Zestica Fertility Reviews

 Thank you for sending us your reviews on using Zestica Fertility Lubricant.

Here are 3 reviews we received last week from Zestica Fertility users. Thank you so much to them for sending us their reviews. As a thank you we have sent each of them a pack of Zestica Fertility 6 applicator

Hi,I am 38 years of age and been trying to conceive for 10 years now. I am currently having accupuncture and TCM and my therapist recommended trying this product to improve cervical mucus and vaginal dryness. It has certainly helped, although sadly no success as yet. I find it non irritant and easy to use unlike some other products. The only negative comment I have is there always seems to be a lot let over, it is difficult to dispense the full amount.  Kindest regards JS 16/3/10

 “Zestica is a light, sperm-friendly lubricant which can help vaginal dryness and assist conception. It is useful for both natual (NI) and artifical forms of insemination”.
AV 16/3/10

Zestica is very light and natural feeling, just like fertile/EW CM. I’ve been very happy using it.
AR 15/3/10

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