FAQ-When is the best time to do a urine ovulation LH test ?

 urine collection lh test cup

Determining the best time to collect your urine for LH testing 

For best results, collect your urine at about the same time each day, for example, between 10:00AM and 8:00PM. Some women have found that their best specimen is after 12 noon.

Do not collect your first urine after waking up.  Reduce your liquid intake approximately 2 hours prior to urine collection. 

You can store your urine for later testing in the day. Your urine can be stored at room temperature for up to 8 hours or in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Do not freeze it.

For best results, test your urine on the same day that it is collected. If you refrigerate your urine, let it reach room temperature before testing (about 30 minutes). Do not shake the container. If a sediment forms at the bottom of the collection container, allow the sediment to settle. Use only urine from the top of the container.

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