Zestica Conception Kit to be launched at Fertility Fair

 zestica conception kit burdica fertility

Burdica biomed, the UK based medical biotechnology company had recently released for UK sales it’s new Zestica Fertility Conception Kit.

The pack is the first product aimed at couples who are struggling to conceive and offers a unique new approach at preparing the vaginal flora and pH to be optimal for reproduction, sperm receptive (in many cases the upper vaginal environment can be sperm hostile) and with the use of it’s unique Zestica Fertility lubricant, give any poorly motile sperm a boost.

No other product has safely addressed the issue of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) the common overgrowth of bacterial flora found in the upper vagina in a pregnancy and conception safe combination of products which are safe to use while trying to conceive (and proven safe during pregnancy )

The unique Zestica Conception Gel is used during the run up to ovulation to prepare the vaginal flora and pH to be optimal for sperm. Ladies then switch to Zestica Fertility Lubricant for the period of ovulation and sex, then switching back to the conception gel post ovulation to maintain optimal conditions for the sperm passage to the egg and implantation.

The conception kit contains 7 ovulation prediction tests, 10 conception gel applicators and 6 zestica fertility lubricant applicators,  each pack contents is intended for use in one cycle and costs £49.99 Additional ovulation tests packs and fertility lube are available seperately but the conception gel is only available in the full conception kit.

BV has long been recognised as a negative risk factor for first trimester miscarriage (2 fold risk)*, but is normally only screened for in fertility specialist centres prior to IVF or other fertility treatment. BV is in most cases sub symptomatic, not resullting in vaginal discharge or irritation. Rates of reported BV in reproductive age women are between 13% and 31% *(S G RalphA J Rutherford, J D Wilson, BMJ 319 : 220 (Published 24 July 1999) ) Most studies clearly identify a risk factor for miscarriage in the first 6 weeks after conception (early miscarriage) some have suggested lowered implantation rates may also be occuring due to imflamation of the uterus lining.

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