Male Factor Infertility

Male Factor Infertility

Infertility has historically been viewed as a predominantly female issue, but Male Factor Infertility may well be a larger problem than you think. Statistics exist suggesting Male Factor Infertility is the main cause of difficulty in anywhere between 30% to over 70% of couples having problems conceiving, (the 70% having been reported in
Cheshire, Merseyside and
West Lancs. in 2005)

However, new sperm are produced every day with the good news that simple lifestyle changes along with acupuncture could help improve both quality and quantity.*

Best wishes to all and remember the Chinese saying; ‘where the mind goes, energy flows’ so be relaxed and positive in all you do.Jenny Sercombe MBAcCPracticing in
Manchester and
Stockport. Call 07970 515 391 if you wish to make an appointment.


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