A lovely Pre-Seed success story

We received this lovely e-mail this month & wanted to share it with you through the fertility blog

Hi – another one for you (if a little late!).  I had had many  miscarriages and when I remarried at 42 I didn’t really expect to have  a child, but charted for a couple of months and so became aware of the various TTC websites; after reading Pre-Seed recommendations on them,  I ordered some online and we used it for our 4th cycle TTC. Needless to say we conceived immediately and have a darling son who is now 13  months old.  I have just stopped breastfeeding him and so we’re TTC- ing number two, if we can (I’m now 45). Of course, we’re using Pre- Seed again. Even if we don’t succeed, your lovely product makes it an  enjoyable experience.  Thank you to Dr Ellington and the teams in both  the US and the UK.

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