Access Diagnostics ‘deal of the month’

This month we have introduced a ‘deal of the month’ to our fertility websites. It was originally going to be a deal of the week but a week seemed just too short, so it has evolved into ‘deal of the month’

We will have a different deal each month-if you have any suggestions for which products you would like us to offer as our ‘deal of the month’ then please do get in touch by e-mail or leave us a message in comments.

This months deal is 6 pre-filled Pre-Seed applicators for just £11.99          (this deal has now finished )

We guarantee that you will not find Pre-Seed cheaper anywhere in the UK. Order the 3 pack and get 5 Free ultra pregnancy tests packed with your order.

We also have the Pre-Seed 40g multi-use tubes with 9 applicators in stock for just £13.49 with free 1st class UK Delivery

Buy Pre-Seed 40g multi-use tube UK

Remember to use online coupon code CJG5 to get an extra 5% discount on your Pre-Seed, and 1st class UK delivery is currently Free at our fertility website

Click here to see Access Diagnostics Pre-Seed deal

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