long expiry date and contains the same winning Pre-Seed formulation that you know and trust.

The new stock of Pre-Seed can be purchased online in the UK from Access Diagnostics fertility site

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Pre-Seed lubricant due back in stock in UK this week

pre-seed lubricant where to buy UK
Pre-Seed lubricant available to buy in UK from Access Diagnostics

We are pleased to let you know PreSeed lubricant will be back in stock, we hope this week. We have released it for sale so that you can pre-order and as soon as it is with us we will dispatch it to you. Use coupon code ADSUM to save 5% on your order

Spend over £25 on goods and qualify for our current Free UK delivery offer

Buy Pre-Seed lubricant online UK from Access Diagnostics

Which fertility lubricant should I choose Pre-Seed or Conceive Plus ?

This is a common question that we are asked as the two products are very similar. They are both excellent fertility lubricants that have been designed specifically for couples trying to conceive, and are the two leading fertility lubricants in the UK currently.

We thought we would give you our opinion of the pros and cons for each, having sold them both for many years now ,to help you to choose which one will suit your needs.

Lets start with reviewing Pre-Seed lubricant

Pre-Seed lubricant is available to buy in the UK from Access Diagnostics Fertility Site
Pre-Seed lubricant is available to buy in the UK from Access Diagnostics Fertility Site

Pre-Seed has been around now for many years in fact we have been selling it for about 9-10 years I think. During that time we have lots of positive feedback about the product and very little if any negative feedback.

Originally it was only available in pre-filled applicators but it now comes in a 40g multi-use tube with applicators that you can fill yourself.

Pros for Pre-Seed

  • its been around for ages and has lots of positive feedback & successful pregnancies.
  • it is available in a multi-use tube with vaginal applicators that you fill yourself which means that you can use as little or as much as you like and you only need to buy one product
  • it can be used for intravaginal application & for external application to either partner
  • it has been clinically tested and shown to be sperm friendly & non irritant
  • it is reasonably priced at around £12-15 pound for a 40g tube
  • it is easy to use and comes with comprehensive instructions
  • it is the most versatile product of the two as it allows for both external and internal application

Cons for Pre-Seed

  • Currently at time of writing it is only available online in UK and mainly through specialist fertility suppliers
  • The lack of a small tube means you cannot try Pre-Seed before committing to a large tube


Now we will give our review of Conceive Plus

Conceive Plus
Conceive Plus is available to buy online in UK from Access Diagnostics fertility site


Conceive Plus has also been around a long time (although not quite a s long as Pre-Seed I think)  and also has lots of positive feedback & Successful pregnancies. It is available as 3 different products currently. Pre-filled applicators & tubes of Conceive plus in two sizes (small & large).

Pros for Conceive Plus

  • The small cheaper 30g tube allows you to try the Conceive Plus before you commit to a larger tube & is excellent value for money. It is ideal for external application to either partner for foreplay & intercourse.
  • It is widely available in Boots and also online
  • There is lots of positive feedback about the product and very little negative feedback.
  • The range of products means that there should be a product to suit you.
  • Reasonably priced at between £6 and £15
  • Easy to use and comes with comprehensive instructions from manufacturer
  • The small 30g tube is small & discreet for when travelling
  • The pre-filled applicator product allows you to insert the lubricant deep inside the vagina if dryness is a problem and you do not need to work out how much lubricant to use as this is done for you.

Cons for Conceive plus

  • The lack of a multi-use tube means that if you want to use intravaginal applicators & have the lubricant for external application you have to buy two products making it more costly.
  • Some women find the pre-filled applicators contain too much lubricant and so some is wasted-you are not able to choose how much lubricant you put into the applicator as this is done for you.


Conclusion-Is it Pre-Seed or Conceive Plus ?

Well our answer is it depends on how you wish to use the product.

If you are looking for a fertility lubricant that you can use internally as well as externally & where you can choose how much lubricant to insert into the vaginal applicator then I would try Pre-Seed multi-use 40g tube first and see if it suits you. This way you are only having to purchase one product.

If you are looking for a product just for foreplay and then external application to either partner then I would probably try the Conceive plus 30g tube first and see if it suits you. you can then go onto buy a larger tube if required.

