Stepping off the emotional roller coaster of infertility

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I realise that you may feel in need of emotional support as you try to conceive through fertility issues. You need support that’s effective, works quickly and can bring you the peace of mind and positive thinking that you know is so vital to supporting your fertility.

Perhaps you’ve heard about how successful EFT is at dramatically reducing negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness, worry and fear. But you’re not sure how to learn it or apply it to your own unique situation, and achieve the positive results in your emotional well-being and mindset that you know would be SO beneficial.Well here’s the good news! I have developed a low cost, fast working solution to help yo u switch your thinking from negative to positive, and support you in a multitude of ways as you try to conceive your baby.I know what an emotional roller coaster it can be when you have fertility issues, and I’d like to invite you now to take my hand as a support you stepping off the roller coaster and on to a much smoother, easier to navigate path.What am I talking about? Click below to find out!
Don’t delay in clicking above and making a decision whether to sign up. There are only limited spaces available, and the ‘early bird’ booking price ends soon. PLUS if you’re one of the next few to sign up you’ll be able to grab one of the remaining chances to have a private one-to-one telephone session with me, to work on a key emotional issue for you.

I look forward to you joining me on this exciting adventure!

With love and best wishes on your fertility journey,

Sarah Holland
Fertility Support Specialist

The Fertility Focus Telesummit is underway. but there is still time to join in!

The second interview of the Fertility Focus Telesummit was mine, on how “Creating an Effective Support Network Can Make All the Difference When Trying To Conceive.” I’m really excited by the response I have had, with many listeners emailing me afterward to thank me and/or tell me that what I shared really resonated with them. The Telesummit is completely free to listen to the live presentations, and the replays for 24 hours after each interview. If you didn’t know about it before, it’s not too late to get involved.

The 2nd Fertility Focus Telesummit, created and moderated by Sarah Holland, is running this week.  Twelve fertility experts from around the world, and 3 fertility bloggers, are speaking throughout the week on various aspects of fertility health and support.  Sarah started things off on Sunday, the 20th of March, with an introduction to the Telesummit and an explanation of how to get the most out of it.

Yesterday, Monday the 21st, saw the first two interviews; Dr Marion Glenville spoke on the nutritional aspect of fertility health, giving much of her hour-long presentation over to listeners’ questions and providing really comprehensive responses.  The second interview of the evening was mine, on how “Creating an Effective Support Network Can Make All the Difference When Trying To Conceive.”  I’m really excited by the response I have had, with many listeners emailing me afterward to thank me and/or tell me that what I shared really resonated with them.

The Telesummit is completely free to listen to the live presentations, and the replays for 24 hours after each interview. If you didn’t know about it before, it’s not too late to get involved.  Click here to register for the Fertility Focus Telesummit FREE!  You can listen live, and submit questions for each of the speakers, or listen at your leisure to the recordings afterward.  If you are really busy this week and know you won’t be able to listen in, OR you just want to have all 17 audio files to refer to over and over, Sarah provides the option of upgrading to a Golden Ticket so you can purchase the whole Telesummit’s talks, which will be emailed to you as an MP3 file afterward. This is an incredible value, this week only while the Telesummit is running, at US$67, including several bonuses. You can find all the information at the Telesummit website.

Because I’m a bit late in letting you know about the Telesummit and my own presentation on creating a support network, I’d like to share some of that information with you here.  Having been through several challenging years of recurrent miscarriage and secondary infertility myself, I have the benefit of hindsight telling me that I really could have coped far better if I had been more proactive about getting myself, and my husband, the right balance of emotional and practical support.  Infertility put a big strain on our marriage, and I felt very alone and fearful that I would not be able to have the children I had always dreamed of having.  We are fortunate to have come through those rough times, and to have our two children.  Using my training and experience as a fertility coach, I have developed a system to help each of my clients create a support network for their unique needs, thus easing their experience of infertility and efforts to conceive and helping them to feel less isolated and stressed.

During the call, I explained:

  • Why infertility support is so important;
  • The 5 most essential types of support every infertile person needs;
  • Why your partner is not always the best source of support;
  • How you actually create your personal support network;
  • What you can do is someone you expected to be supportive has turned out to be the opposite; and
  • How to maintain a really effective support network over a long period of time.

I’m also offering a Free Bonus to Callers from the Telesummit! I’ve created a comprehensive Worksheet that takes you through the process of creating your own infertility support network, step by step. So, if you haven’t already registered, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

I’m listening to the other speakers throughout the week myself. I have to say, I’ve been very impressed so far. I’ve learned a lot already from both Dr Glenville and Andrew Loosely, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. Other expert speakers during the week include Sarah Holland on using EFT for conception, Kristin Hayward, Zita West, Gabriela Rosa, Toni Weschler, Sue Dumais, Nicola Smuts, Deirdre Morris and Cindy Bailey. Then, you can listen to talks from 3 prolific bloggers, including the authors of “From IF to When,” “Eggs and Sperm” and “Survive and Thrive.” I’m really looking forward to the rest of the week.

