Diary of trying for a baby and eventally having a baby

13th September 2005 Miscarriage @ 6-7 weeks (First) 5th July 2006 Miscarriage @ 12 week went for 12 week scan told called a blighted ovum there was a sac and no baby but the sac was still producing the pregnancy hormones (Second) 9th November 2006 1st appointment at hospital- history 13th November 1st 2006 blood test x7 Inc rubella test @ day 3-5 plus sperm analysis  

December 6th 2006 2nd blood test @ 27 days 

December 2006 18th  Internal scan all ok,  

4th January 07 2nd consultation said it’s not ploy cystic ovaries and that, send us for chromosome tests and said about having scan to check my fallopian tubes appointment never came through and I never chased as I do seem to ovulated as have fallen pregnant before .all tests have come back normal. 

8th March 2007 all test have come back normal, now prescribed clomid to take on day 2 of my cycle 

31 March 2007 pregnant again 3 time lucky 

30 May 2007 went for 8 weeks scan baby only 2.3 mm and no heartbeat told to come back 06 May 2007 started to bleed slightly, called hospital told to wait!! 

08 June 2007 another internal scan baby now 6mm still no heartbeat advised to wait a week again. They say it’s suspicious as baby grown, don’t know how has grown as no heartbeat detected. 

08 June 2007 Miscarriage @ 10 weeks Same day very bad pains and bleeding later on in evening lost a big clot so have miscarried again at 10 weeks. (Third)  

13 June 2007 another internal scan to check everything came out, and everything has so I don’t need to have a D & C. 

15 June 2007, another appointment to see Consultant, got questions to ask don’t seem to have trouble falling there must be something else going on have read about this condition called ,Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). A couple of blood test would rule this out, and will ask about embryo screening is suitable. Ran these tests all normal again. 

25 July 2007 saw dr. again said that the tests for asp came back normal and that he cannot find anything wrong! He has put me on clomid for another two months. I was supposed to have another scan but he had not made arrangements for that so will have to have in few weeks to rule out or diagnose poly cystic ovaries again! Asked for test for thyroid and blood sugar. Will next see him 25 October unless I fall pregnant in between, and if I do need to call up straight away! He said would treat me differently next time, I will definitely push for blood tests next time. 

18 October 2007 another scan to check for poly cystic ovaries, I was supposed to have this re checked 4 months ago; I am starting to get really annoyed. Cont.- saw consultant and was too upset to ask about the embryo screening, asked for blood test for Antiphospholipid (test came back ok) syndrome. Want to see me in 6 weeks to have a scan again for poly cystic ovaries really confused don’t have a clue why he doing that again when he ruled it out months ago. 

I will be seeing Dr a again, in 3 months time, let’s see was he says or does this time, I am staring to lose confidence in them at the hospital 

I have just read every something on the internet that said with every miscarriage chances of a successful pregnancy go down with 3 miscarriages go down to 60%. 25 October 2007 saw Dr a again told him I was a bit fed up, he said that understandable. Has requested I have a laparoscopy to see what going on and if need be drain my ovaries. Won’t bill until January time. And just realised have no follow up appointment. No more medication given so will just have to wait until the operation. 

3rd January 2008 had laparoscopy and they drilled my ovaries and checked my fallopian tubes, (was very painful on the night I had it done) the following days then started to feel a bit better until it got infected., was given another course of anti bionics, but 2 day after needed stronger ones. My ovaries were poly cystic, but have sorted that out, hopefully. Has prescribed 2 months of Clomid.    Feb. 2008 still not had period yet done 3 test all negative, but boobs feel bigger, will probably come on in next few days I really hope I do fall pregnant soon think Mike and I would be good parents.  

05 February 2008 came on, and on day 2 started to take clomid again. 

29th February been feeling ill all week migraine and or sickness and today upset stomach, been hoping because I am pregnant but probably just due on. Going to have this every month. 

5 march 2008 came on! so not preg, 2nd lot of clomid, finger crosses for this, month. Have good new mike and I are now engaged. 

15 then 22 May now 29 2008, 3rd time they have changed it!!  To see doc A again, it’s so far away, thought I may have had an appointment sooner, but I guess he feels I will fall pregnant in mean time. 

 29th may went to see doc a again now given me another drug similar to clomid called  letrozole that is not licence as a fertility drug which is really scary.. But seem to only be a problem if taken when pregnant not before, as does not stay in body long and it’s a steroid… Scary stuff  Next appoint been sent through 4th sept then changed again already too  11 th September!! Let’s see if they change it again. And guess what yet another letter they have cancelled it again now 18th sept getting stupid now, unless I fall pregnant between then o=and now I will not be happy as it will be13 2-3 months without any treatment. 

July 22 2008 have been on first course of Letrozole and still not come on, on 42 days now, I have done a pregnant test and not pregnant. Though the tablets were supposed to make me more regular, but did the ovulation test and they came up negative so looks like I did not ovulate this month. Had second course cycle getting longer not good not at 47 day 

4 sept saw doc a little bit worried why my cycle are so long especially when on those tablets going to sent me for another scan on 2nd and follow up appointment on 9th October 2008 to see what is going o and whether pco have come back. 

