Its time to do something nice for your self

At this time of year we can all start to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. The short days and the long, dark, cold nights with the added pressures of the festive season can start to weigh heavy on us all. On top of all this you or your partner may be under the weather with a cold or flu.

It is at this time of year it is particularly important to focus on your self care, and make sure you make time to do something nice for yourself.

Here are some suggestions that always make me fell pampered:

  • Have a lovely hot soak in a scented bubble bath (you could even light some scented candles-bliss, and have a candle lit bath)
  • file & paint your finger nails and apply lashings of hand cream
  • curl up in your PJs and bathrobe and watch a humourous festive film-my personal favourites are chick flicks-I love Bridget Jones’ Diary at this time of year
  • read a good book
  • treat yourself to a magazine and sit down with a cuppa and enjoy
  • have a date night at home-set the table nicely ,put on some romantic music,light candles, turn the lights down.

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