There are so many pregnancy test kits on the market. How do I know which one to use ?

With so many pregnancy test kits on the market how do I know which one to use ?

If you have missed your period and you are looking for a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy then any chemist pregnancy test will do the job really well, and should hopefully give you a positive result. All modern home & professional pregnancy tests are very sensitive & accurate and false positives are rare. False negatives usually occur when the test is done too early or at the wrong time of day, so there is insufficient of the pregnancy hormone hcg in the urine sample.

Cheap pregnancy tests kits strips
Pregnancy test strips

If you looking for the cheapest pregnancy tests you will probably need to go online to purchase them. Pregnancy test strips are far cheaper than the leading brands of home pregnancy tests as they contain far less packaging and the technology is far simpler. You will be required to look for two lines on the test strip to confirm a positive pregnancy. They can also be bought in a range of sensitivities and can be bulk bought, if you are doing repeat or early testing before the missed period.

If you are testing early i.e. before you have missed a period , you will need to use an early detection pregnancy test kit which detects a lower level of the pregnancy hormone hcg in your urine sample. False positive can sometimes occur when you are doing very early pregnancy testing before the missed period, when you get a BFP followed several days later by a negative result or a period. This is usually referred to as a chemical pregnancy and means that for some reason the pregnancy did not continue.

More information on using ultra early detection pregnancy tests 

How to use ultra early pregnancy test strips

ultra early pregnancy test strips
Ultra early pregnancy test strips 10mIU sensitivity

Ultra early pregnancy tests have been around now for about 8-10 years. They detect a lower level of the pregnancy hormone hcg ( human chorionic gonadotrophin ) than normal pregnancy tests, and so can be used to detect pregnancy even before the period has been missed. Ultra early pregnancy tests detect just 10mIu of the pregnancy hormone hcg which means they can detect a pregnancy at a very early stage. Hcg increases dramatically in the first 3 months of pregnancy from less than 5mIU/ml to over 100,000mIU/ml and it is the huge rise in this hormone that is responsible for many of the symptoms of early pregnancy including morning sickness.

Pregnancy test strips including ultra early 10mIU pregnancy tests can be purchased online from Access Diagnostics UK fertility site

How do I perform the pregnancy test using a test strip ?

  • Collect a fresh urine sample, ideally first morning void , in a clean dry container. The container does not need to be sterile.
  • Read the instructions before you start the test. You will need a timer to time the test as timing is very important. Most mobile phones have a timer you can set to the correct time.
  • take the strip carefully out of the foil. Hold the strip at the handle end and avoid touching the strip end that will go into the urine as grease from your hands can interfere with the test
  • Immerse the strip into the urine sample up to the the maximum dip line and leave it there for 3-4 seconds so that it can absorb the urine. Do not dip it any deeper than the max dip line.
  • remove the pregnancy test strip from the urine sample and lie it flat. Start the timer and time it for the specified time in the instructions. This may vary slightly from brand to brand.
  • When the timer goes read the result. You should have a control line showing . This means the pregnancy test strip has worked properly. Now look for the test line. A visible test line on the strip means the test is positive. An absent T line means the test is negative.
  • You can only read the result at the specified time after you started the test. Do not come back to the test later and read it as this will not be an accurate result.

Important factors to consider when using an ultra early pregnancy test:

  • As ultra early pregnancy tests detect very low levels of hcg , it is best to test on your first urine void of the day, as this is usually more concentrated and so the pregnancy hormone hcg levels will be usually be higher at this time of day.
  • Follow the instructions and wait the allocated time as per the instructions (usually a few minutes ) before you read the result. Because the levels are much lower in very early pregnancy the result may take a little longer to show then later in pregnancy.
  • You will need to be prepared to re-test. A positive pregnancy test before the missed period should be confirmed 72 hours later and you would hope to see a the positive result developing more quickly on the test line indicating increasing hormone levels.
  • You may detect a pregnancy that will then fail to progress. In this case you will get a positive pregnancy test followed by a negative pregnancy test. This is one of the down side of testing for pregnancy early. If you had not tested you would never have known that you were pregnant.
  • False positives can occur if there has been a recent miscarriage or pregnancy
  • False negatives can occur with ultra sensitive pregnancy tests. If you do the test before the hcg levels have exceeded 10mIU in the urine sample you will get a negative result. This does not mean that you are not pregnant, it may just be that you have tested too early or you’re urine sample was too dilute. In this situation you should wait 48 hours and retest with a fresh urine sample (the first urine that you do in the morning after rising is the most concentrated)

Review of the new Core ultra early 10mIU sensitive pregnancy test strips

Thought you may be interested in this video review of the new Core ultra early pregnancy tests that we have new in stock this month.

The video discusses how to use ultra early pregnancy tests strips, how early you can take a pregnancy test before your period, the pros and cons of using ultra early pregnancy tests, and when to retest and how to interpret results.