Little miracles

Well it has been ages since I have managed to find something to write about – Although in all honesty what I have actually wanted to blog about was the birth of miracle reiki baby. And finally through the madness of christmas, I have had chance to sit down and get writing.

He was due on christmas day but because of the complications involved in the entire pregnancy, as well as her diabetes, they decided they wanted to induce and make sure all was well before staff started taking holidays.

So on Monday 13th they set off to the hospital and after a long and arduous attempt at induction, little baby Dylan was born by c-section at lunch time on the 15th.

I had to look back over the initial review she wrote for my website to really get my head around just what a miracle he is. As I wrote about before, she was pretty much told there was only a small amount of chance that she would get pregnant with IVF – never mind with no interventions.

There is no proof that Reiki caused all this – but the reiki treatments she has recieved prior to her pregnancy and during it certainly have helped her to relax and ultimately helped her become a mummy.
I have been lucky to see him twice, the first visit being a very emotional and special occasion. Holding the little man was perfection itself. He has such positive energy and is totally chilled out and happy with his mummy and daddy.

I don’t want anyone to feel I am promising false hope – but in the new year, perhaps you can make a resolution to be good to yourself- to give yourself chance to relax – and no better place than that is with a holistic therapy of any kind – be it yoga, reiki, reflexology, massage or some simple meditation cd’s to do at home. A small amount of time out can have a huge beneficial effect on your mental and physical health.

If you are going through cycles of IVF and taking the emotional journey that goes with it, it is the perfect time to ensure that you are as relaxed as can be. Sometimes there is no getting away from the fact that you do need the medical interventions and benefits of science to help – but getting yourself as relaxed will get you through the roller coaster of emotions and may increase the chances of success in reaching your pregnancy.

Take care of yourself and wishing everyone the best for the new year to come.


Reiki baby

Fertility Solutions and Physical Healing

The Fertility Solutions programme uses mind body techniques to address reproductive health.  Mind Body techniques work with the mind in order to heal the body and there is growing evidence to show that working on the mind will affect the health of the body.  Stress is a perfect example, it is widely accepted that reducing stress has a positive affect on the physical body, strengthening the immune system and reducing the risk of heart attack for some.

Fertility Solutions uses Theta Healing to address physical symptoms. A Fertility Solutions Practitioner will have experience working with couples who have physical symptoms affecting their fertility; PCOS, endometriosis or fibroids for example.  Using Theta Healing it is possible to explore the mind’s influence on the physical body and release issues which are contributing to the symptoms being experienced.

Some people who find they have physical symptoms, which affect their fertility, will have suffered with bereavement or shock and trauma. In fact emotions such as shame, guilt, worthlessness, resentment and anger will stress the body if left unaddressed may result on an adverse effect on physical health.

As the programme uses mind body techniques it offers couples the opportunity to address their fertility without any invasive procedures and lays the foundations to give couples their best chance of conceiving.  Similarly it is useful for those who have chosen to use medical intervention (e.g. IVF) as it can address any stresses or issues that arise throughout treatment.

So Fertility Solutions supports the whole person; it addresses both the physical and emotional body. Whatever physical symptoms or emotional stresses you are experiencing on your Fertility Journey the Fertility Solutions Programme can help.

Fertility Solutions and Medical Intervention

Choosing medical intervention to conceive is not always an easy decision and certainly not one made lightly.  Experiencing ‘infertility’ is very stressful and adding invasive medical procedures to this can only increase stress.  Couples who are at the stage of medical intervention on their Fertility Journey are likely to be aware of how stress affects their well-being and fertility.

Fertility Solutions supports the whole person using hypnosis and Theta Healing, those going through assisted conception can use the programme to support their journey and reduce stress.  The hypnosis CDs are designed to relax and support fertility, there are those which have been recorded specifically for couples going through medical procedures.  For example there is one to encourage relaxation and the natural stimulation of the chemicals needed within your body to support conception, another designed to support the egg once conception has taken place, especially helpful for women who may be afraid of a miscarriage.

Along side the Hypnosis, Theta Healing allows couples to address any emotions or physical symptoms that may be affecting their fertility.  It is possible to support assisted conception by addressing any issues around the medical treatments for example; this in turn will aid relaxation and increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

As a Fertility Solutions Practitioner my aim is to support my clients best chance of conception.  The programme allows us to address the whole person, physically and emotionally awakening creative power and increasing the chances of conception taking place.

Homeopathic treatment of unexplained infertility by Nicola Berman & Cassie Everett

According to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority over 20% of conception problems are diagnosed as unexplained infertility1. This means that following a series of fertility tests and semen analysis no medical reason can be found for the couple’s inability to conceive and, therefore, no treatment can be offered – other than suggesting assisted conception such as IVF, ICSI or IUI.

