London yoga classes – Womb Yoga – SE17


Going on from what I was saying about yoga for fertility in my earlier post, I thought this might interest people as I literally just stumbled upon it on a yoga website.

” This integrated and harmonious approach to hatha yoga is especially developed to bring comfort and joy to women. It is suited to all women, with or without previous experience of yoga. Women of all ages are welcome, whether you are complete beginners or super-experienced yoginis or yoga teachers. In fact, any woman who would like a feminine, nourishing and fluid practice with elegant movement flows, delicious breath work, resonant sound, and deep healing relaxation is invited to join her sisters for this women-only class.”

More information on these two websites.

Probably a bit far for anyone in Nottingham -but figured it might help some one

Author: positivelycalm

I am a Reiki Practitioner with a strong belief in helping women destress at the most stressful times in their life and a big desire to help. I am also a primary school teacher who has moved into teaching yoga to children as i feel it is a massively positive step forward for children.