IVF News-new technique could double IVF success rate for women in their early 40’s

Women in their early 40’s currently have about a 13% chance of conceiving from each round of IVF.

A new IVF technique that has been studied ┬áhas increased this a 6 in 10 chance. The new approach involves testing the embryos for genetic abnormalities ( a common cause of failed IVF in women in their early 40’s) The gentically normal embyos are then frozen for between one and two months. (this gives the womens hormones time to return to normal after the IVF treatment) The normal embryos are then inserted into the womb. This technique is not widely available in the UK currently but it is hoped that it will be soon.

Source http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/9624688/Doctors-may-have-unlocked-secret-of-IVF-success-for-older-mothers.html