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One thought on “Have you tried Zestica Fertility yet ?”

  1. I have just started using Zestica (vaginal apllicators) in the last couple of weeks after I read about it online. My problem is that I have recently started to suffer from vaginal dryness, which can make intercourse very uncomfortable for me. I have used the Zestica the last few times that we have made love, and it has been really great. I did not tell my partner initially, as I was a little embaressed. I just applied it shortly before if I thought we were likey to make love that evening. I have also noticed that the affect lasts several days meaning that I do not need to use it very time we make love. An added bonus is that we are actually having more sex since we started using the Zestica!

    I am really pleased with the Zestica & and am looking forward to receiving my free pack.

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