2nd October had scan and poly cystic ovaries is back that if it every went away going back to see doc a next week  

9th October 2008 dr given me metformin and letrozole again double the dose , the tab make me feel ill, the met are also an appetite suppressant great 

Wrote to dr as losing weight now under 6 stone, have brought forward the hospital appointment to 22 Jan 09 which is good. Told him I have taken my self off the tablets now.( mike having problems happened a few time  think it’s the stress so let’s see what he does next) 

220109 referral for ivf. Was really shocked did not think they would offer that yet. Think I need to put to weight, I weight 6 stone 4f 11 think I need to be at least 7 stone. Over-wise they may refuse to do ivf. Do not want to delay any longer. Both have to go for blood test. 

25/01/09 blood tests mike hep bcore antibody and hiv antibodyMe same hep bcore antibody and hiv antibody and fsh lh and oestradiol 

01/04/09 Went for first appointment up BARTS in London, mike sperm count down so have to go back on, did Rubella test which should have been done at Southend hospital 2/5 years ago!! And been told been put on waiting list 1-4 months! Want to start now really fed up with waiting. May have to do icis as low sperm count 

07/04/09 re do sperm test, results back and all ok 

15/05/2009 shock horror ect I am pregnant without treatment, called Barts but they said as I have not started I  there not responsible for my care and told me to go to gp asap to get some progesterone 

15/05/2009 when to doc refused to give me progesterone, sent me around to see nurses who were annoyed that doc p had sent me around there… Told me to see midwife next Wednesday 

20/05/2009 saw midwife was really nice and said may be if you see another doctors he may prescribe progesterone, so saw another doc and he refused as well, so annoyed I could cry. He has fax my original doc dr A and asked him to contact me, we wait and see; (by the time I get a prescription it will be too late thanks NHS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!) 

22/05/2009 dr A prescribed the progesterone yippee told too take 2 every day u to 14 weeks. 

10/05/2009 first scan 8 weeks and 1 day baby 17 mm heart beat 181bpm
10/07/2009 12 week plus 3 days nt scan. Heartbeat 158bpm. Belly at 12 weeks and 2 days 

The NT scan showed a very increased fold which could indicate down, so referred to kings on Monday 

13/07/09 they did another scan baby and fold had grown 1 in 5 chances of downs. Had cvs sampling down were they take some of the baby placenta, really hurt. Have to wait up to 3 weeks for results. 

17/07/2009 first lot of tests to rule out in rule out down triomsy 13 and 18, going to check for more condition wait again. 

31/07/2009 brought a heart beat monitor so I can hear baby’s heart beat. 

03/08/2009 2nd lot of results in and all ok for what they tested for. Yeah can believe it. 

04/08/2009  now weigh 6, stone 12 so put on 8lbs already still don’t feel pregnant boobs are bit bigger and tummy pocking out a bit. 

07/09/09 kings again heart scan seems to be ok and baby growing as it should not she on length but weight is 15 oz nearly 1lb, got to go back in 4 weeks to check growth, been given 10 – 15 % chance something is wrong but will not know until baby is born, they’re going to test for one more condition but will not tell us what it is because we would find out the sex if I then came how and goggled it! Not sure how long I have to wait, here another picture.  

23/09/2009 had pre term scan and uses what everything ok. Cervix 31mm which is great anything fewer than 15mm would mean high risk of prem birth. Also blood pressure risk also ok.  

05/10/2009 hospital again baby grown they say bigger than average at 2lbs 1 oz already. Ouch, said slightly more amniotic fluid, and said the condition they were testing fr is Noonan’s but this affect both sex so a little confused, as he said last time that he would not tell us the condition as we would then know the sex of baby.    

20/10/2009 called kings to chase results of the above test, they said they have cancelled the request for the test as felt baby does not have that condition. Would have been nice to have been told 

26/10/2009 glucose test all ok yippee, made me feel so sick 

27/10/2009  28 week scan all ok say baby is now 3lbs 3 oz, still say rather large for dates. Still say something may be wrong so no update yet, still have to wait until baby is born.  

18/11/2009 fundal height measures at 32 cm= 32 weeks and iam 31 weeks and 1 day so slightly bigger than I should be. (37 inc belly measurements.)Picture of my belly at 30 weeks pregnant. I weigh 8stone now, so put on 1 stone and 10oz 

2/11/2009   32 weeks scan up to kings again. Baby now 4lbs and 10oz. 

09/12/2009 when to see consultant said may not be able to have epidural because of nf so shocked said only way would be to have MRI scan, he will look into whether it’s safe to have when you’re pregnant. 

18/12/09 scan and consultant. Baby now 6lbs and 6 oz they concerned so big so re doing that horrid sugar test asap. Recon at this rate will be 8/9 lbs 

22/12/2009 mri scan to see if any lumps in spine so I can have epidural if I need it. Had scan got to wait for results, was scary so confined. Belly at 36 weeks. Then few hours later had bleeding so went into hospital.Dr R actually came to see me!! Talk about concerns may be having c section at 39 weeks! Which would make it 12 Jan time? 

23/12/2009 sugar test again and midwife all ok 

08/01/10 scan and consultant will be 38 weeks plus 3days. Baby estimated weight is 7lbs 7oz. Said best to try for normal birth and they will monitor baby and me closely, if not had by due date will be induced on 20th at 8am 

19/01/2010 baby due. Called hospital at said to wait so called back 2 hours later as in so much pain, told to wait again and on 3rd call they told me to come in. I was examined by one midwife who said I was sonly 1cm dilated and said I would have to go home! Told her there is no way I can go home as I was in so much pain, she got a 2nd opinion and I was in fact 8cm dilated!!!! There was no time for pain relief just gas and air and baby Charlie born on due date at 5.11pm weight 8lb 10oz. and all seems ok. 

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