Zestica Conception pack UK commercial release expected 3rd week in March 2011

Burdica Biomed Ltd (http://www.burdica.com ) the manufacturers of the Zestica range of personal lubricants have confirmed plans to commercially release the new Zestica Conception pack for UK sales during the 3rd week of March 2011

Initial sales of the Zestica Conception packs will be via specialist fertility web sites, followed by high street pharmacy, and supermarket pharamacy sales later in 2011

Commenting for Burdica Biomed Ltd (UK), Erik Hanau, specialist consultant.. ” we are very excited about the lauch of this unique fertility product, no other product has addressed the issue of BV (Bacterila Vaginitis) safely for women attempting to conceive. BV is accepted and recognised as a barrier to conception, but this largely remains un-identified outside of specialist fertility centres”

Burdica showed the Conception kit pre-launch packs at the UK fertility show recently, generating a high level of interest amongst the fertility community. It also took a large number of pre-production orders. Customers still waiting their packs of Zestica Conception pack will be given priority when the first production packs are released to sale during March 2011

Each Conception pack contains LH tests, treatments and fertility lubricants for 1 month together with full information and instructions for users.

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