There are so many pregnancy test kits on the market. How do I know which one to use ?

With so many pregnancy test kits on the market how do I know which one to use ?

If you have missed your period and you are looking for a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy then any chemist pregnancy test will do the job really well, and should hopefully give you a positive result. All modern home & professional pregnancy tests are very sensitive & accurate and false positives are rare. False negatives usually occur when the test is done too early or at the wrong time of day, so there is insufficient of the pregnancy hormone hcg in the urine sample.

Cheap pregnancy tests kits strips
Pregnancy test strips

If you looking for the cheapest pregnancy tests you will probably need to go online to purchase them. Pregnancy test strips are far cheaper than the leading brands of home pregnancy tests as they contain far less packaging and the technology is far simpler. You will be required to look for two lines on the test strip to confirm a positive pregnancy. They can also be bought in a range of sensitivities and can be bulk bought, if you are doing repeat or early testing before the missed period.

If you are testing early i.e. before you have missed a period , you will need to use an early detection pregnancy test kit which detects a lower level of the pregnancy hormone hcg in your urine sample. False positive can sometimes occur when you are doing very early pregnancy testing before the missed period, when you get a BFP followed several days later by a negative result or a period. This is usually referred to as a chemical pregnancy and means that for some reason the pregnancy did not continue.

More information on using ultra early detection pregnancy tests 

”When do I use pregnancy test strip because I can’t wait to be positive ?”

We recently received the following question about early pregnancy tests from a Pre-Seed user.


‘I am trying to conceive and I used Preseed last week which was my ovulation, and I expect my menstruation by next week, pls when do I use a pregnancy test strip because I can’t wait to be positive.’


‘The earliest you can use an early detection pregnancy test strip to detect pregnancy is 8-10 days post conception.

If you are testing this early use an ultra early10mIU detection pregnancy test.

You might find this article on our fertility blog useful’

Access Diagnostics Fertility have a range of ultra early pregnancy tests including 10 miu pregnancy tests.

Acupuncture – A Natural Fertility Treatment

Growing evidence indicates acupuncture can significantly increase the chances of couples conceiving*.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine originating in
China several thousand years ago. Practitioners observed the nature of all things and considered our bodies to be a microcosm of the world around us.

You have probably heard of the terms ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’. Essentially these are ways to describe the nature of something.  In the case of water for example, its ice state would be ‘Yin’ in relation to the liquid ‘Yang’ (more movement and less dense). However its liquid state would be ‘Yin’ (less movement and more dense) in relation to steam which is more ‘Yang’ in comparison.  This language of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ is also used to describe the functioning of the body.

The practice of acupuncture involves the insertion of disposable, hair-thin, sterilised needles into points situated along channels of energy just beneath your skin. The insertion of these needles promotes your body’s own healing response, restoring the balance of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ considered essential to good health.  We know from Western medicine that this process stimulates the release of hormones such as endorphins into your blood stream creating a very relaxed state. Often people are very surprised to find they frequently fall asleep during treatment.

Costs and Frequency of Sessions

An acupuncture treatment, depending on your location will cost in the region of £30-£60 per session. In general, treatment for infertility will require 3 months of weekly treatments. Over this time it is usually possible to gain a significant influence over your menstrual cycle in order to bring your body into balance and provide optimum conditions for conception.

Male factor infertility is likely to require a similar length of treatment in order to boost sperm count and increase seminal motility.If you have had prior problems with miscarriage it is also recommended to have regular treatment during the first trimester of pregnancy.

General Advice

Recommendations for both partners include;· 

 Refraining from smoking and any recreational drugs·      

 Cutting out alcohol and caffeine·          

Avoiding pesticides and chemicals and therefore eating healthily with plenty of organic produce·        

Men should avoid using laptops where possible as the heat can affect testicular function·    

Chill out! This aspect is often overlooked, but is perhaps the most important. Find at least 20 minutes to unwind completely each day. ‘Zoning out’ to the TV does not count. Try relaxation techniques or going for a walk in nature while really taking in your environment.·        

Gentle exercise such as yoga, tai chi or pilates are all great for unwinding, relaxing and getting the blood flowing to the places which need it. Or women could even join a belly-dance class – this has been used for thousands of years to increase fertility (and to entice men…)

If you do decide to explore acupuncture it is strongly recommended you approach only members of the British Acupuncture Council as you can rest assured your practitioner will have studied acupuncture to degree level, is fully insured and commits to a programme of continued practitioner development. They will carry the letters MBAcC after their name.

Be wary as there is currently no state regulation of the profession.

Best wishes to all and remember the Chinese saying; ‘where the mind goes, energy flows’ so be relaxed and positive in all you do.

Jenny Sercombe MBAcCPracticing in
Manchester and Stockport.

Call 07970 515 391 if you wish to make an appointment.



A report (Fertility and Sterility 2002;78:1149-1153) found the pregnancy rate in a group receiving acupuncture was 42.5%, compared to the group which did not receive the therapy, where the rate was 26.3%.

Things to do during your 2WW

That 2 weeks can seem an eternity so here are some ideas to make the time pass more quickly.  

  • throw yourself into work
  • meet up with friends for lunch, or even better shopping and lunch
  • book a pamper session for yourself-manicure, facial,eyebrows etc
  • read a good chick lit novel or two-pure escapism-make sure its nothing to do with babies though-good raunchy fun is best
  • read a magazine you would not normally buy-something escapist-whatever takes your fancy !
  • watch some good chick flicks either with your significant other or with a girlfriend
  • take up a new hobby
  • get your haircut-maybe try a new style
  • catch up on those things you have been putting off for ages
  • consider getting a massage or trying an alternative therapy
  • do things that relax you and recharge your batteries
  • watch comedy shows on TV or dvd-laughter really is the best medicine
  • have some fun-what do you love to do ?
  • buy yourself some flowers or pick some from the garden-fresh flowers always lift the spirits
  • maybe have a weekend away-visit friends or family (only if this is fun mind !)
  • cook yourself some good wholesome food-eat plenty of fresh and colourful fruit and veg
  • get out in the fresh air-sunshine and fresh air are great for our minds and bodies
  • try to focus on the great things in your life
  • appreciate the little things others do for you
  • join an online support group for friendship and chat
  • listen to an audiobook on positive thinking /living-they can be very inspiring
  • go on  a date with your significant other and talk about happy times and plan for the future
  • start a blog or journal

This is just a few ideas that I have found helpful when the going gets tough. If you have any please feel free to post them in comments