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We have had some lovely Pre-Seed success stories here in the UK over the last couple of months. Thank you so much for e-mailing them to us 

Here are the two latest ones:

My DH and I conceived first month of trying but miscarried at 7 weeks. We then tried for 8 months before getting pregnant again. Sadly this time it was ectopic. After the pre-requisite 3 month wait we started trying again. 6 months later our consultant told us my DH had such a low sperm count that it was highly unlikely we would ever conceive naturally again. We were waiting to start a cycle of IVF and still trying hope against hope. We began using a fertility monitor but it wasn’t until we tried Preseed that we finally got the BFP – first month of using preseed. Lots of things have contributed to this success but preseed definitely played a role – defying the doctors prognosis! It really does work!

Thank you so much

Karen, Chesterfield, UK 20/4/10

Hi, Just had to write to you to share my good news. Have been trying to conceive for a few years and after 2 miscarriages had nearly given up. Started using Preseed – got through one box and just ordered another when to my surprise, I found out I am pregnant! Just had my 12 week scan and all is well. I am over the moon and thought at 45 years old I was over the hill!
Thanks again.
MW 16/3/10

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