Homeopathy offers an alternative viewpoint and an alternative, gentler, non-toxic form of treatment. In this blog post Nicola Berman and Cassie Everett, homeopaths and co-founders of Juno Natural Fertility, explain what homeopathy is and how it can help you get pregnant.

Homeopathy is a natural, holistic medicine which views the mind and body as one, understanding that how you feel emotionally can determine how you feel physically. Stress, anxiety and trauma will almost always manifest themselves in the body. If you have been under prolonged stress your body will divert its energy to those organs which are needed to cope with the stress and unfortunately your reproductive organs will move to the bottom of your body’s priority list.

Herbert Benson, MD, identified the reverse of the body’s stress response, which he called the ‘relaxation response’2.  He found that undertaking relaxation techniques can bring about many beneficial changes in the body including a lower heart rate, slower breathing, reduced muscle tension and positive changes in brain waves. Homeopathy recognises that in order to effectively treat fertility issues, it is important to treat any underlying emotional stresses.

Another possible factor in unexplained infertility can be found in the family medical history; homeopaths call this inherited weakness. Strengthening a person’s whole constitution, including addressing any inherited weakness, using homeopathic remedies, can reduce the chance of them expressing familial diseases later in life. So if there is a history of reproductive disorders or early menopause in your family, homeopathy can be used to lessen the impact of this on your health to facilitate a natural conception. Another way of looking at the inherited weakness is that we have our own unique patterns of illness. When under considerable stress we get ill and our body produces symptoms. For you it might be that every time you’re run down you get cystitis or perhaps it’s tonsillitis or a skin breakout. If your inherited weakness is in the reproductive system, you could be more likely to have fertility problems and we would use homeopathic remedies to address this.

Homeopathy works by the ‘law of similars’, also described as treating ‘like with like’. In short, this means that a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person can also bring about cure in a sick person. One simple analogy is the onion. In its crude form it can cause symptoms such as streaming eyes and runny nose and in its homeopathic form, called allium cepa, it is often used to treat hayfever. Similarly drinking too much coffee can cause sleeplessness and restlessness, but used homeopathically the remedy coffea is an effective treatment for insomnia.

A homeopathic consultation involves a thorough investigation of a person’s health, physical and emotional, as well as their personal medical history and family medical history. This is most important, as homeopathy understands that any unresolved event, emotional or physical, or any active inherited weakness may cause a lasting imbalance which will eventually be expressed in physical symptoms such as infertility. Homeopathic treatment is always individualised to the person and remedies are given based on the particular details of each person’s case.

Kate (37) had been trying to conceive for almost three years when she decided to try homeopathy with Juno Natural Fertility. She had had all her tests done on the NHS and they had all shown normal levels.

Kate had a chronic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which she had suffered from since the age of 15. This condition affected her joints and soft tissues, resulting in her muscles, tendons and ligaments being painful most of the time, which was very debilitating for her in terms of her day to day life and frequently caused her to feel upset and frustrated. The intensity of this condition over a prolonged period of time would take up a lot of her energy reserves.

Her periods were very painful and heavy and she also experienced some PMT symptoms including irritability, breast tenderness and weight gain, suggesting she had hormonal imbalance. In the past Kate had taken the pill for nine years, which may have contributed to this.

Kate was given a combination of homeopathic remedies to help support her endocrine glands in order to balance her hormone levels, as well as detoxify any residual effects from the contraceptive pill. These remedies included: Carc, Folliculinum, Medorrhinum, Borax, Nat Mur and Sepia.

During her second consultation Kate reported that her next period had been lighter and the pain was less intense. These were positive signs that her hormones were rebalancing and her system was detoxifying. Her EDS symptoms had increased in intensity, which suggested that more energy was being diverted to this area, so her next homeopathic prescription Carc and Calc Fluor focused on these symptoms with the aim of freeing up more energy for other areas of her body.

At her next consultation Kate reported little change in her EDS symptoms, although the focus of the discussion moved more towards the stressful month she had had and her feelings of frustration and sadness. It became apparent that her emotions were having a greater bearing on her overall health and wellbeing than was previously evident. Therefore, she was prescribed the homeopathic remedy Thuja to also take into account her emotional state. 

Kate became pregnant the following month and in August 2009 she gave birth to her beautiful daughter Evie.

