Calculating ovulation-FAQ-when exactly is my ovulation ?

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”Good day , pls i have been trying to conceive since January this year but I don’t know if I am not calculating my ovulation well.  I saw my july period on 13th and august on 11th, pls when exactly is my ovulation day again, thanks. Reply soon pls.

My first child is 2yrs now 

NN (Mrs) ”   17/8/11

Here is our answer:

Ovulation usually occurs in most fertile women 12-14 days before the period starts.If your cycle is regular (ie similar length each month) it is fairly easy to predict when you will ovulate This means that if you are on a 28-29 day menstrual cycle then ovulation will occur around day 14-15 (the 1st day of your period is day 1 of your cycle)This is not an exact science however so you should also look for other signs of ovulation such as changes in your cervical mucus (the stringy watery vaginal discharge that occurs at ovulation)

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Here is an online ovulation calculator that you may find helpful If your cycle is irregular it can make predicting ovulation much trickier, and you may need to consider other methods some as basal temperature monitoring or ovulatin predictors.You may find this article helpful

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