If you are looking for a lubricant just for internal vaginal application prior to intercourse, with pre-filled applicators so that you do not need to decide how much lubricant to use, then opt for Conceive Plus pre-filled applicators.

Whichever one you choose they are both great fertility lubricants and we have no hesitation in recommending them both. Just choose the format that suits your particular needs.

Is your intimate lubricant safe to use while you are trying to conceive ?

Do you know that many popular personal lubricants used for sexual intercourse or foreplay can impair you when you are trying to conceive by creating a barrier to sperm or by altering the vaginal ph so that it is less sperm friendly?
If you are using a intimate lubricant during your love making which many couples do , make sure it is one that has been designed specifially for couples trying to conceive.

There are several fertility lubricants available from Access Diagnostics Fertility that have been designed specifically to be sperm safe and to optimise your chances of conceiving:
Pre-Seed lubricant in muti-use tube with 9 vaginal applicators that you fill yourself so that you can choose how much lubricant you use.
Zestica Fertility have a range of fertility lubricant products inlcuding the Zestica spray for external application & pre-filled Zestica vaginal applicators as well as the Zestica Conception Kit that contains everything you need to start you on your  journey of trying to conceive.
Conceive Plus fertility lubricant is available in pre-filled vaginal applicators as well as the Conceive Plus 75g tube
Click here to see all fertility friendly lubricants 

Click here to buy Pre-Seed lubricant online in UK 

Click here to buy Conceive Plus lubricant online in UK 

Cheap Pre-Seed|Cheapest Preseed Lubricant UK £12.75

Cheap Pre-Seed | Cheapest Pre-Seed UK

We have dropped the price of our Pre-Seed sperm friendly conception lubricant to just £12.75 for the 40g multi-use tube making this the cheapest Pre-Seed in UK currently.

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Cheapest Pre Seed in UK, Pre-Seed Coupon & Free UK Delivery Offer-what more could you ask

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We still have some cheap price Pre-Seed available but the stock is limited. When its gone, its gone

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Access Diagnostics ‘deal of the month’

This month we have introduced a ‘deal of the month’ to our fertility websites. It was originally going to be a deal of the week but a week seemed just too short, so it has evolved into ‘deal of the month’

We will have a different deal each month-if you have any suggestions for which products you would like us to offer as our ‘deal of the month’ then please do get in touch by e-mail or leave us a message in comments.

This months deal is 6 pre-filled Pre-Seed applicators for just £11.99          (this deal has now finished )

We guarantee that you will not find Pre-Seed cheaper anywhere in the UK. Order the 3 pack and get 5 Free ultra pregnancy tests packed with your order.

We also have the Pre-Seed 40g multi-use tubes with 9 applicators in stock for just £13.49 with free 1st class UK Delivery

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‘My Pre-Seed story’ video contest

ING fertility the makers of Pre-Seed fertility friendly intimate lubricant are running a ‘My Pre-Seed story’ video contest.

Sadly for us brits the contest is only open to residents of the USA & the districts of Columbia. Would be great if they could throw it open to UK as well

To enter you also have to be over 18 years of age and have used Pre-Seed products prior to September 15th 2010. The contest is running now until ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on October 25, 2010.

How to Enter? Simply create your own video that shows how you have used and/or benefited from using INGfertility’s Pre-Seed (or Pre’ )

There are 3 categories : “Seriously fun baby-making!”, “Our Journey” and “Just for Fun!”

Oh and I forgot to mention there are three prizes each of $1000

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Pre-Seed fertility Friendly moisture

5 simple things you can change that may increase your chances of conceiving

Its funny how often the simple changes can bring the biggest rewards.

1) Make sure you have sex at your most fertile time .

Now this is not to say that you should only have sex at your fertile time, in fact there is lots of evidence to show the opposite. To keep the sperm supply at its best, you should have regular sex throughout the month but it is pretty crucial that you have intercourse during your fertile time (around ovulation)

How do you know when its your fertile time ? That the subject of a whole other blog post on ovulation predictor tests & methods

2) Replace your usual personal lubricant with a sperm friendly lubricant

These days many couples use intimate lubricants either for foreplay, intercourse or both. Many intimate lubricants (including saliva) in common useage are not sperm friendly ie this means the lubricant can actually impair or damage sperm-not good news when you are trying to conceive.