If you are currently experiencing feelings of anxiety or emotional upset, then why not try a homeopathic remedy to help relieve these feelings? Putting your body into a calmer and more balanced state may be exactly what you need to help you fall pregnant. Simply select the remedy below that most closely matches your thoughts and feelings and take one pill when needed, up to a maximum of three a day for three days, leaving at least a week before repeating:

Arg Nit 30c – for anticipatory anxiety, worrying about the baby before or during pregnancy, anxiety before doing a pregnancy test

Gelsemium 30c – for anxiety especially after a shock or bad news e.g. from a miscarriage or diagnosis from the doctor

Ignatia 30c – for the emotional rollercoaster, feeling very tearful and even hysterical, embarrassed about emotions

Natrum Mur 30c – for repeated grief and disappointment, want to be on your own, can’t cry any more

Phos Ac 30c – for emotional exhaustion, feeling flat and lacking energy, foggy head

Pulsatilla 30c – for feeling weepy all the time, don’t want to be alone, feel better after a good cry

If you have not experienced improvement after a month, then consult a qualified homeopath for a more thorough investigation and personalised remedy. Nicola and Cassie from Juno Natural Fertility offer consultations in clinics across London; in Covent Garden, Mayfair, Thornton Heath and Hendon, and if you are based outside London telephone and Skype consultations can be arranged upon request.

In April Juno Natural Fertility are running two seminars ‘How to get pregnant with natural remedies’; one focussing on Unexplained Infertility and the other on Polycystic Ovaries and PCOS. Tickets cost £25 and can be booked online at or by calling 0845 423 8962. Places are limited, so early booking is advised.


Making Changes to your Lifestyle to Increase Fertility.

Reading up on what you can do to help your fertility shows that there are many things that couples can do themselves to increase their fertility.  There is a lot of good advice out there for couples for example:

  • Reduce stress
  • Eat organically
  • Stop smoking
  • Cut out alcohol
  • Cut out caffeine

Although it is reassuring to realise that it is possible to make a difference to your fertility by changing your lifestyle, some may find that they need a complete change in order to give themselves the best chance of conception.  This may be overwhelming, but you don’t need to go through those changes alone. 

Using the support of Fertility Solutions means that you can gracefully shift and things such as stopping smoking and cutting out caffeine become manageable changes.  Using Theta Healing it is possible to work with the subconscious to address the beliefs and perceptions which are behind addictive habits like smoking, and allow clients to tackle their lifestyle changes more effectively. 

Reducing stress is another aspect of lifestyle that some may find a challenge to shift.  The Fertility Solutions Programme includes hypnosis CDs to support your relaxation, reduce stress and prepare your body’s fertility.  This is an effective way to tackle stress by simply listening to a hypnosis CD once a day.  After listening regularly clients experience a gentle shift in their lifestyles allowing them to reduce stress successfully.

Each Fertility Journey is different and some couples may find that a change of lifestyle is all they need to successfully conceive however that doesn’t mean to say everyone find these changes easy to achieve.  The Fertility Solutions Programme is designed to meet the individual needs of the client, therefore each session will be adapted for you to give you the best chance of conception.

What is Theta Healing and How Can it Support My Fertility?

Theta Healing is a mind/body technique which allows clients to comfortably explore and gently release beliefs which may be affecting health and well-being.

As a mind/body technique Theta Healing addresses the whole person, recognising that a healthy mind creates a healthy body.  Theta Healing is an energy healing that addresses the subconscious mind that drives us.  A Practitioner simply meditates into a Theta Brainwave and is then able to witness energy changes that result in a change of perspective and a shift in well-being for the client.

A Theta Healing session with Amy Marner involves a discussion about the issue you would like to address.  During the discussion your Amy will be listening out for beliefs, feelings or perspectives which may be blocking your full potential.  Amy may use muscle testing to check whether they are held on a subconscious level.  Once found Amy will simply witness the blocks clearing for you whilst meditating in Theta.  In this way it is possible to experience transformational shifts, allowing clients to reach their full potential.

The Theta brainwave is a natural state which we enter daily.  Our brainwaves are in Beta when we are awake, talking and communicating.  The brain is in Alpha when we are relaxed and meditative.  (Reiki Practitioners use the Alpha state.)  We are in a Delta brainwave when we sleep and this changes to a Theta brainwave when we are between sleeping and waking.  Theta practitioners have been trained to easily access this Theta brainwave.

Fertility Solutions combines the transformational healing of Theta with Hypnosis and advice and support with lifestyle changes.  This powerful combination addresses physical symptoms which may be affecting fertility by gently releasing the subconscious beliefs behind the symptoms.  It is very effective in reducing stress levels, and supporting couples to lead fulfilling lives whilst on their Fertility Journey rather than allowing Fertility to take over their lives.  It is helpful in supporting couples who are going through medical intervention, both for physical and emotional support.

The aim of Fertility Solutions is to address physical and emotional well-being and therefore support couples to reach their best chance of conception.

The Fertility Solutions Programme begins with a free Initial consultation to assess if it is right for you. Contact Amy Marner for more details.

Theta Healing and Fertility

Theta Healing is and energy healing which allows us to explore and release the memories we hold which may be blocking our full potential.  The Fertility Solutions Programme uses Theta Healing and Hypnosis to gently discover and release any beliefs, memories or emotions that may be blocking conception.  The process can also address physical symptoms such as PCOS.

