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Can’t believe the fantastic spring weather were having

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Can ultra early pregnancy tests give a false positive ?

This is a query we received recently, and we thought it was worth sharing the answer with our fertility blog readers.

”Last month I used one of the ultra early HCG tests on the day I expected my period, it came up positive.  The following day it was negative and my period started the following day.”

Here is our answer:

Ultra early pregnancy tests can result in this finding, as they detect chemical pregnancies.One issue with ultra early tests is that be that they detect very low levels of hcg ( usually 10mIU ), and can detect what are termed ‘chemical pregnancies’. ie were implantation starts but does not proceed to a viable pregnancy.
It is estimated that this happens quite frequently, but that we are normally
unaware of this as the period may be a only a day late or not late at all.
ie the pregnancy ends very early before we even know we are pregnant.
This is one of the drawbacks of ultra sensitive early pregnancy tests.

Click here for further information or to buy ultra early pregnancy tests in UK

Zestica Conception Pack

Shown at the UK fertility show by the UK based manufacturers Burdica and with considerable interest & pre-release sales, the Zestica Fertility Conception pack is close to market release.

The Conception pack has a launch price of £49.99 and offers couples attempting to conceive some unique adavantages.

Each conception pack comes with 7 midstream ovulation prediction tests, allowing the detection and timing of ovulation to be identified.

Now the clever bit, the Zectica fertility Gel, 6 of which are used on the run up to ovulation and prepare the vaginal environment to be most receptive and sperm freindly. The remaining 4 gel packs are used after, these maintain an optimal vaginal bacterial flora and pH, further increasing the chances of conception and sucessful implantation.

Also included in the pack a 6 vaginal applicators of Zestica Fertility lubricant for use during the fertile part of the cycle.

Studies suggest the low grade bacterial vaginitis (BV) is common in many women, and it has been recognised for many years that this can be a significant , persistant and recurrent obstacle to conception success, lowering fertility rates and also increasing early miscarriage rates. Unfortunately, most women do not have access to BV screening unless they have already been refered to a fertility specialist clinic, where BV testing is a routine part of the initial screening examination.

Zestica Conception kit

Further information on the Zestica Conception kit can be found at www.zestica-fertility.co.uk  and  www.burdica.com 

On Line sales http://www.zestica-fertility.co.uk/acatalog/Zestica_Conception_kit.html#a9

Trade enquiries to trade@adtuk.co.uk

Zestica Conception Gel ~ the next big step in self fertility care

Zestica Conception kit’s unique conception gel.

Zestica conception gel prepares the body to give sperm and implantation the best chance.

The new Zestica kit contains 10 single use tubes of the Conception Gel.

6 are used before ovulation. This aims to get you to the time of ovulation with a healthy, balanced vaginal flora.

4 are used after ovulation. This aims to restore and maintain a healthy, balanced vaginal flora post ovulation.

 Why are the vaginal bacterial flora of importance in fertility ?

The growth, and particularly the over-growth of certain vaginal flora bacteria make a big difference to the environment faced by sperm as the attempt to reach and fertilise the egg. In many cases the vaginal environment is positively hostile to sperm, greatly reducing the chances of conception. Even some personal lubricants, used on the run up to ovulation can aggrevate the situation, lessening fertility.

The unique formulation of Zestica Conception gel is designed to balance the vaginal flora and optimise the vaginal pH, thus reducing any detrimental effects on sperm health which may have been present before its application. Zestica Conception gel is designed to work in harmony with Zestica Fertility lubricants. The Hyalurinic Acid (HA) in Zestica mimics the HA found around the human egg, stimulating sperm motility. Zestica remains the only commercially available fertility lubricant to offer users these HA benefits.

News from Access Diagnostics Fertility

Just a quick update on what’s been happening this month

Great news for Pre-Seeders, we have received our Pre-Seed delivery much earlier than we were expecting-a big thank you to our Pre-Seed supplier.

If you missed the 10% coupon code last week our current 5% discount coupon code is CJG5 and is active until end of March 2011 at both websites below

1st class standard UK delivery remains free this month www.accessdiagnostics.co.uk & www.valuemed.co.uk

We have now given away the 300 free Conceive Plus trial size packs for our customers, so this offer has now ended.

We have recently introduced a ‘Deal of the month’ . Last months deal was on Pre-Seed lubricant pre-filled apps.

This months deal is on Zestica Fertility lubricant spray for just £10.99. We guarantee you will not find Zestica lubricant cheaper anywhere in UK.

Click here for Zestica Fertility lubricant deal

For those of you not familiar with Zestica Fertility it is a unique personal lubricant in a spray applicator, made by UK company Burdica, that has been designed for couples trying to conceive.

The Zestica Fertility Spray deal of the month, has proved so popular this month that we ran out of Zestica spray yesterday afternoon, and the lovely people at Burdica delivered it to us personally this morning, so you would not have to wait. A big thank you to Burdica.

We also have some more great special offers this month here

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Discount Coupon active until end of this month at Access Diagnostics & Valuemed

Access Diagnostics 10% Discount Coupon next 5 days

It feels like spring has finally arrived this week with all its promise, so here is a 10% discount coupon to welcome it in.

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Zestica Conception pack UK commercial release expected 3rd week in March 2011

Burdica Biomed Ltd (http://www.burdica.com ) the manufacturers of the Zestica range of personal lubricants have confirmed plans to commercially release the new Zestica Conception pack for UK sales during the 3rd week of March 2011

Initial sales of the Zestica Conception packs will be via specialist fertility web sites, followed by high street pharmacy, and supermarket pharamacy sales later in 2011

Commenting for Burdica Biomed Ltd (UK), Erik Hanau, specialist consultant.. ” we are very excited about the lauch of this unique fertility product, no other product has addressed the issue of BV (Bacterila Vaginitis) safely for women attempting to conceive. BV is accepted and recognised as a barrier to conception, but this largely remains un-identified outside of specialist fertility centres”

Burdica showed the Conception kit pre-launch packs at the UK fertility show recently, generating a high level of interest amongst the fertility community. It also took a large number of pre-production orders. Customers still waiting their packs of Zestica Conception pack will be given priority when the first production packs are released to sale during March 2011

Each Conception pack contains LH tests, treatments and fertility lubricants for 1 month together with full information and instructions for users.

Click here for more info on the Zestica

Access Diagnostics ‘deal of the month’

This month we have introduced a ‘deal of the month’ to our fertility websites. It was originally going to be a deal of the week but a week seemed just too short, so it has evolved into ‘deal of the month’

We will have a different deal each month-if you have any suggestions for which products you would like us to offer as our ‘deal of the month’ then please do get in touch by e-mail or leave us a message in comments.

This months deal is 6 pre-filled Pre-Seed applicators for just £11.99          (this deal has now finished )

We guarantee that you will not find Pre-Seed cheaper anywhere in the UK. Order the 3 pack and get 5 Free ultra pregnancy tests packed with your order.

We also have the Pre-Seed 40g multi-use tubes with 9 applicators in stock for just £13.49 with free 1st class UK Delivery

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Remember to use online coupon code CJG5 to get an extra 5% discount on your Pre-Seed, and 1st class UK delivery is currently Free at our fertility website www.accessdiagnostics.co.uk

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