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My name is Dany Griffiths, I am a Hypnotherapist specialising in Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond (supporting parents in a variety of ways and also working with children).I was asked if I would be a guest blogger on this site and I welcomed the opportunity with open arms as I am incredibly keen to raise more awareness of the power of hypnosis when supporting couples with fertility issues.As I shall primarily be talking about the work I do with fertility on this blog I thought for my first entry I would give an initial explanation of what HypnoFertility is. 

Following blogs will break down the different elements of the power of hypnosis and give a general insight into particular cases and sharing some success stories too (keeping all identities private of course).If you have any questions you would like me to answer please comment at the end of my blog entries and I will use these questions to create further blog entries. 

Alternatively, you can email me and I will leave my details at the bottom of this post.A diagnosis of infertility – whether it is explained or unexplained can leave you feeling extremely disappointed and without hope. But this does not mean the end of your hopes of having a child. 

There are things you can do to increase your fertility and help you become a parent.  I have worked with many couples who have wondered if they will ever become pregnant and have a family of their own. Some of these couples have been trying for a baby for years and some have spent a lot of time and money on medical treatments and other complementary therapies without success.  A wide variety of factors affect fertility, and there are many potential causes of infertility. These range from physical and chemical factors to emotional and psychological factors.  Many treatments focus solely on what is going on with the body hypnotherapy brings the mind into the process.  The mind has a huge impact on the reproductive process in fact some actually say that even when there are physical problems causing fertility issues these too have been created by the mind.  Hypnotherapy can actually help to decrease the effects of infertil­ity, and it can also work to help increase fertility. 

Worry = Negative Self Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy = Positive Change

 The struggle with infertility leaves couples highly emotional and stressed – which is completely understandable, given everything that they have to go through.  It can affect every aspect of their life, from their relationships with each other, family and friends to their career.  Unfortunately, these heightened levels of stress and increased negative emotions can further affect their ability to become pregnant. Research has shown that stress affects the hormonal system in fact when we have acute stress in our lives for whatever reason it can actually send a message to the subconscious that we are in very real danger and sends the body into survival mode.  Our reproductive system plays no part in our individual survival and therefore it can be shut down.  Reducing stress, relieving anxiety, lifting depression and increasing their sense of control enables couples to cope better and take better care of themselves during this time.

As part of the treatment individuals will learn a variety of self-help tools, including self-hypnosis, which can be used for many things including deep relaxation. Relaxation techniques help women to cope with, and heal from, the stress of infertility while also substantially increasing the rates of conception.   One of the key differences with hypnotherapy is being able to work with the client to remove ‘blocks’ that may be affecting their ability to conceive.  The subconscious may have taken difficult events, known or unknown consciously, from the past (not necessarily related to a woman becoming pregnant or a man wanting to become a father) that has inadvertently sent a message that it is unsafe to become pregnant and this in itself can be changing the reproductive hormones within the body.   Once these blocks are removed positive suggestions can then be given to the subconscious to promote healing and the acceptance that becoming pregnant and carrying a baby to full term is absolutely the right thing for that individual.Hypnotherapy represents a safe and powerful way of increasing fertility either as a sole therapy or mixed with almost any medical procedure with impressive results.  Women also find that should they use hypnosis to support them through fertility treatment such as IVF that they were able to respond to treatment more positively than expected from both a physical and emotional perspective.

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  1. I hope that conception happens and all goes to plan. After conception comes child birth and i would recommend the following. There is a course in Leeds – run by Cheryl Mason called hypnobirthing. She is a midwife and gives excellent advice and good methods for having an empowered and easier birth. The hypnosis works!

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