Zestica Conception Pack

Shown at the UK fertility show by the UK based manufacturers Burdica and with considerable interest & pre-release sales, the Zestica Fertility Conception pack is close to market release.

The Conception pack has a launch price of £49.99 and offers couples attempting to conceive some unique adavantages.

Each conception pack comes with 7 midstream ovulation prediction tests, allowing the detection and timing of ovulation to be identified.

Now the clever bit, the Zectica fertility Gel, 6 of which are used on the run up to ovulation and prepare the vaginal environment to be most receptive and sperm freindly. The remaining 4 gel packs are used after, these maintain an optimal vaginal bacterial flora and pH, further increasing the chances of conception and sucessful implantation.

Also included in the pack a 6 vaginal applicators of Zestica Fertility lubricant for use during the fertile part of the cycle.

Studies suggest the low grade bacterial vaginitis (BV) is common in many women, and it has been recognised for many years that this can be a significant , persistant and recurrent obstacle to conception success, lowering fertility rates and also increasing early miscarriage rates. Unfortunately, most women do not have access to BV screening unless they have already been refered to a fertility specialist clinic, where BV testing is a routine part of the initial screening examination.

Zestica Conception kit

Further information on the Zestica Conception kit can be found at www.zestica-fertility.co.uk  and  www.burdica.com 

On Line sales http://www.zestica-fertility.co.uk/acatalog/Zestica_Conception_kit.html#a9

Trade enquiries to trade@adtuk.co.uk

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