In the UK there are currently 3 personal lubricants on the market that have been designed especially for couples trying to conceive and are clinically proven to be sperm friendly. They are Pre-Seed, Conceive Plus and Zestica Fertility.

To find out more about fertility friendly personal lubricants click here

3) Stop your man using his laptop on his lap

It is amazing how many men spend most evenings with a laptop on their laps while watching television or travelling on a train. Laptops heat up very quickly and generate large amounts of heat that can be detrimental to sperm. The testicles, which is where the sperm are produced and stored, are outside the body because if they were inside the body the heat from the body cavity would impair & damage the sperm. When a man has a laptop on his lap it is right over his testicles and this is likely to cause overheating.

I recently came a cross a couple where the man’s sperm count had come back with a low motility count, and he was using a laptop on his lap for extended periods most nights. He changed this laptop behaviour & the sperm count and motility has improved.

4) Keep your weight at a healthy level.

There has long been  anecdotal eveidence to suggest that weight is important but now this has been backed up by clinical evidence to suggest that fertility is reduced in both overweight women & underweight women.

5) Relax-

I know its easier said than done, but more and more studies are confirming that stress can be a big factor in unexplained infertility. Sometimes the stress of trying to conceive itself can actually hamper your attempts.

Look at other areas of stress in your life and see if you can reduce or alleviate them. Consider alternative therapies which are often excellent at helping to alleviate or manage stress. Yoga and Pilates for example are great at teaching you to relax. Make a list of things that you can do to help you relax each day and make sure you do one of them each day. It can be as simple as taking a lovely bubble bath or taking a walk outside in the sunshine. You know the things that help you to relax-so make time to do them

Another Pre-Seed sucess story-they keep on coming

 Here is a a lovely Pre-Seed testimonial we received this summer.

Thank you so much for sending us your success stroies we love to hear them & to share them with others


SS 26/6/10 UK

If you have a success story to share please e-mail it to or leave it in comments. 

Click here to read more Pre-Seed testimonials & success stories

Click here to buy Pre-Seed online UK

Buy Pre-Seed online UK

Pre-Seed FAQ

Here is a Pre-Seed question we received today

Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 5:07 AM

Subject: trying to conceive

We are having trouble conceiving me and my partner we being trying 3 1/2 years I am frustrated about it. Will pre sed cream will help us conceived 

Our answer

I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulty conceiving.

Pre-Seed can help if your current personal lubricant is not sperm friendly or if you have low cervical mucus levels.

However if you have been trying for 31/2 years without success you should see a doctor for fertility investigations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistence

For more information on Pre-Seed lubricant visit


Pre-seed packaging has changed recently but still contains the same sperm friendly Pre-Seed fertility lubricant we know you love.

Pre-seed 40g tube with 9 applicators buy uk

For those who do not know about Pre-seed it is a personal fertility friendly lubricant for couples trying to conceive that does not harm or impede sperm.

Click here for more information on Pre-Seed

Click here to see all our fertility lubricants

Pre-Seed Reviews

We have had some lovely Pre-Seed success stories here in the UK over the last couple of months. Thank you so much for e-mailing them to us 

Here are the two latest ones:

My DH and I conceived first month of trying but miscarried at 7 weeks. We then tried for 8 months before getting pregnant again. Sadly this time it was ectopic. After the pre-requisite 3 month wait we started trying again. 6 months later our consultant told us my DH had such a low sperm count that it was highly unlikely we would ever conceive naturally again. We were waiting to start a cycle of IVF and still trying hope against hope. We began using a fertility monitor but it wasn’t until we tried Preseed that we finally got the BFP – first month of using preseed. Lots of things have contributed to this success but preseed definitely played a role – defying the doctors prognosis! It really does work!