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> Tracy Holloway developed the Fertility Solutions Programme after years of working in the area of fertility.  Tracy has worked as a Hypnotherapist, Psychologist and Theta Practitioner who is renowned in the area of fertility.  She has brought together her rich knowledge and experience to develop the unique programme which explores the well being of the whole person in order to support their reproductive health.

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> Using Theta Healing it is possible to address physical symptoms which may be affecting fertility, for example PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis and Sperm motility (to name a few).  It is also possible to address emotional issues which affect couples who are experiencing fertility challenges.  Many of my female clients will talk to me about their grieving each time their period arrives.  They describe their fertility journey as a roller coaster ride. They have hope during the month then the grieving starts as their cycle begins again.  Using the Fertility Solutions Programme it is possible for women to view each cycle as a positive thing, their body is working in the way that will make pregnancy possible at some point in the future, rather than a setback.  Sometimes a simple relieving of stress is enough to support conception.

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> One thing that is important to remember is each couple is unique, their journey is unique and they will conceive in their own time.  In other words it’s best not to compare yourselves with others because everyone’s journey is different.  Using the Fertility Solutions programme it is possible to address the emotional stresses and strains and focus on other areas of your life (enjoying your relationship for example) rather than relying on conception to bring happiness.  By addressing both physical and emotional aspects of fertility it is possible to have your best chance of conception.

Coping on your Fertility Journey

Fertility problems are one of the most stressful experiences to go through. What is more a lot of people do not understand what it is like for couples experiencing problems. Often couples who have been planning for a baby for years are asked “When are you going to start a family?” This can only add to the stress, particularly if the couple have decided not to tell others about their fertility challenges. What is more high stress levels are known to reduce the chances of conception so it is very important for couples to reduce their stress levels as best they can.

Mind/body techniques can be really helpful when dealing with the stress Fertility issues can bring. Meditating is great because it brings stillness to the mind relieving it of all the clutter that we tend to live with on a day-to-day basis. Regularly meditating can help to reduce that clutter at other times. If you are someone who finds meditating difficult listening to a CD of guided meditation can be helpful to start with. It’s a question of finding what works best for you.

Practicing being mindful during day-to-day tasks is also a helpful way to reduce stress. For example being mindful whilst eating means that you smell the food. Look at the colour. Be aware of the texture in your mouth. Really taste it as you chew. Take your time. You can apply this mindfulness to anything; just make sure you are using all your senses to do it.

Of course Fertility Solutions can help too. Using Theta Healing it is possible to reduce stress levels and using the Fertility Solutions Programme means you will not only reduce your stress levels but also give yourself the best chance of conceiving be it naturally or with medical intervention.

Hypnosis and Fertility

Hypnosis is a natural state that we all enter daily. It’s those times when your imagination is active, so watching a film or reading a book. If you are immersed in the story and your imagination is involved that is hypnosis. You are completely in control and free to leave it at anytime. Our subconscious does not know the difference between our imagination and reality so we can use our imagination to access the subconscious and create what we want in our lives.

Using hypnosis is a great way to address fertility, because we can access our imagination and address what is going on in our subconscious. For example we may have spent years trying not to get pregnant, our subconscious may not have caught up with our new plans to start a family so using the imagination we can show the subconscious what we really want and it can catch up. This then supports our body to conceive.

We may often have negative thoughts running through our minds, worry creating more worry and affecting our well-being. Our negative thoughts can affect our hormonal balance but with hypnosis it is possible to bring them back to a healthy equilibrium therefore supporting conception.

Fertility Solutions hypnosis CDs have been developed by Tracy Holloway (a qualified hypnotherapist and renowned fertility specialist) in order to prepare the subconscious mind for conception. The powerful CDs begin with deep relaxation; this prepares your mind for suggestion and supports you to release stress. Once you have listened for at least a week to the first CD you can move on to the next. Each one brings you relaxation and prepares the body for conception. Some are designed specifically for those who are planning to conceive naturally, others support assisted conception and there are also CDs for those who have experienced miscarriage and fear their body cannot support a healthy baby.

These powerful CDs go hand in hand with the Fertility Solutions Programme but can also be very effective in their own right.

New guest fertility blogger

I am delighted to be invited as a guest blogger to this site, so here goes with my blog…It is now widely accepted that our mind affects the health of our body. The way we think and feel makes a difference to our physical well-being. It is now more common to use Mind/ Body techniques to address physical health. By Mind/ body techniques I mean exploring the health of the mind to address the health of the whole person. Research has also found that Mind/ Body techniques can support fertility. Alice’s Domar’s research has found that when women who are planning for a baby address their depression their fertility rates increase.

