Things to do during your 2WW

That 2 weeks can seem an eternity so here are some ideas to make the time pass more quickly.  

  • throw yourself into work
  • meet up with friends for lunch, or even better shopping and lunch
  • book a pamper session for yourself-manicure, facial,eyebrows etc
  • read a good chick lit novel or two-pure escapism-make sure its nothing to do with babies though-good raunchy fun is best
  • read a magazine you would not normally buy-something escapist-whatever takes your fancy !
  • watch some good chick flicks either with your significant other or with a girlfriend
  • take up a new hobby
  • get your haircut-maybe try a new style
  • catch up on those things you have been putting off for ages
  • consider getting a massage or trying an alternative therapy
  • do things that relax you and recharge your batteries
  • watch comedy shows on TV or dvd-laughter really is the best medicine
  • have some fun-what do you love to do ?
  • buy yourself some flowers or pick some from the garden-fresh flowers always lift the spirits
  • maybe have a weekend away-visit friends or family (only if this is fun mind !)
  • cook yourself some good wholesome food-eat plenty of fresh and colourful fruit and veg
  • get out in the fresh air-sunshine and fresh air are great for our minds and bodies
  • try to focus on the great things in your life
  • appreciate the little things others do for you
  • join an online support group for friendship and chat
  • listen to an audiobook on positive thinking /living-they can be very inspiring
  • go on  a date with your significant other and talk about happy times and plan for the future
  • start a blog or journal

This is just a few ideas that I have found helpful when the going gets tough. If you have any please feel free to post them in comments

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  1. Hi, I re-painted my garden furniture when I was on my 2WW last month. Luckily the weather was great and I got a good tan, but sadly not a BFP

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