Thank you so much

Karen, Chesterfield, UK 20/4/10

Hi, Just had to write to you to share my good news. Have been trying to conceive for a few years and after 2 miscarriages had nearly given up. Started using Preseed – got through one box and just ordered another when to my surprise, I found out I am pregnant! Just had my 12 week scan and all is well. I am over the moon and thought at 45 years old I was over the hill!
Thanks again.
MW 16/3/10

For more info on Pre-Seed lubricant

To read more Pre-Seed reviews and success stories

To buy Pre-Seed Lubricant online in UK click here

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Zestica Fertility now available in 6 applicator packs for just £9.75 delivered

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Pre-Seed Review UK

We received this lovely e-mail from a  Pre-Seed user just before christmas and wanted to share it with you.

Thank you to Amy for sending it to us and hope all goes well with the pregnancy.

My husband(31) and I(28) just got married a little over 2 months ago and we knew we wanted to start our family right away. The first two cycles there we did ALOT of trying at fertile times but nothing happened. I was sort of surprised because we had conceived once before and i knew we were both able. I had noticed that my CM was only watery at my fertile times (not EWCM like it was when i was younger) and not very abundant. Just before my fertile days in the 3rd cycle, i ran ac cross a few message boards talking about preseed. I found your site and read the testimonials and decided it couldn’t hurt and may help alot. So I had it overnighted to my house. I used it every day that we BD (every other day during my fertile time). It had a great feel to it, very natural. With preseed (in conjunction with Fertile Focus & BBT to determine when to try) I got my very first BFP yesterday at 12DPO!!! I truly believe the good Lord led me to your product and that it had alot to do with us being able to conceive so soon (3rd cycle). Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! I will be recommending it to all my TTC friends and even those who just want the extra moisture.
Amy 22/12/09

Visit here for more info about Pre-Seed

Click here to buy Pre-Seed online

Which lubricants are fertility friendly ?

We are very lucky in the UK as we now have a choice of 4 fertility friendly lubricants, that have been devoloped  especially for couples trying to conceive.

Each of the personal lubricants has been designed to be sperm friendly for use during conception.

The 4 fertility friendly lubricants available in UK are:

Conceive Plus

Zestica Fertility


Pre Lubricant

Click on the links above to find out more about each lubricant

In recent years we have become aware that your choice of intimate lubricant can affect your chances of conceiving. So whichever lubricant you decide to use make sure it is a fertility friendly one

A lovely Pre-Seed success story

We received this lovely e-mail this month & wanted to share it with you through the fertility blog

Hi – another one for you (if a little late!).  I had had many  miscarriages and when I remarried at 42 I didn’t really expect to have  a child, but charted for a couple of months and so became aware of the various TTC websites; after reading Pre-Seed recommendations on them,  I ordered some online and we used it for our 4th cycle TTC. Needless to say we conceived immediately and have a darling son who is now 13  months old.  I have just stopped breastfeeding him and so we’re TTC- ing number two, if we can (I’m now 45). Of course, we’re using Pre- Seed again. Even if we don’t succeed, your lovely product makes it an  enjoyable experience.  Thank you to Dr Ellington and the teams in both  the US and the UK.

For more information about Pre-Seed click here

Click here to buy Pre-Seed online

Should I use a fertility lubricant and which one is best for me?

Here is a common question we are are asked

‘I am a bit confused!  I need a vaginal lubricant that is fertility friendly and as natural as possible.  I don’t know which to choose.’

If you need to apply the lubricant intravaginally or if you have low cervical mucus levels use Pre-Seed (Zestica Fertility is not currently available with intravaginal applicators)

If you just need the lubricant for foreplay and to apply to your partner then look at Zestica which is ideal for external application. Zestica Fertility will soon be available in intravaginal applicators
More info on Pre-Seed fertility friendly lubricant

To see full range of fertility friendly lubricants


How do you use Pre-Seed ?

Pre-Seed sperm friendly lubricant for couples trying to conceive is now available in 2 options:

  • The original Pre-Seed in pre-filled applicators (available in 6 and 3 applicator packs)
  • the  New Pre-Seed multi-use 40g tubes with refillable applicators (approx 8 applications per 40g tube)

The Pre-Seed is designed to be placed deep within the vagina allowing for the “sperm-friendly” intimate moisture to coat the vagina, and external cervix, providing moisture where it is most needed, and mimicing cervical mucus.