Recent research from university of California, Berkeley found that the hormones produced when stressed suppress fertility by reducing the production of hormones needed to stimulate a healthy reproductive system. Therefore it makes sense to address stress levels to support fertility. This is a programme that supports fertility with the use of Mind/ Body Techniques. It was developed by Tracy Holloway, an experienced hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and Theta Practitioner. The Programme uses hypnosis and Theta DNA Healing to address emotions such as depression, stress and bereavement. This in turn can bring the body back into health allowing conception to occur. It is also possible to address physical symptoms such as Endometriosis, POCS, Fibroids and other female complaints. Men can deal with low sperm count or low motility with the support of Theta DNA Healing. The Programme aims to support couples on their Fertility Journey encouraging feelings of peace, releasing stress and addressing physical symptoms. The programme allows couples to lead fulfilling lives rather than their fertility journey taking control. It reconnects people to their power, which has a positive effect on all areas of their life. This support allows couples to gently shift and release issues that are known to affect fertility, giving them their best chance of conception.

Hypnosis for Fertility – Session one

I’ve been wondering what I could write that would be useful for the readers of this blog and as a lot of what I get when I mention that I am a Hypnotherapist is “oooh, that’s not for me.  I don’t want to be out of control.  I probably can’t be hypnotised anyway”.  I thought that it might be useful to write a series of posts that will take you through what Hypnosis for Fertility sessions might involve for you. All treatment plans are devised based on the individual so your sessions may not follow exactly the same path but these posts will hopefully give you an idea of what to expect and clear up any myths or concerns you may have or heard regarding hypnosis.

Actually, although this is about session one there is some stuff that goes on prior to me ever meeting you and so I will mention this first. Normally there will have been a first phone call or at least an email. Someone will have read about HypnoFertility and probably have had a look at my website and found out a bit more about me and the way that I work. The phone call / email enables them to ask any initial questions to make sure that they are comfortable with booking their first session. Once this has then been booked I send out an ‘Intake’ form for them to complete and return to me prior to attending. I also send them a stress buster and progressive relaxation mp3 to start listening to.

Session one itself is all about information giving on both sides. I spend time explaining how hypnosis supports fertility (both natural and assisted conception), how the mind works and its impact on the body both positive and negative and what being in the state of hypnosis feels like (not what you would expect from a stage hypnotic show – just a nice relaxed feeling mainly). We will review the information provided in the intake sheet and most importantly discuss your goal of therapy.

Now you might well say “but you know my goal – I want a baby”. But goals need to be SMART (I’m drawing on my days as a trainer here). Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound. Now whilst I do spend time with you helping you to imagine what it will be like to be pregnant, holding your baby in your arms, feeling positive about you ability to have your baby. Because we actually have no control over timescales or achievability for this it is not a goal we can measure. What we will be aiming for is creating the best possible circumstances which themselves will support fertility.

This in turn means that the feedback I get from clients is that they feel more in control of their lives than they have for years. Friends and family are saying that they look more relaxed and happy. They are feeling less obsessed and more able to enjoy life. Things that had been bothering them for a long time now don’t seem significant at all. And many other positive changes particular to them. These things in themselves help to return the body to a state of normalcy and give the best opportunity for having their desired baby.

There may or may not be time to actually carry out some hypnosis during session one but if there is it will be something gentle introducing them to how it feels and starting the process of restoring balance in their lives.

In part 2 of this series I will be taking you through the next steps as we move on to Session two.

If in the meantime you have any questions based on what you have read about Session one please post a comment and I will answer them.

Dany Griffiths

Hypnotherapist specialising in

Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond…

Acupuncture and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

Ideally, the majority of patients experiencing unexplained fertility problems will have tried acupuncture before opting for IVF. If you have resorted to exploring the IVF route, it is best to prepare your body as much as possible by having regular acupuncture treatments a few months in advance.

Recently, a systematic review and meta-analysis of several good quality trials was published in the British Medical Journal.**

Systematic reviews are considered the gold standard of medical research and in this paper the authors conclude having acupuncture on the day or day following embryo transfer significantly increases your chances of clinical pregnancy.  On average, the authors found, for every ten women treated with acupuncture alongside IVF, one additional clinical pregnancy would occur.Statistics aside, going through the whole IVF process is generally an incredibly stressful time. People report time and time again they truly value acupuncture to help relieve the stress and to regain some control within the process.

Best wishes to all and remember the Chinese saying; ‘where the mind goes, energy flows’ so be relaxed and positive in all you do.Jenny Sercombe MBAcCPracticing in
Manchester and
Stockport. Call 07970 515 391 if you wish to make an appointment.


Effects of acupuncture on rates of pregnancy and live birth among women undergoing in vitro fertilisation: systematic review and meta-analysisBMJ, doi: 10.1136/bmj.39471.430451.BE, (Published 7 February 2008) 

Male Factor Infertility

Male Factor Infertility

Infertility has historically been viewed as a predominantly female issue, but Male Factor Infertility may well be a larger problem than you think. Statistics exist suggesting Male Factor Infertility is the main cause of difficulty in anywhere between 30% to over 70% of couples having problems conceiving, (the 70% having been reported in
Cheshire, Merseyside and
West Lancs. in 2005)

However, new sperm are produced every day with the good news that simple lifestyle changes along with acupuncture could help improve both quality and quantity.*

Best wishes to all and remember the Chinese saying; ‘where the mind goes, energy flows’ so be relaxed and positive in all you do.Jenny Sercombe MBAcCPracticing in
Manchester and
Stockport. Call 07970 515 391 if you wish to make an appointment.


