Clearblue Ovulation Test

The ever popular Clearblue ovulation test has had a really surge in popularity in recent months following the introduction of the new Clearblue Digital Ovulation 20 test pack.

The Clearblue range of ovulation tests currently includes:

Clearblue Home Ovulation Tests (non digital traditional midstream ovulation test) each packs contains 7 tests

Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests now with Smilie face containing 7 midstream digital ovulation tests

Clearblue Digital Home Ovulation Tests 20 test pack which contains 20 midstream digital ovulation tests


Why does Clearblue remain so popular ? The answer is fairly simple.Clearblue ovulation tests are high quality, highly accurate (99%) midstream ovulation tests that are widely recognised & easily available .The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests make intrepetation really simple (no more comparing two lines) and the new 20 test pack means you can start testing from earlier in your cycle so that you do not miss your LH surge (ideal for those with erratic cycles or who find it tricky to remember when to start testing) The 20 test pack also offers excellent value for money.To see our full range of Clearblue products visit

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Clearblue Pregnancy Test Coupons

We currently have a coupon code active at our Buy Clearblue Website making it a great time to stock up on Clearblue pregnancy tests. Clearblue is probably the UK’s most popular pregnancy test brand and is the brand of pregnancy tests trusted by millions of women worldwide.

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Clearblue Digital with Conception Indicator-Clearblue’s most advanced home pregnancy test yet

Since its launch in the UK the Clearblue Digital with Conception Indicator has been very popular as it offers something that no previous home pregnancy test has been able to offer: it tells you when you conceived

If your periods are erratic, or you have not kept a record of your menstrual cycle this can be very useful.

Key points regarding the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator:

  • It tells you when you conceived (conception indicator is 92% accurate in detecting when you conceived)
  • Shows how many weeks since conception (either  1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks or 3+ weeks)
  • over 99% accurate in detecting pregnancy (if used from the day your period is due) in clinical trials conducted in UK
  • is very sensitive & can be used up to 4 days before your period is due
  • gives easy to interpret results within 3 minutes
  • clear ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not Pregnant’ result
  • make sure you read the leaflet inside the box before your perform the test

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Midstream Ovulation Tests-What are the advantages ?

What is a midstream ovulation test ?

A midstream ovulation test is a simple to use urine test for the detction of the LH surge. In a midstream Lh test the test strip is encased in a long plastic case.

 The midstream format of ovulation test is very simple and popular because the tester is not required to collect a urine sample prior to do the test.

They are usually packaged in boxes of 5 or 7 midstream ovulation tests.

How do I do a midstream ovulation test ?

 The midstream test is performed during urination by simply holding the test pad in the urine stream for the specified time and then reading the result after a couple of minutes. The times vary from test to test so the instructions should always be followed for the specific brand of test that you are using.

Are midstream ovulation tests more expensive than strips or cassettes ?

Yes. The midstream test is encased in a large plastic casing meaning that the tests cost more to manufacture. Some of the midstream tests also have a digital reader giving a definite ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ result which also adds to the cost but makes interpretation of the test very easy.

Click here for more information on Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests

Click here to see Special Offer ACON midstream ovulation tests

Which is the best pregnancy test ?

In my opinion the best pregnancy test currently on the UK market is the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test. 

 It gives the user a definite yes you are pregnant, or no your not pregnant in a digital display, leaving no room for confusion.

However all this technology comes at cost making the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test also the most expensive pregnancy test on the UK market (definitely the Rolls Royce of pregnancy test kits)

It can also be used up to 4 days early and the new Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test also has a conception indicator telling you approximately when you conceived (useful if you are unsure)

Click here for more information on the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

Clearblue Fertility Monitor-how accurate is it ,is it suitable for me, how do I use it & how does it work ?

How accurate is  the Clearblue fertility Monitor ?