Based on experience with Pre Seed, the staff at INGfertility recommends application of Pre~Seed around 15 minutes prior to when you begin love making. It works well to apply Pre~Seed while sitting on the toilet or squatting. After depositing the tube contents as directed, excess PreSeed can be wiped off the vulva, and spontaneous enjoyment of trying to conceive can begin!

Click here for more info on Pre-Seed or to buy Pre-Seed

An inspirational Pre-Seed success story from USA

Just read this inspirational Pre-Seed success story on ING fertility website, and wanted to share it with you

Dear Dr. E,  I have been having infertility issues for the past 12 years which has never been diagnosed as something specifically wrong, just “unexplained infertility.”  My darling son was born in 2004 on my third try at IVF, when I was 39 years old.  When he turned 1, my husband & I started trying for a second.  I became pregnant on my own (for the first time in my life!) but unfortunately had a miscarriage at 9 weeks.  I lost confidence that I could do it on my own again, so I started doing IVF’s once more.  After 5 rounds & 20 good embryos inserted with none of them implanting, I gave up.  I was researching adoption options for a few months & even made an appointment to see an adoption lawyer when a friend of mine told me about Preseed in November, 2008.  Two of her other friends who had spent years TTC had recently become pregnant using Preseed.  After all the money I had spent on IVF, I figured why not give this inexpensive (and MUCH more fun sounding) option a try?

I bought a package and only used two of the applicators the first month of trying, December 2008.  I didn’t even know I was pregnant until 6 weeks in because it didn’t even occur to me that it might have worked so soon!  I am now 20 weeks pregnant with a daughter and excited beyond belief.  Did I mention that I am now 44?!  It’s truly a miracle!  I gave the remainder of the first box of Preseed to a friend who’s TTC and the second box I had bought to another friend and hope that if they conceive while using it, we can call ourselves “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Lubricant”!!!
My husband & I cannot possibly thank you enough for your miraculous product which we are telling everyone about.  You have brought so much joy into our lives.  We’re so grateful that we heard about your product and only wish we had heard about it earlier!)  Now I want to ask my IVF doc for a refund for those 5 insanely expensive IVF’s! ;-)

With Great Appreciation, D F

P.S.  My husband is so impressed with your results, he’s dying to buy stock in your company!


Click here for more info on Pre-Seed

Click here to buy Pre-Seed

Do you use a lubricant for sex-if so which one and is it sperm friendly ?

Do you know, your choice of lubricant could be affecting your chances of conceiving ?

Many popular sex lubricants including saliva can reduce your chances of conceiving by intefering with sperm function & motility.

In the last few years a new range of sex lubricants have been developed to be fertility friendly & not to interfere with sperm function & motility. These sperm friendly or fertility lubricants are designed to be used by couples trying to conceive.

These fertility lubricants come in several formats-some are available in intra vaginal applicators for internal use, and some in squeezable resealable tubes for external application & foreplay.

Why use a fertility lubricant ?

Simple answer is it makes sex more comfortable and fun, and extended foreplay increases the chances of the woman having an orgasm. It also reduces the risks of injuries caused by friction to both partners which has to be a good thing.

Just think by simply changing the lubricant you use for sex to a sperm friendly one, you could be increasing your chances of conceiving. This is one simple and easy change you can make right now, that can have a huge benefit in enhancing your fertility and increase your chances when you are trying to conceive. If only everything in fertility was so simple

To find out more about Zestica fertility lubricant click here

To find out more about Conceive Plus fertility lubricant

To find out more about Pre-Seed sperm friendly lubricant

To buy fertility lubricants, fertility tests & other fertility products online click here

Did you know one of the ways Pre-Seed works is that it mimics cervical mucus ?

Pre-Seed is a sperm friendly lubricant designed for couples who are trying to conceive.