The Core ultra sensitive pregnancy tests detect as low as 10mIU hcg and are available in boxes of 50 individually wrapped test strips.

You can purchase the Core ultra sensitive early pregnancy tests through Access Diagnostics fertility site 

Early Detection Pregnancy Tests


Early detection pregnancy tests are the pregnancy tests that can detect a pregnancy at the earliest stage before the period has been missed.

They are more sensitive than a standard pregnancy test kit and detect lower levels of the hormone hcg . This hormone is released in large quantities during early pregnancy  and rises rapidly. It can be detected in the urine They are also know as ultra pregnancy tests or sensitive pregnancy tests.

Most standard home pregnancy test kits will give a positive result when the level of hcg reaches 25mIU in the urine. An ultra early detection pregnancy test will give a positive result when the hormone level reaches just 10mIU hcg in the urine making it far more sensitive and able to detect a pregnancy at an earlier stage. This can be as early as 8-10 days after ovulation or assisted conception.

Click here to find out more or to buy ultra early detection 10mIU pregnancy tests in UK

Click here to see frequently asked questions about using & interpreting early detection pregnancy tests 


Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests 10miu Review-pros and cons

Ultra early detection pregnancy tests have been available now for several years  and are proving very popular & reliable at diagnosing pregnancy before the missed period.

If you are using an ultra early sensitive 10miu hcg pregnancy test you need to test 1st thing in the morning on the first urine that you pass after waking, as the hcg level will usually be more concentrated then, and so you have a higher chance of detecting if you are pregnant or not.

Advantages of ultra early pregnancy test strips:

  • they detect lower levels of the pregnancy hormone hcg
  • they are easy to use
  • you find out sooner
  • the ultra early pregnancy test strips are excellent value for money

Disadvantages of ultra early pregnancy tests:

  • They may detect a very early pregnancy that then fails to continue, that you would otherwise not know about.
  • false negatives are more common, as the pregnancy hormone level in the urine, may not be high enough even for the ultra sensitive pregnancy test to detect.
  • you may need to test repeatedly until you get a positive pregnancy test or your period starts

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”When do I use pregnancy test strip because I can’t wait to be positive ?”

We recently received the following question about early pregnancy tests from a Pre-Seed user.


‘I am trying to conceive and I used Preseed last week which was my ovulation, and I expect my menstruation by next week, pls when do I use a pregnancy test strip because I can’t wait to be positive.’


‘The earliest you can use an early detection pregnancy test strip to detect pregnancy is 8-10 days post conception.

If you are testing this early use an ultra early10mIU detection pregnancy test.

You might find this article on our fertility blog useful’

Access Diagnostics Fertility have a range of ultra early pregnancy tests including 10 miu pregnancy tests.

Symptoms and Signs of Pregnancy

I was thinking about this very subject this morning.

 I am one of those people who gets symptoms very early as I seem to be sensitive to the hormone hcg. Good thing about this I know fairly quickly when I am pregnant. Having said that I do seem to have symptoms that I associate with being pregnant when I am pre-menstrual to so this can be confusing.

Here are some common symptoms of early pregnancy. You may have some of them, all of them or none of them. The important thing to remember is we are all different. I have met a girl who honestly did not know she was pregnant until she was in labour. Now while I find that hard to imagine as I get multiple symptoms all the way though pregnancy, some of us fly through the whole thing with very few symptoms.

Most of the very early pregnancy symptoms are due to increasing levels of hcg (human chorionic gonadotrophin) in early pregnancy following implantation, and can be mistaken for a severe dose of PMT. When I was pregnant with my first pregnancy I did not realise straight away and thought I was pre-menstrual.

Often for many the first thing they notice is the missed period. I am just going to cover the most common symptoms and those that I experienced.

Common early pregnancy Symptoms:

Nausea & vomiting (although nausea alone is probably more common)

This varies greatly from person to person, some getting little , while others get quite severe symptoms. Interestingly nausea and vomiting is often worse in twin pregnancy due to higher levels of hcg.

This often improves from about 12-16 weeks gestation. I was very lucky and never vomited although the nausea was fairly unpleasant

 By 16 weeks I had very little nausea and could enjoy my pregnancy more. My friend was not so lucky and had quite severe nausea and vomiting all the way through her pregnancies. Occaisonly for some women this can be so severe that it necessitates hospitalisation (this is called hyperemesis gravidum I think)

Heightened sense of smell & taste

This is an interesting one. For me it meant that I went off large numbers of food groups. I found Thta I only wanted bland foods like mashed potatoe and roast chicken. I also went off coffee completely (which I love normally-even the thought of it made me feel sick and I could not enter a coffee shop nwithout feeling sick from the smell.

