What is Theta Healing and How Can it Support My Fertility?

Theta Healing is a mind/body technique which allows clients to comfortably explore and gently release beliefs which may be affecting health and well-being.

As a mind/body technique Theta Healing addresses the whole person, recognising that a healthy mind creates a healthy body.  Theta Healing is an energy healing that addresses the subconscious mind that drives us.  A Practitioner simply meditates into a Theta Brainwave and is then able to witness energy changes that result in a change of perspective and a shift in well-being for the client.

A Theta Healing session with Amy Marner involves a discussion about the issue you would like to address.  During the discussion your Amy will be listening out for beliefs, feelings or perspectives which may be blocking your full potential.  Amy may use muscle testing to check whether they are held on a subconscious level.  Once found Amy will simply witness the blocks clearing for you whilst meditating in Theta.  In this way it is possible to experience transformational shifts, allowing clients to reach their full potential.

The Theta brainwave is a natural state which we enter daily.  Our brainwaves are in Beta when we are awake, talking and communicating.  The brain is in Alpha when we are relaxed and meditative.  (Reiki Practitioners use the Alpha state.)  We are in a Delta brainwave when we sleep and this changes to a Theta brainwave when we are between sleeping and waking.  Theta practitioners have been trained to easily access this Theta brainwave.

Fertility Solutions combines the transformational healing of Theta with Hypnosis and advice and support with lifestyle changes.  This powerful combination addresses physical symptoms which may be affecting fertility by gently releasing the subconscious beliefs behind the symptoms.  It is very effective in reducing stress levels, and supporting couples to lead fulfilling lives whilst on their Fertility Journey rather than allowing Fertility to take over their lives.  It is helpful in supporting couples who are going through medical intervention, both for physical and emotional support.

The aim of Fertility Solutions is to address physical and emotional well-being and therefore support couples to reach their best chance of conception.

The Fertility Solutions Programme begins with a free Initial consultation to assess if it is right for you. Contact Amy Marner for more details.

Author: amymarner

I am a Fertility Solutions Practitioner and passionate about supporting couples to achieve their best chance of conception. I became a Theta Practitioner in 2007 and decided to specialise in Fertility in 2008. I live near and work from Bristol, however Fertility Solutions consultations can take place over the phone. Fertility Solutions is a natural option for those wishing to enhance their fertility it is suitable for those going through IVF and those planning to conceive naturally. It uses Theta Healing and Hypnosis to address physical and emotional blocks to conception.

3 thoughts on “What is Theta Healing and How Can it Support My Fertility?”

  1. Interested to read about Theta Healing & how it can help with infertility. I am looking at alternative therapies to use alongside my other treatment. I was considering Acupuncture but I hate needles. This mat be what I am looking for.

  2. Hi Maria,

    Yes, Theta Healing works really well along side other treatments, in fact I positively encourage my clients to use other things as well as Theta. It’s about giving you the best chance of conception. Theta is great because it works with your subconscious which means you can experience tranformational shifts quickly and easily. Feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation and we can assess if the programme is right for you.


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