(Fertility and Sterility, Volume 84, Issue 1 , July 2005, Pages 141-147)

Asian J Androl 2003 Dec; 5: 345-348

Acupuncture and Female Fertility

How would an acupuncturist treat female infertility?

In traditional Chinese medicine, as well as in Western medicine, the menstrual cycle is known to have several phases.Days 1-7, during menstruation, are (unsurprisingly) considered to be the blood phase.

The acupuncturist will ask questions about the quality of your blood – the colour, the flow, whether there are any clots and if you experience any pain at this time. The answers you give help your acupuncturist to determine the existence of any possible imbalances.Days 7-14 (or ovulation) are considered to be the ‘Yin Phase’.

After you have finished your bleed the body is relatively depleted and will work to replenish the blood in preparation for ovulation.Treatment during this phase concentrates on helping the body replenish the blood by gaining the maximum benefit from the digestive process.  This is why it is beneficial to eat iron-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables and small amounts of meat.

The Ovulatory Period

At around day 10 your acupuncturist will select points to promote healthy ovulation. At ovulation the cycle is changing from the ‘Yin Phase’ (restoration and consolidation) to the ‘Yang Phase’.

Post-Ovulatory Phase (Luteal Phase) If conception has not occurred, this is considered to be the ‘Yang Phase’ of the cycle.  ‘Yang’ is warm by nature and if you are using a basal body temperature (BBT) chart you will ideally see a marked increase in temperature at this time which relates to the surge of progesterone.Your acupuncturist may ask you to record BBT charts in order to assess the balance of the Yin and Yang energies your body is experiencing.The focus of treatment at this part of the cycle is usually to warm the ‘Yang’ of the body with the aim of increasing progesterone.Pre-Menstrual PhaseThis is considered to be the point where ‘Yang’ is at its highest and has entered the qi (pronounced chee) phase. Qi is the vital energy of your body and frequently becomes stuck and stagnated at this time. This leads to pre-menstrual symptoms such as irritability, tender breasts, weepiness, pain or constipation.The acupuncturist will work to smooth the flow of qi and in doing so to promote healthy menstruation.

As you can see, in treating for fertility we aim to bring your cycle into harmony, to promote the healthy production and release of hormones and to ensure your energy is flowing in a relaxed and uninhibited manner.

Best wishes to all and remember the Chinese saying; ‘where the mind goes, energy flows’ so be relaxed and positive in all you do.

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Acupuncture – A Natural Fertility Treatment

Growing evidence indicates acupuncture can significantly increase the chances of couples conceiving*.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine originating in
China several thousand years ago. Practitioners observed the nature of all things and considered our bodies to be a microcosm of the world around us.

You have probably heard of the terms ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’. Essentially these are ways to describe the nature of something.  In the case of water for example, its ice state would be ‘Yin’ in relation to the liquid ‘Yang’ (more movement and less dense). However its liquid state would be ‘Yin’ (less movement and more dense) in relation to steam which is more ‘Yang’ in comparison.  This language of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ is also used to describe the functioning of the body.

The practice of acupuncture involves the insertion of disposable, hair-thin, sterilised needles into points situated along channels of energy just beneath your skin. The insertion of these needles promotes your body’s own healing response, restoring the balance of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ considered essential to good health.  We know from Western medicine that this process stimulates the release of hormones such as endorphins into your blood stream creating a very relaxed state. Often people are very surprised to find they frequently fall asleep during treatment.

Costs and Frequency of Sessions

An acupuncture treatment, depending on your location will cost in the region of £30-£60 per session. In general, treatment for infertility will require 3 months of weekly treatments. Over this time it is usually possible to gain a significant influence over your menstrual cycle in order to bring your body into balance and provide optimum conditions for conception.

Male factor infertility is likely to require a similar length of treatment in order to boost sperm count and increase seminal motility.If you have had prior problems with miscarriage it is also recommended to have regular treatment during the first trimester of pregnancy.

General Advice

Recommendations for both partners include;· 

 Refraining from smoking and any recreational drugs·      

 Cutting out alcohol and caffeine·          

Avoiding pesticides and chemicals and therefore eating healthily with plenty of organic produce·        

Men should avoid using laptops where possible as the heat can affect testicular function·    

Chill out! This aspect is often overlooked, but is perhaps the most important. Find at least 20 minutes to unwind completely each day. ‘Zoning out’ to the TV does not count. Try relaxation techniques or going for a walk in nature while really taking in your environment.·        

Gentle exercise such as yoga, tai chi or pilates are all great for unwinding, relaxing and getting the blood flowing to the places which need it. Or women could even join a belly-dance class – this has been used for thousands of years to increase fertility (and to entice men…)

If you do decide to explore acupuncture it is strongly recommended you approach only members of the British Acupuncture Council as you can rest assured your practitioner will have studied acupuncture to degree level, is fully insured and commits to a programme of continued practitioner development. They will carry the letters MBAcC after their name.