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor was launched a couple of years ago under the Clearblue range of fertility products. The Clearblue fertility Monitor is 99% accurate at detecting the fertile period in each monthly cycle. It identifies peak and high fertility days to maximise the chance of conception and builds up a detailed picture of your unique hormone cycles.
The Clearblue fertility Monitor is unique in that it gives unmistakable results- the monitor interprets the results for you and displays these in words

Clearblue Fertility Monitor can maximise your chances of becoming pregnant by reliably indicating the days of your cycle when you are most likely to conceive.

Most home ovulation tests identify the 2 peak fertility days during a woman’s cycle by detecting the surge in luteinising hormone (LH) that triggers ovulation. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor not only shows these 2 peak fertility days, but ALSO identifies additional ‘high fertility days’ when you can conceive.

Is the Clearblue fertility Monitor suitable for me ?

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is suitable for women whose natural cycle normally lasts between 21 and 42 days. The earliest you can begin to use the Monitor is the first day of your next cycle (but not before).

Certain medical conditions and medications can adversely affect the performance of the Clearblue Fertility Monitor. Women who have menopausal symptoms, polycystic ovarian syndrome, impaired liver or kidney function, are pregnant or have recently been pregnant (even if not carried to full term), may get misleading results.

Similarly misleading results may be obtained by women using antibiotics containing tetracyclines, hormonal treatments (e.g. hormonal contraception, hormone replacement therapy), fertility treatments containing human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) or Luteinising Hormone (LH), or any treatment that might affect their cycle. Clomiphene citrate may elevate estrogen levels and this may result in High Fertility being declared early in the cycle and more High Days being displayed, and in some cases the Monitor may not show Peak Fertility even when ovulation occurs.

The manufacturer recommend that women taking clomiphene citrate consult their doctor for advice before using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor. Always read the manufacturers instructions for any medication that you are taking before conducting a test.

Women who have recently been breastfeeding, using hormonal treatments (e.g. hormonal contraception, including emergency contraception, fertility treatments, hormone replacement therapy), or any other treatment that might affect their cycle, may wish to wait until they have at least two natural menstrual cycles in a row (each lasting 21-42 days), before using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor.

Women who have recently been pregnant (even if not carried to full term) may still have hCG in their bodies. HCG can adversely affect the performance of the Clearblue Fertility Monitor. Therefore they are advised to wait until they have had at least two natural menstrual cycles in a row (each lasting 21-42 days), before using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor.

How do I use the Clearblue Fertility  Monitor ?

The Clearblue fertility Monitor uses test sticks whci are available in packs of 20 tests.

On the first cycle 20 sticks will be used, and in subsequent cycles an average of 10 test sticks are used.

The majority of women will need 10 Test Sticks in each subsequent cycle. However, women with irregular or long cycles may have to use 20 Test Sticks each cycle in order to detect their most fertile time.

How does the Clearblue Fertility Monitor Predict my fertile time ?

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor detects the days in each cycle when you are most fertile, and are therefore more likely to get pregnant.

It monitors the hormones: estrogen and lutenising hormone (LH).

High estrogen is associated with the appearance of ‘fertile mucus’, which is thin and slippery. Sperm can swim more easily through this mucus and can survive in it for several days. If you make love during this time, there may still be sperm present several days later, when you release an egg. When the Clearblue Fertility Monitor detects a rise in estrogen, it displays High Fertility status.

A high estrogen level triggers the surge of LH. Ovulation normally occurs 24 to 36 hours after the LH surge when the follicle ruptures, releasing an egg. Detection of the LH surge indicates that you are about to release an egg, and you are at Peak Fertility.

Where can I buy the Clearblue Fertility Monitor ?

When buying the Clearblue Fertility Monitor make sure you also purchase test sticks and batteries as they are not included with the digital monitor pack.

Click here to Buy the Clearblue Fertility Monitor online from  

The Clearblue fertility Monitor is also widely available in chemists & pharmacies.

Home Ovulation Tests & Predicting Ovulation-When am I going to ovulate ?

HOME OVULATION PREDICTION-When is the best time to get Pregnant ?