I alsio found the smell of my partner made me feel nauseous. Now he is not a smelly guy, but my sense of smell was so acute he had to shower as soon as he came in from work or I could not go near him. He also had to stop using his favourite after shaves as these made me feel ill. I still associate one particular mens perfume with that time of heightened sense of smell and nausea. I know how my dog must feel now !

There is a theory that this heightened sense of smell is protective during pregnancy to try and prevent us eating rotten food or toxins and making ourselves & are developing baby ill. It is interesting that many of the foods that I went off have since been found to be best avoided during pregnancy-there is non way I could have eaten stinky blue cheese for example.

Breast tenderness

This is a common experience & is one that is really confusing for me as I get this exact symptom with PMT. It is important to wear a well fitted supportive bra as this seems to help with the symptoms. Make sure your bra is big enough for you-most women are wearing the wrong bra size and a ill fitiing bra can dig in to your breast tissue and harm it as well as hurting .


For me tiredness was pretty extreme in early pregnancy and started from about 5 weeks and got progressively worse up to about 10 weeks . It then improved and was ok until about 26 weeks when I found I had to sleep in the day most afternoons-which was tricky with working full time-lol. That first 12 weeks for me was long due to the extreme tiredness. Everyone is affected differently. I am usually a pretty energetic person so for me it was very hard to deal with

Faintness and Dizziness

For me this started around the same time as the tiredness. Having low blood pressure I am very prone to faintness at the best of times ( for exampole if I stand up too quickly or get up out of a hot bath), and have fainted on many occaisons when I am really hungry or been standing for too long.

Mood swings & irritability

This is fairly common in early pregnancy and in fact through most of pregnancy. In the early stages it feels just like PMT.

Later on you find you get tearful at the smallest provocations, watching a sad film, seeing small children singing, anything to do with small children or babies in fact. I found it impossible to watch the news without bursting into tears during pregnancy (although I do cry in sad films-by the way have you seen ‘ps I love you’-I blubbed all the way through)

Changes in your skin on your face

OMG for me this was greasy skin & spots. I have always been prone to spots pre-menstrually but in early pregnancy I got more spotty. Good news is that by about 16 weeks they had all cleared up and I was glowing with not a spot in site for the rest of the pregnancy-phew


This is fairly common . I have never beeen prone to this normally as I eat a fairly high fibre diet, but during pregnancy this was an issue for me. I simply upped my fibre intake with a high fibre breakfast cereal and tried to eat even more fruit and veg-quite tricky when your feeling sick but needs must. if it is a problem and you can’t deal with it by diet alone it is worth mentioning to your doctor or midwife. Last thing we want is piles caused by constipation !!


Some women experience heartburn due to acid reflux .I was lucky and did not experience this. If you do it is worth talking to your GP or midwife for advise on how to relieve it. In early pregnancy I think it may be caused by the relaxing effect the pregnancy hormones have on the muscles in the gullet, allowing the acid to come up. In later pregnancy everything is displaced by the bump so heartburn can be quite common then to.

Phew this was long-apologies for going on so much. I was hoping to cover signs of early pregnancy as well but I think this is enough for today. I am getting repetive strain from typing so much

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How soon can I do a pregnancy test ?

There are now lots of home pregnancy tests that can be used before your period is due.

Most home pregnancy tests are designed to give a positive result in most women by the day that your period is due. Now we also have lots of home pregnancy test kits available that can be used before your period is due.

Home pregnancy tests work by measuring the concentration of a pregnancy hormone Human Chorionic Gonadatrophin (hcg for short) in a urine sample.

The lower the amount of this hormone that the pregnancy test can detect , the earlier the pregnancy test can be used.

Home pregnancy tests vary in their sensitivity. Many pregnancy tests detect 25mIU of hcg in urine. In recent years manufacturers have been producing pregnancy test kits that detect even lower levels of hcg in urine.

The 10mIU pregnancy test kit is one of the most sensitive pregnancy tests available as it can detect just 10mIU of hcg in a urine sample, which means it can detect pregnancy earlier than a standard 25mIU test.

Pregnancy tests come in a range of sensitivities, as a general rule, the lower the sensitivity, the earlier the test will give a positive result. The most sensitive home pregnancy tests available is the ultra 10 mIU test.

We know lots of people wish to test early, and for some, with irregular or erratic cycles, knowing when to test can be challenging.

In this situation, the earliest time at which hCG is possibly detectable is 8 -10 days after conception. This is dependent on early implantation and placental development to a level able to cause urinary concentrations of hCG in excess of the sensitivity of the pregnancy tests used.

If you do decide to test early, always use your first morning sample, use an ultra sensitive pregnancy test, and be prepared to re-test at 48 hr intervals, and if you do get very early positive results, always confirm these a few days later (as sadly some very early implantations do not continue )

Click here for more information or to buy ultra sensitive 10mIU early pregnancy test kits

Click here for more information or to buy early pregnancy test kits