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Access Diagnostics 10% Coupon Code Autumn 2013

Just  a quick post to let you know that we have a 10% discount coupon code aut10 active at Access Diagnostics Fertility Site from now until midnight on Sunday 3rd November.

  • coupon code is aut10
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  • coupon may be used multiple times
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  • Free UK delivery when you spend over £75 on goods
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p.s If you missed this coupon code then use our winter 5% coupon code aut5 to save 5% until they end of January 2014 at either of these websites above.

Access Diagnostics Discount Coupon February 2013

Pre-Seed discount coupon

Use coupon code sp5 to get a  5% discount at Access Diagnostics Fertility Site when you puchase ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, Pre-Seed, Clearblue or any other fertility tests or products

The coupon is active until the end of April 2013 & can be used multiple times. Only one coupon is applied per order. Feel free to share the coupon code & pass it on.

Coupon is also active at Valuemed Medical Supplies

Access Diagnostics Discount Coupon Code | Discount Pregnancy Tests | Discount Pre-Seed Lubricant

UK's leading online fertility Shop
UK’s leading online fertility Shop

Thought it was about time we gave you a coupon code for Spring 2012. The discount coupon can be used at any of our other websites and applies a 5% discount to all products including early home pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, Pre-Seed, Clearblue pregnancy & ovulation tests & also the Clearblue fertility Monitor to name just a few.

The Access Diagnostics discount coupon code  is active until the end of April 2012 and may be used multiple times .

  • Discount Coupon code is: sp5
  • No minimum spend
  • Free UK Delivery available when you spend over £25
  • Feel free to pass the coupon code on to friends, family, chat groups , forums , colleagues etc
  • If you have an online account remember to login to get an extra 5% discount

ps we have just dropped our prices on Pre-Seed lubricant -remember to use your discount code on the Pre-Seed Lubricant to save even more.

5% Discount Coupon for Access Diagnostics Fertility Autumn 2011

 Access Diagnostics fertility

Here is the latest Access Diagnostics 5% discount coupon

  • Discount Coupon is aut5
  • May be used at all of Access Diagnostics websites
  • Valid until end of January 2012
  • Can be used multiple times
  • One coupon per order
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& 1st class UK Delivery is currently Free when you spend over £25

Clearblue Ovulation Test

The ever popular Clearblue ovulation test has had a really surge in popularity in recent months following the introduction of the new Clearblue Digital Ovulation 20 test pack.

The Clearblue range of ovulation tests currently includes:

Clearblue Home Ovulation Tests (non digital traditional midstream ovulation test) each packs contains 7 tests

Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests now with Smilie face containing 7 midstream digital ovulation tests

Clearblue Digital Home Ovulation Tests 20 test pack which contains 20 midstream digital ovulation tests


Why does Clearblue remain so popular ? The answer is fairly simple.Clearblue ovulation tests are high quality, highly accurate (99%) midstream ovulation tests that are widely recognised & easily available .The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests make intrepetation really simple (no more comparing two lines) and the new 20 test pack means you can start testing from earlier in your cycle so that you do not miss your LH surge (ideal for those with erratic cycles or who find it tricky to remember when to start testing) The 20 test pack also offers excellent value for money.To see our full range of Clearblue products visit

Access Diagnostics Summer 5% Discount Coupon

As we know a lot of you are busy and off on holiday soon, we thought this coupon that last 3 months might come in handy.

The coupon gives a 5% discount on goods & can be used at most of our websites in July, August & September 2010

The coupon code is: thankyou

Use at our fertility sites

and at are medical supply website

The coupon can be used multiple times. Only one coupon is applied per order

Feel free to pass our coupon on to family, friends, chat groups, colleagues etc

Clearblue Pregnancy Tests, Ovulation Tests & Fertility Monitor-promotion

Just a quick post to let you know that this month our entire Clearblue range of home pregnancy tests, home ovulation tests incuding the digital tests & the Clearblue Fertility Monitor & test sticks are on promotion through our fertility test website Access Diagnostics

Use discount coupon save to get an extra 5% off and remember standard 1st class UK delivery is Free on entire Clearblue range