Thinking yourself slim

We hear a lot about how maintaining a healthy weight can help improve your chances of conceiving if you are overweight or underweight, but not so much about how to actually achieve this.

Like many women, I have been a professional slimmer most of my life. It started in my teenage years, when I developed what my dad lovingly referred to as ‘puppy fat’, and my curves really started to show. I have always naturally had a fairly curvaceous fuller size 14 figure and been on and off various diets for most of my life. Does this sound familiar?

 At some times of my life I have been a very slim size 8-10 but only managed to stay like that by continually restricting my calorie intake to around 1000-1500 calories a day, and exercising every day. In my twenties I was at the gym for 2-3 hours every day after work. Looking back I realise this was verging on the obsessive-luckily I had an understanding husband. My family were quite concerned about my health, and thought I was overdoing it. Looking back I think they may have been right but I was using the exercise as a coping mechanism for a stressful job & I enjoyed it.

Constant dieting & over exercising in this way can also put a huge strain on our bodies, and may impair your chances of conceiving.

 So how do we find this healthy balance ?

I have recently been listening to a series of  audio books by Pete Cohen called ‘Sort your life out Slimming’, that are about the Psychology of slimming which have made me look at things in a whole different way.  I have now stopped dieting and am thinking myself slim ( ie thinking about what I eat & when I eat, but not depriving myself and only eating when I am really hungry -thats the theory anyway) The book also puts a big emphasis on moving more, and keeping our bodies active without obsessing about exercise.

So far I have lost 1.5 lbs which really surprised me. I have not been to my slimming group for about a month now and it feels very liberating not to be ‘dieting’.

I have also given up weighing myself and just weigh myself about once a week-used to weigh myself every day which I now realise was silly and self defeating. Naturally slim people never weigh themselves-the theory is if we think & act like a slim person, then we will be slim. Sounds simple 

At this time of year my mind like many others turn to thoughts of chocolate, so this is going to be a testing time. Think I’d better listen to the audiobook again !

The audiobooks are great fun to listen to , and give you a whole new perspective on the Psychology of being slim and staying slim. Pete Cohen is very easy to listen to and I reccommend these audiobooks if you are trying to lose weight & feel you are stuck in a rut of deprivation and guilt, which so many slimmers experience.

The books are available through itunes as a download or available on Amazon as a cd