Fertility FAQ-Which are the best ovulation test strips ?


As the choice in ovulation test strips increases we are frequently asked which are the best ovulation test strips to buy.

The choice depends on three main factors-budget, accuracy of the tests, the sensitivity of ovulation test strip required & how often you will be performing the ovulation testing.

All ovulation test strips are relatively cheap to buy when compared to midstream pregnancy tests. The reason for this is that there is far less packaging and the test strips are much cheaper to manufacture.

If you have used ovulation test strips before without success or not had clear results then opt for the ultra sensitive 25mIU ovulation test strips by Blue Cross

If you have a very limited budget then opt for the cheap ovulation test strips which we have manufactured for us by BlueCross. At just £3.99 for 25 test strips they offer excellent value for money and are a trusted & reliable branded ovulation test strip

If your budget is higher then the Advanced LH ovulation test strip is our best quality & highest accuracy  (99.98% ) ovulation test strip. We have been selling this brand for about 7-8 years now and have found them to be highly accurate & reliable. They sensitivity of the Advanced LH ovulation test strips is 40mIU LH and these are what we would recommend for most testers. They still offer excellent value for money and work out cheaper per test than most over the counter ovulation test kits.

If you are a healthcare professional and will be doing large numbers of ovulation test then the professional ovulation test strips are the ones to choose. These are highly accurate and reliable tests from Instalert brand and we have been selling this brand now for over 10 years and been very impressed with their quality & accuracy.

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