FAQ Ovulation-How do I know if I’m Ovulating ?

This is a common question regarding ovulation.

Symptoms & Signs of Ovulation

Some lucky women are able to tell when they are ovulating by changes in their body and this makes life much easier for them when they are trying to conceive.

The easiest one to spot is the changes in the cervical mucus, which becomes stringy and slippery and is often described as resembling raw egg whites at ovulation time.

‘Ovulation pain’ is also reported by some women but is not a very reliable method of timing intercourse as other abdominal pains can be confused with that of ovulation.

Another sign that can be useful is an increased libido at your fertile time. This is natures way of encouraging you to have intercourse at the best time for conception, but again this is fairly non specific and some women do not experience this.

If you do not experience these changes around the time of ovulation do not worry, many women do not notice these changes and it does not mean that there is anything wrong or that you will not be able to know when you are ovulating.

There are a huge range of ovulation tests  & ovulation predictors that can help you to know when you are ovulating.

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