Be wary as there is currently no state regulation of the profession.

Best wishes to all and remember the Chinese saying; ‘where the mind goes, energy flows’ so be relaxed and positive in all you do.

Jenny Sercombe MBAcCPracticing in
Manchester and Stockport.

Call 07970 515 391 if you wish to make an appointment.



A report (Fertility and Sterility 2002;78:1149-1153) found the pregnancy rate in a group receiving acupuncture was 42.5%, compared to the group which did not receive the therapy, where the rate was 26.3%.

Positive Thinking vs. Positive Imagining

During a first HypnoFertility session I take an individual’s personal, medical, fertility and pregnancy histories which also includes their thoughts, feelings and beliefs about these things.However, I am clear to explain that none of what they tell me is ‘weighted’ in any way.  There are after all plenty of drug addicts, alcoholics, smokers, obese, older women and those who have had huge suffering in their pasts who become pregnant every day (something that I’m sure is a great frustration to them).  

The thing that I am most keen to learn in amongst all of their preparations is when they are thinking about having a baby what are they imagining?  This might seem like an unusual question but it is an important one for a number of reasons and I’ll start my explanation off by looking at the subconscious mind a little more closely.

  • It runs your body – all those things that happen without you thinking about it (heart rate, salivation, perspiration, and so on)
  • It makes appropriate changes in your body based on what it perceives as your reality
  • It doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined events. Think back to the last time you saw a thriller or a horror movie – do you remember you heart beginning to race, maybe had goose bumps, on the edge of your seat holding your breath as they climbed the stairs to their impending doom. It wasn’t happening to you – it wasn’t your reality so why was your subconscious making all those changes within your body?
  • It doesn’t understand words and so responds to the world using imagery
  • It is driven by emotion.

Therefore, whatever you are imagining your subconscious believes to be real and is making the necessary changes in your body for you to be able to function. This is OK as long as you don’t spend huge amounts of time involved in ‘negativing imagining’ (something that you may not even be aware that you are doing).

A response to my question above can often be “but I am a very positive thinker – in fact I’m obsessed with wanting a baby that is all I focus on”.  And I ask “yes, but what are you IMAGINING in relation to having your baby?”  

They may well be constantly thinking about wanting a baby but so often what they are imagining is the lack of one. This in turn creates very strong negative emotions which the subconscious can potentially perceive as some sort of physical danger and in turn shut down their reproductive system.  The subconscious then waits for them to relax and settle down indicating that all is now safe and well and so return body functions back to normal, but if the danger is perceived how do they ever reach the place of safety?

There may well be of course much deeper routed events and beliefs causing the subconscious to place them in what it sees as survival mode but becoming aware of and working positively with the imagination is certainly a huge step in the right direction.

The good news is you can stop those negative thoughts: When you become aware of a negative thought imagine a big red cross through it and say ‘stop’ or ‘no’.Physically push it away and immediately replace it with a positive IMAGE that makes you FEEL good.

The mind cannot hold two opposing thoughts at the same time (try it for a moment think of something that makes you feel sad and another that makes you feel happy – at the same time – you cannot. You can switch quickly between the two but you cannot think about them both at the same time). So all the time you are focusing on the positive image you can no longer focus on the negative one.

It does take practise – your subconscious will be comfortable with what you are currently doing. Although the more you make the effort to cross out the negative images and replace with the positive ones that makes you FEEL good the easier it will become.

By doing this you will ensure that your subconscious isn’t needlessly getting you ready for an emergency state. Instead ensuring that all body functions are working normally. Make sure that when you are thinking about wanting a baby that you are actually imagining holding that baby in your arms.

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Can alternative medicine help fertility

Just read this interesting story online about how fertilty retreats run by alternative medicine practioners are helping couples to conceive. 

Stress may be a factor in many cases of unexplained fertility. We all know cases of couples who have had difficulty conceiving, and may have been referred for IVF who then take a holiday from trying to conceive while waiting for their appointment. Many go on a holiday thinking this may be their last chance before starting treatment and then conceive on holiday!

A friend of mine had been trying for some time, had been through several cycles of IVF without success. They had almost given up-then her partner bought a gorgeous 2 seater sports car. We joked that she was now bound to conceive-and she did on her next cycle of IVF ! They are now the proud parents of a lovely baby boy. She also had accupuncture weekly during this cycle.

Here is the link to the fertility retreats story,28318,25590988-5014090,00.html