Around 15-20% of couples are infertile or sub fertile, and many more experience delays & resulting anxiety in conceiving which may often be caused by bad timing. Knowing the best time to get pregnant can help

An average couple takes 6 months to conceive and many GP’s will not refer for investigations until a couple has been trying for at least 12 months. As many couples are starting to try for a baby later in life these days, this delay can become quite worrying & cause a lot of anxiety.

Some of the delays in conceiving may simply be a matter of bad timing i.e. having intercourse at the wrong time in the woman’s cycle. Recent research has suggested that the fertility window (ie the best time to get pregnant) each month may in fact only be 3-4 days, and so timing intercourse to coincide with this time of maximum fertility is obviously very important.

Ovulation predictors can be helpful in two ways:

1)To help time intercourse to maximize the chance of conception

2) To help identify if ovulation problems exist and so accelerate referral for specialist advice.

If you cycle is very regular and the same length each month timing ovulation is fairly easy. You ovulate 14 days before your next period is due, and so you should make sure you have intercourse just before ovulation and around the time of ovulation to maximise your chances of conceiving.

If your cycle is a little erratic or irregular like many of us find particular as we are getting older, then there are ways you can predict when you are going to ovulate or have ovulated.

What types of ovulation prediction methods are there?

1) Urine tests-test urine for the presence of luteinising hormone (LH tests).Available in midstream, cassette and dip strip test. They give you advance notification of ovulation and are therefore called ovulation predictors. To see full range of urine home ovulation tests click here

2) Saliva Ovulation Microscopes-many resemble a lipstick. At ovulation, the hormone estrogen is increased, which increases the salt levels in your body. This salt increase is evident in saliva. Saliva ovulation mini microscope allows you to see the salt crystals that dry on the microscope glass slide. For more information on the Saliva Ovulation microscopes click here. Click here for more information & to see a range of ovulation microscopes

3) Basal Temperature– A simple inexpensive way of telling if you have ovulated. You should take your temperature orally each morning before getting up, eating or drinking. Digital thermometers are used for their accuracy and ease of use. Ovulation usually occurs one day before the temperature rises. BBT evaluations only confirm, but do not predict, ovulation. For more information on the Basal Thermometers click here. Click here to see Basal Thermometers suitable for ovulation

4) Cervical Mucus or Billings method-the consistency of the cervical mucus changes during your cycle due to hormonal fluctuations. You are considered at your most fertile when the mucus becomes clear, slippery, and stretchy. Many women describe the mucus at this stage as resembling raw egg whites. One word of caution however – sperm can be confused with the mucus secretions and you could make the wrong assumption.

5) Fertility Monitor-the Clearblue Fertility Monitor also works by detecting the LH surge as well as measuring Oestrogen levels. The monitor then builds up a detailed picture of your unique hormone cycle. Clearblue Fertility Monitor is the most advanced home method to maximise your chances of conceiving. In recent research use of the Clearblue Fertility Monitor was shown to increase the chances of conceiving by 89% over the first two cycles of use. Click here for more information on the Clearblue Fertility Monitor or to buy

How early can I do a Clearblue Pregnancy Test ?

When can I do a Clearblue Pregnancy Test ?

Clearblue Pregnancy Tests can now be used up to 4 days before your period is due.

If you test before your period is due and get a ‘Not Pregnant’ result, there is still a chance that you may be ‘Pregnant’ but that your hormone level is still not high enough for the pregnancy test to detect. If testing from the day your period is due, you can test any time of the day. If testing early, use the first urine of the day

How accurate is a Clearblue Pregnancy Test?

Clearblue Pregnancy Test with colour change tip is over 99% accurate in laboratory tests when used from the day the period is due. 

For more information on early pregnancy testing results with Clearblue Pregnancy Test click here

Balance Activ Gel from Clearblue treats & prevents Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

What is Bacterial Vaginosis I hear you ask

Vaginosis is the medical term used to describe an imbalance in vaginal flora, an overgrowth of unwanted bacteria leads to the imbalance of the normal healthy bacteria. Symptoms can include abnormal discharge, embarrassing odour and discomfort. This condition is known as Bacterial Vaginosis or BV, it is not vaginitis as it does not cause inflammation.