When Pre-Seed is inserted deep in to the vagina (using the vaginal applicators) it works in the following ways to aid conception:

  • Pre-Seed does not harm sperm ie it is sperm friendly
  • it is ph balanced to be sperm friendly (similar to cervical mucus)
  • sperm can swim freely in PreSeed ( unlike some other popular lubricants which impede sperm)
  • its consistency is similar to cervical mucus

Click here for more information about Pre-Seed

Access Diagnostics launch new fertility website

Have you visited Access Diagnostics new google checkout fertility website yet

It is very quick and easy to navigate with the same low prices on fertility tests and fertility products, and great service we know you expect

Click here to visit Access Diagnostics NEW fertility website for fertility information, pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, fertility tests, fertility supplements, Pre-Seed and lots more fertility products

Cervical mucus what is it and why is it important when TTC ?

Fertile cervical mucus it seems is very important when trying to conceive. 

I always knew the appearance of the fertile cervical mucus (CM) signified the fertile time of day but until I watched The Great Sperm Race the other night, I had not realised just how important it was in aiding the sperm in entering  the cervix.

It sees the sperm need the fertile CM in order to be able to swim up into the cervix. Fertile cervical mucus is clear, slippery and often described as being like raw egg white in consistency and appearance.

The fertile cervical mucus (CM) helps the sperm in several ways:

  • it actually helps the sperm to pass through the vagina and cervix and into the uterus (shown as being like a ladder in the show)
  • it provides nutrients for the sperm
  • the sperm can move through the fertile cervical mucus more easily than they can move through the non fertile mucus
  • it helps alter the ph of the vagina in favour of the sperm (if the ph in the vagina is too acidic it is not sperm friendly)

When you have this fertile cervical mucus it means that this is your most fertile time of the month.

This fertile mucus is produced by the cervix at and around the time of ovulation, and not at any other time of the month. For hundreds or maybe even thousands of years women have used this sign as a natural sign of fertility.

Many women are really good at spotting when they have this fertile mucus, for others it can be more tricky.

I am fantastic at spotting it when we are having sex using a condom. However when we are having unprotected sex (ie when we are trying to conceive) I find it much harder, as the fresh sperm also has a  similar apperance to my fertile mucus, and thus makes it harder for me to spot the change in my cervical mucus.

I am very lucky in that I have plenty of cervical mucus but what do you do if you have very little cervical mucus ?

That is the subject of a whole new post

Trying to conceive tips from The Great Sperm Race show

I watched the show on Monday with my dh and made notes:

Here are some of the TTC tips for helping the sperm on their way that I wrote down. If you have any more please leave them in comments for us.

1) Have sex about every 2-3 days. there is no advantage to saving your sperm up. Fresh sperm are better than old sperm.

2) Avoid sperm hostile lubricants. The sperm can not swim as easily through them and may get stuck. Even saliva can be hostile to sperm.

3) Enjoying sex is important for both partners and may increase the chances of conception

4) When a man is highly aroused he ejaculates more sperm, so it is important to have ‘gourmet sex’ rather than just going through the motions.

5) Female orgasm is also though to be important and increases the chances of conception. It may work by altering the ph in the vagina to be more sperm friendly, and also by contractions that help the sperm on their way. Another older theory, and actually my favourite, is that after orgasm the female usually falls asleep, meaning that she stays horizontal and this may make the journey easier for the sperm.

6) Cervical mucus (CM) is very important as it allows the sperm to swim up into the cervix. For this the mucus needs to be stringy and of ‘egg white consistency’. This is what is known as fertile cervical mucus.

I hope you find these tips helpful.

If you missed the show it is worth watching on your computer-link in previous post.

By the way one of the shows narrators  Dr Joanna Ellington is a sperm physiologist. She with a colleague invented a product called Pre-Seed which is sperm friendly lubricant and also mimics fertile cervical mucus. Find out more about Pre-Seed here

Click here to buy Pre-Seed

Another PreSeed Success Story-well done PreSeed-we love you

Found this heart warming PreSeed Testimonial on the manufacturers website and wanted to share it with you

Dear Preseed,  I highly recommend this product to people trying to conceive. I thought I could not get pregnant after being with my husband for eight years. We were not trying but we decided we wanted to give it a shot around the end of 2007. We tried for at least six months and nothing. So were thinking one of us has an issue. So I looked online on how to conceive, did a lot of research and I found Preseed! Sure enough after the second tube of lube I became pregnant! We now have a very healthy baby girl. She was born Nov. 20th 2008 weighing 7 pounds. She is three months now and she weighs 16lbs!! Thanks Preseed for the spark we needed! ~ J.S, Richmond, CA 12/3/09

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Pre-Seed Success Story

Just read this great Pre-Seed user story on the PreSeed manufacturers website and wanted to share it-enjoy.

