Pre-Seed lubricant back in stock in UK

Pre-Seed Lubricant UK £13.49
Pre-Seed lubricant back in stock in UK

Great news after over a month with no Pre-Seed lubricant, it is back in stock and flying off the shelves at Access Diagnostics fertility site. For those who don’t know Pre-Seed is a very, very popular fertility friendly lubricant for couples trying to conceive.

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Pre-Seed lubricant due back in stock in UK this week

pre-seed lubricant where to buy UK
Pre-Seed lubricant available to buy in UK from Access Diagnostics

We are pleased to let you know PreSeed lubricant will be back in stock, we hope this week. We have released it for sale so that you can pre-order and as soon as it is with us we will dispatch it to you. Use coupon code ADSUM to save 5% on your order

Spend over £25 on goods and qualify for our current Free UK delivery offer

Buy Pre-Seed lubricant online UK from Access Diagnostics

‘My Pre-Seed story’ video contest

ING fertility the makers of Pre-Seed fertility friendly intimate lubricant are running a ‘My Pre-Seed story’ video contest.

Sadly for us brits the contest is only open to residents of the USA & the districts of Columbia. Would be great if they could throw it open to UK as well

To enter you also have to be over 18 years of age and have used Pre-Seed products prior to September 15th 2010. The contest is running now until ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on October 25, 2010.

How to Enter? Simply create your own video that shows how you have used and/or benefited from using INGfertility’s Pre-Seed (or Pre’ )

There are 3 categories : “Seriously fun baby-making!”, “Our Journey” and “Just for Fun!”

Oh and I forgot to mention there are three prizes each of $1000

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Pre-Seed fertility Friendly moisture


Pre-seed packaging has changed recently but still contains the same sperm friendly Pre-Seed fertility lubricant we know you love.

Pre-seed 40g tube with 9 applicators buy uk

For those who do not know about Pre-seed it is a personal fertility friendly lubricant for couples trying to conceive that does not harm or impede sperm.

Click here for more information on Pre-Seed

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Which lubricants are fertility friendly ?

We are very lucky in the UK as we now have a choice of 4 fertility friendly lubricants, that have been devoloped  especially for couples trying to conceive.

Each of the personal lubricants has been designed to be sperm friendly for use during conception.

The 4 fertility friendly lubricants available in UK are:

Conceive Plus

Zestica Fertility


Pre Lubricant

Click on the links above to find out more about each lubricant

In recent years we have become aware that your choice of intimate lubricant can affect your chances of conceiving. So whichever lubricant you decide to use make sure it is a fertility friendly one

Do you use a lubricant for sex-if so which one and is it sperm friendly ?

Do you know, your choice of lubricant could be affecting your chances of conceiving ?

Many popular sex lubricants including saliva can reduce your chances of conceiving by intefering with sperm function & motility.

In the last few years a new range of sex lubricants have been developed to be fertility friendly & not to interfere with sperm function & motility. These sperm friendly or fertility lubricants are designed to be used by couples trying to conceive.

These fertility lubricants come in several formats-some are available in intra vaginal applicators for internal use, and some in squeezable resealable tubes for external application & foreplay.

Why use a fertility lubricant ?

Simple answer is it makes sex more comfortable and fun, and extended foreplay increases the chances of the woman having an orgasm. It also reduces the risks of injuries caused by friction to both partners which has to be a good thing.

Just think by simply changing the lubricant you use for sex to a sperm friendly one, you could be increasing your chances of conceiving. This is one simple and easy change you can make right now, that can have a huge benefit in enhancing your fertility and increase your chances when you are trying to conceive. If only everything in fertility was so simple

To find out more about Zestica fertility lubricant click here

To find out more about Conceive Plus fertility lubricant

To find out more about Pre-Seed sperm friendly lubricant

To buy fertility lubricants, fertility tests & other fertility products online click here

Pre lubricant multi use now in larger flip top tubes

Just read this on Dr E’s blog from this January (Dr E developed the range of PreSeed and Pre sperm friendly lubricants) 

Click here for more info on Pre lubricant or to buy

What many have been waiting for!  We now have Pre’ multi-use, flip- top tubes  in a larger size (3.6 oz) 

 Pre’ is mild enough for any moment in the circle of life.  It is our same isotonic, mild formula as in Pre-Seed, but for external application only.  Our formula is recommended and used by clinics all over the world focusing on fertility procedures, menopause changes and pelvic pain disorders.  Now you can decide what packaging you prefer, Pre’ in a pretty flip-top tube for external application, or Pre-Seed with its intravaginal applicators to moisturize deep inside.  We do recommend the internal application of Pre-Seed when couples are trying to conceive, although I use Pre-Seed internally for “old lady” fun especially during drier times.  In fact, Dh and I mix and match between the external Pre’ and the internal Pre-Seed depending on how we are expressing our selves any given time.  

To try this yourselves at home

Dr. E