BV is the most common type of vaginal infection in women of childbearing age. Experts estimate that at least 1 in 3 women, and perhaps most women, will develop BV at some point in their life.

balance activ is a vaginal gel that immediately neutralises embarrassing odour and effectively relieves abnormal discharge and discomfort.  These symptoms can occur when the natural balance of the vagina is upset.

It can also be used to maintain the natural balance of the vagina and prevent recurrence of symptoms.

Balance Activ has been launched by Inverness Medical the makers of Clearblue pregnancy and ovulation tests as well as the Clearblue Fertility Monitor

balance activ vaginal gel is a unique product containing both lactic acid, to effectively restore the natural pH of the vagina, and glycogen, to promote the healthy growth of the normal bacteria. With normal pH and nutrients, the protective lactobacilli grow and the natural vaginal balance is restored.

balance activ vaginal gel is easy to use. The gel is contained within a disposable tube; the woman twists off the top, inserts the tube into her vagina, and squeezes out the contents. Then the tube is simply removed and discarded.

It has been tried and clinically tested to be safe and effective. The product has been used to redress vaginal imbalance in Sweden for more than 10 years.

Many women experience recurrent symptoms, for example around the time of menstruation, or when taking antibiotics. balance activ vaginal gel can also be used to maintain the natural pH of the vagina and prevent recurrence of BV.

balance activ vaginal gel for the rapid relief of embarrassing odour, abnormal discharge and discomfort.

Access Diagnostics UK fertility site


‘Home pregnancy test will tell mothers when they conceive’ The Telegraph

Just read this article below from telegraph newspaper about the new Clearblue digital pregnancy test with conception indicator.

Revolutionary kit takes just three minutes to tell a woman both if she is expecting and when she fell pregnant.

The test by manufacturers Clearblue could end bitter paternity disputes by identifying the number of weeks since conception.

Women use the Conception Indicator in the same way as a normal pregnancy test.

A sensor in the test stick can detect the pregnancy hormone hCG from women’s urine samples.

A digital screen displays either ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not pregnant’. For positive tests, it also tells users whether they are one to two weeks, two to three, or over three weeks pregnant.

Laboratory trials have shown that the test is 99 per cent accurate in identifying pregnancy and 92 per cent accurate as to time of conception.

Clearblue’s Dr Jayne Ellis said: “As a company, we pride ourselves on providing women with innovative products and solutions that address the issues that are important to their health and well-being.

“This will offer women more valuable information about their pregnancy as soon as the ‘pregnant’ result is confirmed.”

 Click here to buy Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator Online in UK

Click here to see our full range of Clearblue pregnancy tests & ovulation tests

Clearblue digital with conception indicator

New Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test With Conception Indicator

Clearblue has launched a new digital pregnancy test with a conception indicator showing how many weeks it is since conception. The test can also be used up to 4 days before your period is due. For most accuate resuts the first urine of the day should be used. easy to read results appear in the window within 1-3 minutes.

Click here for more info or to buy Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator

Information from the manufacturer below

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator is a unique innovation in pregnancy testing – the only test that answers the first two questions women ask when they think they might be pregnant. Am I pregnant? And when did I conceive?

It provides an unmistakably clear result in words – ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not Pregnant’. And if the result is ‘Pregnant’ it also provides the additional benefit of displaying how many weeks ago you conceived – ‘1-2’, ‘2-3’ or 3+’.

The new test is easy to use, and the ‘Pregnant’/’Not Pregnant’ result is over 99% accurate when used from the day your period is due. It provides reassurance throughout the testing process by displaying clear symbols on the digital Display, showing test progression and any error messages.

Click here to see the full Clearblue range of home pregnancy tests, ovulation tests & the fertility monitor

More ultra early pregnancy tests are available from Access Diagnostics UK fertility site