10 tips to maximise your fertility in 2010

Here are some quick lifestyle fertility tips

  1. Keep your weight within healthy limits-being overweight or underweight reduces your fertility
  2. Give up smoking-smoking reduces fertility in men and women
  3. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum-avoid binge drinking
  4. Make sure you have sex during the most fertile time of the womens cycle
  5. Avoid recreational drugs altogether ie Cannabis, Cocaine etc as these have been shown to reduce your fertility
  6. Make sure the personal lubricant you are using is sperm friendly
  7. Eat healthy-make sure you include lots of fruit and vegatables in your diet
  8. Exercise regularly but avoid over exercise
  9. De-stress-make time for relaxation every day
  10. If you are taking a prescription medication check with your doctor whether it can affect your fertility & whether it is safe to take in pregnancy

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