How to use a saliva ovulation microscope to predict ovulation

A saliva ovulation microscope is very simple and easy to use and can be used multiple times so is quite enviromentaly friendly.

The picture shown above shows the Fertile Focus ovulation microscope and the image very nicely illustrates the change you are looking for when you look down the lens of the microscope.

Advantages of using a saliva ovulation microscope:

  • reusable so may save money if you are trying for some time
  • small & discrete-most of them resemble a metal case lipstick
  • convenient-can be used any time anywhere
  • less messy than using urine samples
  • can be done easily at work
  • can be used again and again
  • 98% accuracy for most models
  • safe & natural
  • with practice can be a very relaible method of predicting your most fertile time

How does an ovulation microscope work ?

The ovulation microscope works by detecting the oestrogen surge that occurs just before or during ovulation. During this oestrogen surge the saliva changes and crystals form when the saliva is left to dry on a the microscope slide. These crystals when dry are seen as a ferning pattern when viewed through the ovualation microscope.

How do I use an ovulation microscope ?

It is important to read the instructions that came with the ovulation microscope that you have purchased, as they may vary slightly is use, however the basic priciples are the same for most ovulation microscopes. The lenses may vary in magnification and with some microscopes you can replace the batteries.

  1. Place saliva on the ovulation microscope lens (use a damp cotton wool or a damp swab to do this)
  2. Let the saliva dry
  3. Focus the lens
  4. View the results through the lens
  5. The presence of the ferning pattern indicates peak fertility

Some tips for using a fertility microscope to get the most reliable results

  • always clean the slide before use
  • avoid drinking for up to 20 minutes beforehand as this may dilute or remove the saliva from the mouth
  • avoid smoking,drinking alcohol, taking medicines or using toothpaste for up to 2 hours before testing as these can interfere with the saliva

Click here to see a range of ovulation microscopes including the Fertile Focus that are available to buy online in UK from Access Diagnostics Fertility website or to find out more