Congratulations to CRC

Thank you SO much, I’m a BELIEVER!

I don’t even know how to say this, I never really thought I’d be typing this so soon. This was our FIRST cycle using Preseed and I just got a positive test!!! I’M PREGNANT!!!! I was reading on here before with people saying they used it once and got pregnant. I didn’t think it would happen to me, but it did! I’ve been trying for close to 6 months now and BAM! This product is Amazing and I will be using it from now on. I will recommend this to anyone trying to conceive. wooooooohoooooo thanks again!!!!!

From: Firm Believer :) ~ CRC 1/3/09

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Pre lubricant multi use now in larger flip top tubes

Just read this on Dr E’s blog from this January (Dr E developed the range of PreSeed and Pre sperm friendly lubricants) 

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What many have been waiting for!  We now have Pre’ multi-use, flip- top tubes  in a larger size (3.6 oz) 

 Pre’ is mild enough for any moment in the circle of life.  It is our same isotonic, mild formula as in Pre-Seed, but for external application only.  Our formula is recommended and used by clinics all over the world focusing on fertility procedures, menopause changes and pelvic pain disorders.  Now you can decide what packaging you prefer, Pre’ in a pretty flip-top tube for external application, or Pre-Seed with its intravaginal applicators to moisturize deep inside.  We do recommend the internal application of Pre-Seed when couples are trying to conceive, although I use Pre-Seed internally for “old lady” fun especially during drier times.  In fact, Dh and I mix and match between the external Pre’ and the internal Pre-Seed depending on how we are expressing our selves any given time.  

To try this yourselves at home

Dr. E  

The Great Sperm Race Channel 4 16th February 2009

I have it on good authority that there is a programme to be screened on Channel 4 on 16th february called ‘The Great Sperm Race’ which features Pre-Seed inventor Dr Joanna Ellington (sperm physiologist & CEO INGfertility)

Watch this space for more info 

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Pre-Seed Review

Just read this lovely Pre-Seed review on the manufacturers website and wanted to share it with you.

It was posted 3/12/08

 Well Pre seed thanks for the extra help with getting preggers. My husband decided it was ok for me to try to get pregnant one more time. This coming from a man who for 17 years told me he didn’t want anymore kids. So I had to jump on the opportunity before he changed his mind (bad I know, but you gotta do what you gotta do) and surely enough right before it was time to take my test he was starting to have doubts about this whole have another baby thing, but luckily I had ordered my preseed and used it the first month trying to conceive and I of course got a BFP. So it’s too late now honey :) thanks

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What is Pre-Seed ?

Pre-Seed is a unique sperm friendly personal lubricant developed in the USA for use while trying to conceive. Pre-Seed lubricant was invented by Dr Joanna Ellington who is an internationally recognized scientist with over 75 publications.

Pre-Seed is the first ‘fertility friendly’ intimate moisturiser that mimcs your bodies natural secretions to relieve vaginal dryness while providing anoptimal sperm enviroment

Pre-Seed is the right solution for vaginal dryness when trying to conceive:

  • PreSeed is ph balanced to match fertile cervical mucus
  • the patented formula does not harm sperm
  • contains arabinogalactan for antioxidant support
  • an internal application of Pre-Seed coats the vagina and cervix
  • Pre-Seed has been clinically tested

Pre-Seed has been mentioned in two fertility books-see below for quotes:

“The bad news is that virtually all lubricants…can kill sperm. Until recently, there really wasn’t a viable option…Luckily, though, a revolutionary new vaginal moisturizer has been developed… It is called Pre~Seed…”
– Toni Weschler in International Bestseller “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”.

“Many women have avoided popular lubricants because they’ve been shown to interfere with normal sperm function. There is at least one product called Pre~Seed, that won’t reduce fertility.”
– Dr. Robert Greene in “Perfect Hormone Balance for Fertility”, 2008

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