Little miracles

Well it has been ages since I have managed to find something to write about – Although in all honesty what I have actually wanted to blog about was the birth of miracle reiki baby. And finally through the madness of christmas, I have had chance to sit down and get writing.

He was due on christmas day but because of the complications involved in the entire pregnancy, as well as her diabetes, they decided they wanted to induce and make sure all was well before staff started taking holidays.

So on Monday 13th they set off to the hospital and after a long and arduous attempt at induction, little baby Dylan was born by c-section at lunch time on the 15th.

I had to look back over the initial review she wrote for my website to really get my head around just what a miracle he is. As I wrote about before, she was pretty much told there was only a small amount of chance that she would get pregnant with IVF – never mind with no interventions.

There is no proof that Reiki caused all this – but the reiki treatments she has recieved prior to her pregnancy and during it certainly have helped her to relax and ultimately helped her become a mummy.
I have been lucky to see him twice, the first visit being a very emotional and special occasion. Holding the little man was perfection itself. He has such positive energy and is totally chilled out and happy with his mummy and daddy.

I don’t want anyone to feel I am promising false hope – but in the new year, perhaps you can make a resolution to be good to yourself- to give yourself chance to relax – and no better place than that is with a holistic therapy of any kind – be it yoga, reiki, reflexology, massage or some simple meditation cd’s to do at home. A small amount of time out can have a huge beneficial effect on your mental and physical health.

If you are going through cycles of IVF and taking the emotional journey that goes with it, it is the perfect time to ensure that you are as relaxed as can be. Sometimes there is no getting away from the fact that you do need the medical interventions and benefits of science to help – but getting yourself as relaxed will get you through the roller coaster of emotions and may increase the chances of success in reaching your pregnancy.

Take care of yourself and wishing everyone the best for the new year to come.


Reiki baby

Author: positivelycalm

I am a Reiki Practitioner with a strong belief in helping women destress at the most stressful times in their life and a big desire to help. I am also a primary school teacher who has moved into teaching yoga to children as i feel it is a massively positive step forward for children.

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