Using a digital thermometers for basal temperature monitoring fertility

BBT Digital Thermometer Fertility 


How do you use a digital thermometer to predict your fertile time ?


Your basal body temperature is your resting body temperature on waking 1st thing in the morning ie before you get up or move about

By measuring your basal temperature every morning you can pinpoint & later predict ovulation.

Measuring basal body temperature or BBT can be a way for women to pinpoint their fertile time. This is beacause the basal temperature increases by between 0.5 and 1 degree fahrenheit (a quarter  to a half degree centigrade) at ovulation. The temperature then remains elevated until just before menstruation commences.

Interestingly if a pregnancy occurs the BBT remains elevated for approx the first 3 months, so this can be an early sign of pregnancy.

The temperature should be taken immediately upon waking and recorded on a chart (a BBT chart is ideal)

If this is done over several months a characteristic pattern emerges that allows a woman to predict as well as pinpoint ovulation.

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4 thoughts on “Using a digital thermometers for basal temperature monitoring fertility”

  1. hi i have been doing this for sevral months now but i do not seem to be geeting the same pattern as the chart. can you tell me why this might be ?

  2. Hi Rosie;Thank you for your comment
    First thing to check is that you are taking basal temp corectly
    You must take the basal (resting) temperature before you rise ie 1st thing in morning temperature

    Tips to help&lt
    1) Keep thermometer right next to bed so ypou do not have to get out of bed.
    2)May seem obvious but do not drink 1st if you are taking temp in youe moth as this may alter reading.
    3)You do mention where you are taking the temperature from.
    Probably best to do it from your mouth as this is easiest to get right-put thermometer under tongue (do not do this with a glass thermometer) Other places you can use are axilla (armpit) but you must make sure you get a good seal. if you are very slim this can sometimes be difficult.
    Some women use vaginal temperature as this is quite easy to do.
    4)Make sure you use the same thermometer each time and keep it just for this purpose & clean after each use.
    5) Record the reading immediately after taking them as you will be half asleep
    <p>If you are doing all this and still getting an unusual pattern then is worth talking to your doctor. You do not mention how long you have been trying or how old you are .
    If you have been trying to conceive for more than 12 months without success you definitely should see you doctor.

  3. I’ve been doing my temps and getting a temperature rise for last few months but still not got a BFP. Am starting to get worried there might be something wrong with me or dh.

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