10 great reasons to have sex regularly when you are trying to conceive (even when its not your fertile time)

  1. It helps to relieve stress
  2. It increases intimacy between a couple
  3. It releases ‘feel good’ chemicals into your system
  4. It can improve the quality of the sperm by flushing out the old ones
  5. It is great form of exercise that raises your heart rate
  6. It can help you to sleep better
  7. Its better for you than than chocolate
  8. Its fun and makes you smile
  9. It increases your chances of conceiving
  10. Paradoxically the more often you have sex, the more you want to have sex ie if you don’t use it you may lose it

So next time you are thinking ‘its not the fertile time of the month, can I bothered ‘ justĀ give it a go. You may be surprised how much you will enjoy it, and how much better you will feel afterwards.

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