New Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests 20 test £37.67

The new 20 test pack of Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests is designed to take the guess work out of ovulation testing at home.

The manufacturers claim that if used per instructions it offers over 99% detection on your most fertile days.

With 20 digital ovulation tests there is no need to know your usual cycle length. Simply start testing 6 days after your period starts (day 6 of your cycle) until you pick up your LH surge (indicated by a smiley face)

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Clearblue digital Ovulation 20 test pack

Zestica Fertility lubricant back in stock

Good news the popular Zestica Fertility lubricant is back in stock at Access Diagnostics Fertility site

Zestica Fertility lubricant is available in both the spray and the pre-filled vaginal applicators

Zestica Fertility is a water based sperm friendly personal lubricant containing hyulronic acid designed for couples trying to conceive.

The current batch of Zestica lubricant has 24 months shelf life

For more information or to buy Zestica Fertility lubricant spray or pre-filled applicators click here

Zestica fertility lubricant