iphone baby-they really do have an app for everything !

Just read this lovely article online from the Scottish Sun 25th January 2010 about the an app for the iphone .

It seems Apple have an app for a womens menstrual cycle which can help couples trying to conceive, and a lucky couple in Scotland have just had great success using it.

 It seems the Scottish couple had been trying to conceive for 4 years without success & doctors where unable to find a cause for their infertility. In desperation they downloaded the Free app from FertilityFriend.com and used it to predict the best time to try for a baby. FertilityFriend.com’s Free Menstrual Calendar is a simple and easy to use calendar designed to predict your menstrual cycles and possible fertile days

2 months later and they were astounded to find they were expecting a a baby, which was born in January 2010 at full term, on the exact day the iphone app predicted !

Click on link below to read full article


Click here to visit itunes and find out more about the fertilityfriend itunes app


2 thoughts on “iphone baby-they really do have an app for everything !”

  1. A great App.. Seems like the iPhone apps the way to change / help peoples lives.

    There is another app out there..


    LifeForce’s Fertility App which has recently been launched, and is a revolutionary tool for couples who are facing fertility issues or are trying for a child later on in life as it brings together both medical and holistic advice for the first time ever. It features intensive interactive support, guidance and information from Jules Williams, one of the most respected intuitive councellors in the world, and Dr. Lawrence Shaw, a leading fertility specialist.

    Watch the walk through on the app on you tube here:


    All the best to all those trying to start their own families – and happy National Infertility Awareness Week!!

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