New wearable technology may be the future for conception

fertility tracker
Fertility Tracking

A fertility wristband called AVA that tells a woman when her most fertile time is, has been launched. It measure changes in temperature and resting heart rate, and uses this to predict when ovulation has occurred.

This could be a real breakthrough for monitoring fertility. All ready wearable tech such as the fitbit can monitor activity, sleep, exercise, resting heart rate and is enabling users to take charge of their health and fitness and to monitor changes. It seems likely that in the future we will have wristbands that can monitor blood pressure, cholesterol even blood sugar.

Currently the fertility tracker is quite expensive at £199.00 but the prices should come down as the technology becomes more widely available. Its a great idea in our opinion, and would be great if it could be incorporated into an existing fitness tracker such as the fitbit Charge 11 or become an app for the apple watch.