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I am delighted to be invited as a guest blogger to this site, so here goes with my blog…It is now widely accepted that our mind affects the health of our body. The way we think and feel makes a difference to our physical well-being. It is now more common to use Mind/ Body techniques to address physical health. By Mind/ body techniques I mean exploring the health of the mind to address the health of the whole person. Research has also found that Mind/ Body techniques can support fertility. Alice’s Domar’s research has found that when women who are planning for a baby address their depression their fertility rates increase.

Recent research from university of California, Berkeley found that the hormones produced when stressed suppress fertility by reducing the production of hormones needed to stimulate a healthy reproductive system. Therefore it makes sense to address stress levels to support fertility. This is a programme that supports fertility with the use of Mind/ Body Techniques. It was developed by Tracy Holloway, an experienced hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and Theta Practitioner. The Programme uses hypnosis and Theta DNA Healing to address emotions such as depression, stress and bereavement. This in turn can bring the body back into health allowing conception to occur. It is also possible to address physical symptoms such as Endometriosis, POCS, Fibroids and other female complaints. Men can deal with low sperm count or low motility with the support of Theta DNA Healing. The Programme aims to support couples on their Fertility Journey encouraging feelings of peace, releasing stress and addressing physical symptoms. The programme allows couples to lead fulfilling lives rather than their fertility journey taking control. It reconnects people to their power, which has a positive effect on all areas of their life. This support allows couples to gently shift and release issues that are known to affect fertility, giving them their best chance of conception.

Author: amymarner

I am a Fertility Solutions Practitioner and passionate about supporting couples to achieve their best chance of conception. I became a Theta Practitioner in 2007 and decided to specialise in Fertility in 2008. I live near and work from Bristol, however Fertility Solutions consultations can take place over the phone. Fertility Solutions is a natural option for those wishing to enhance their fertility it is suitable for those going through IVF and those planning to conceive naturally. It uses Theta Healing and Hypnosis to address physical and emotional blocks to conception.

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