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We have 50 packs of Zestica 6 applicator packs to give away. To get one simply e-mail us your Zestica reviews or testimonials with your relevant order number for your Zestica purchase, and we will send you a Free pack of Zestica for yourself or to give to a friend. Send you e-mail to

Special Offers for March 2010

Pre-Seed lowest delivered UK prices

Zestica Fertility now available in 6 applicator packs for just £9.75 delivered

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5% Discount Coupon

Use online coupon code reward before the end of March 2010 to receive a 5% discount at any of our sites below

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Please feel free to pass our coupon codes onto family and friends, chat groups etc

  • Coupon valid until end of March 2010. 

  • One coupon per order

  • Coupon can be used multiple times

To use coupon code enter the code exactly as it is typed above and then click update

If you are a member of a specialist fertility, ttc chat group or support group that would benefit from  discount coupons specific for that group that last 12 months, please let us know by e-mailing the name of the group to

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