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Alltest ultra sensitive ovulation test strips

This month the new ultra-sensitive Alltest 25mIU ovulation test strips are in our best sellers list at and with good reason.

The test strips come individually foil wrapped with a long shelf life. The detect just 25 mIU of LH hormone making them one of the most sensitive ovulation tests available. They are 99% accurate and at just £2.69 for 20 test strips are excellent value for money.

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LH Ovulation Tests FAQ-what does it mean if I do not detect an LH surge ?

Ovulation test strips LH surge
Detecting LH surge with ovulation test strips

This is a fairly common question and one that causes quite a lot of anxiety, as not ovulating is a fairly common cause of infertility. However although this is one explanation,there are other possible reasons why you may not detect the LH surge with your ovulation tests.

  • The LH surge may have occurred before you started testing and you therefore missed it
  • The LH surge may have occurred after you stopped testing and you may have missed it.
  • The urine that you tested may have been too dilute, meaning that the concentration of LH in the sample was not sufficient, to give a positive LH test. Make sure you restrict your fluid intake for about 2 hours before you take the test.
  • You may have missed the LH surge because you tested at the wrong time of day. This is not uncommon. LH levels are low first thing in the morning and so if you test at this time, you may miss the LH surge. LH levels are usually highest at early to mid afternoon , so this is the best time to collect your urine for LH testing. Knowing the right time to test can be more tricky for shift workers, as their circadian rhythms are disrupted so they may also miss their LH surge.
  • LH surge may not be strong enough to be detected by the LH test. Most LH tests detect 40mIU/ml of Lh in the urine. It may be worth trying an ultra sensitive LH ovulation test that detects a lower level i.e. 20mIU/ml.
  • Insufficient urine may have been absorbed by the LH ovulation test. if this was the case then there would be no control line visible on the test. It is important to check that the control line is visible. if it is not it means the test has not run and so the result is invalid. If this happens it is worth quickly dipping the test into the urine sample again for a few seconds as it may still work. Do not delay doing this or the result will be invalid because too much time has elapsed.
  • The LH test could in fact be faulty, out of date or been incorrectly stored. Although this is quite uncommon, it can happen. To avoid this problem always buy from a reputable supplier.
  • You may be testing at the wrong time of your cycle. For women who have irregular periods, knowing when to test can be very difficult.
  • You may not have used the test correctly. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully before starting the test and use a timer.
  • You may not be going to ovulate this month. This may just be a one off, but if it happens repeatedly you should see your doctor, as it may mean that you are not ovulating and need further investigations.
  • You may already be pregnant. There is always a small possibility that you may already be pregnant. If your last period was different to usual, or very light it may be worth doing a pregnancy test.

To see more answers to FAQ’s regarding ovulation tests visit Access Diagnostics UK Fertility site 

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Fertility FAQ-Which are the best ovulation test strips ?


As the choice in ovulation test strips increases we are frequently asked which are the best ovulation test strips to buy.

The choice depends on three main factors-budget, accuracy of the tests, the sensitivity of ovulation test strip required & how often you will be performing the ovulation testing.

All ovulation test strips are relatively cheap to buy when compared to midstream pregnancy tests. The reason for this is that there is far less packaging and the test strips are much cheaper to manufacture.

If you have used ovulation test strips before without success or not had clear results then opt for the ultra sensitive 25mIU ovulation test strips by Blue Cross

If you have a very limited budget then opt for the cheap ovulation test strips which we have manufactured for us by BlueCross. At just £3.99 for 25 test strips they offer excellent value for money and are a trusted & reliable branded ovulation test strip

If your budget is higher then the Advanced LH ovulation test strip is our best quality & highest accuracy  (99.98% ) ovulation test strip. We have been selling this brand for about 7-8 years now and have found them to be highly accurate & reliable. They sensitivity of the Advanced LH ovulation test strips is 40mIU LH and these are what we would recommend for most testers. They still offer excellent value for money and work out cheaper per test than most over the counter ovulation test kits.

If you are a healthcare professional and will be doing large numbers of ovulation test then the professional ovulation test strips are the ones to choose. These are highly accurate and reliable tests from Instalert brand and we have been selling this brand now for over 10 years and been very impressed with their quality & accuracy.

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