Putting some fun back into Trying to Conceive

On the theme of fun this week-are you finding it fun trying to conceive ?

Sometimes the pressure of infertility, can cause us to stop enjoying the process.

Pleasure and enjoyment for both partners during sex may increase the chances of conceiving, and certainly stress can be a factor in unexplained infertility.

Ask yourself -What can you do to put the fun back into the whole business of conceiving

Remember when you were first a couple-what did you do then to set the mood for romance ?  Remember dating ?

Girls set your contrast to high-dress feminine & sexy. The more feminine you act & look, the more masculine he will feel .You will feel great and he will appreciate the effort. Get ready for an evening of romance the way you used to. Have a bath or shower, do your hair, wear perfume and body lotion. Put your make up on. Come on he’s worth it, and so are you.

Guys-have a shower, wash your hair, put clean clothes on. Get ready for a date. Your partner will apreciate the effort.

Schedule a date night at least once a week

Top Tips for putting some fun back into ttc

  1. Rather than saying ‘hey I’m ovulating so tonights the night’ just seduce him with your womanly ways and don’t mention the o word.
  2. Sexy underwear or negligees are far more effective than pyjamas when you are seducing him-you can always put the jammies on after if its cold
  3. Use a lubricant (make sure its a fertility friendly one)
  4. Consider using adult sex toys to add a bit of fun

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2 thoughts on “Putting some fun back into Trying to Conceive”

  1. I enjoyed your blog about putting some fun back into ttc.
    Sex in our house has become somewhat clinical and not much fun as we have been trying for what seems an eternity. I have stopped making an effort & just expect him to perform as required-lol. I am going to make more effort to keep it sexy & fun.

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