Lubricants and Pregnancy

We were recently asked if personal lubricants were safe to use during pregnancy. Personal lubricants and pregnancy advice has been hard to find.

In recent years a range of fertility specific lubricants have come to the market. These are made to allow the free passage of sperm and have studies showing they are less harmful than normal personal lubes. Some have active ingredients to promote sperm motility, such as Zestica. All are safe to use during pregnancy.

Most water based personal lubricants should be safe to use during pregnancy, check the specific manufacturers web site for details on clinical trials but also ensure that the lubricant is fresh and clean. Safest practice would be to disgarded after 3 months to reduce the risk of contamination but most do not suggest this.

There is no evidence to suggest oil based personal lubricants are harmful in pregnancy. It is suggested that any lubricant containing stimulant agents should be avoided, this includes heating and cooling lubricants and local anaesthetic agents. There is no clinical study evidence for this advice, and it probably stems from healthcare professionals having no clear guidance as no study would ever be approved to prove or disprove the facts unless a problem had become apparent or comes to light in the future. As there is no reason to use these products, then avoiding them in pregnancy probably makes good sense.

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